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There are few things I like more than having a good time, and my version of having a good time usually involves being among friends, over food, good drinks, and if you would, is to be out in the open sea under an infinite ceiling made up of billions and billions of stars.

party with Guinness

Over the years, I’ve attended quite a fair share of Guinness events and have always had a great time enjoying my favorite black beer with great friends and acquaintances.

Such events are usually held in pubs, bars, and sometimes even on the streets (Oktoberfest anyone?), and while they were awesome, it got me thinking about taking it to the next level with another one of my favourite activities – to be on a private cruise!

fun on live-aboard cruises

Now personally I’ve never been on a big cruise before, however, I’ve spent some awesome diving trips on live-a-board cruises to the Similan Islands in Thailand and to Maldives. Be out in the open with a couple dozen friends and crews were some of my most memorable trips.

So what if I could put two and two together and throw a cruise party? Now that would really be a party like no other!

If it were me, I’ll make it a themed cruise with black and gold, plenty of drinks, and epic music. There will be little sleep, and whole load of fun.

Everyone will dressed up in the glorious colours of black and gold, and we will create a playlist with awesome hip hop tunes, and of course there’s the dance floor, and Guinness for everyone till the morning comes.

Then there’s decoration that is in tune with the theme color, black and gold drapes, with gold x’mas trees, balloons, and masquerade masks in matching colours for everyone.

Of course, no Guinness party is complete without some awesome food. For this we shall go all out with wholesome dishes such as roast lamb, bratwurst, meat pie, and more. It’ll be epic!

The good news is, Guinness is actually giving us the chance to win a PRIVATE cruise party for you and 29 friends! It will be a super awesome way to end the year now wouldn’t it?

Guinness Cruise Party

Contest starts on the 19th December (10am) and ends 21st December (6pm).

All you have to do is to complete this slogan on this Guinness Facebook post (here) – ‘I deserve to win a #CELEBRATIONOFMORE because…’ The most creative answer wins! (T&C applies)

What are you waiting for? And don’t forget to invite me if you win the private cruise party!

The famous Green Day song – Wake Me Up When September Ends is what I always tell people when asked about my birthday, which falls on the 1st of October.

Coincidentally, this also marks one of the most happening month on the calendar, for it signifies the celebration of Oktoberfest here in Malaysia! This year, we have Paulaner as the official beer, tastefully served in a 1-liter Ceramic Oktoberfest mug (more on this mug later.)

Oktoberfest Malaysia celebration

GAB is celebrating with a series of themed parties all across Malaysia with Tiger, Guinness, Heineken, and as mentioned, the Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, brewed exclusively only for Oktoberfest season.

we had great fun at previous Oktoberfest parties, expect the same this year!
we had great fun at previous Oktoberfest parties, expect the same this year!

Expect many evenings of good food and beer from around the world, great fun contests, promotions and activities as well.

The limited Oktoberfest 1-liter mug that comes with a metal lid is yours to keep when you get the official Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, but reserve yours early for it is well, a limited edition. I think it’ll go well with my previous Oktoberfest 1-liter glasses.




official Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier
official Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier

Now you may ask, what makes the official Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier different from the “ordinary” Paulaner?

Well, for one, the Oktoberfest edition is a lager instead of a wheat beer; and at 13% proof (about 6% alcohol), it is also slightly stronger than the usual variant.

Oktoberfest 2013

In fact, all Oktoberfest are approximately 13% proof, and must be brewed within the city limits of Munich and must also conform to the Reinheitsgebot or Bavarian Purity Law which strictly governs the production of beer in Germany by limiting the ingredients that can be used.

Paulaner was first brewed by the monks from the Paulaner monastery in 1634, but still considered one of the youngest Oktoberfest beers standing at “only” 380 years young.

Oktoberfest with Paulaner

If you’re interested in the history of Oktoberfest, read on:

Oktoberfest Facts & Figures

  1. This celebration initially started as wedding celebration in 1810 to commemorate the union between Crown Prince Ludwig (who later became King Ludwig I) and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen at Theresienwiese (translated as Therese’s meadow / field) – it is for this reason that Oktoberfest is referred to by Germans as ‘die Wiesn’ or ‘the field’
  2. Through the years, Oktoberfest celebrations have had a number of different elements and activities, including horse races, street parades (in traditional costumes), live music, dancing and of course the appreciation of authentic Munich-brewed beer.
  3. Currently, Oktoberfest is a truly global celebration with almost 7 million visitors consuming over 7 million litres of beer and more than half a million chickens throughout the celebration (based on 2011 figures), which lasts between 16 – 18 days from the middle of September to the first Sunday of October.
  4. For 2013, the Oktoberfest festival proper will run from 21 September 2013 to October 6 2013 – a total of 16 days of culture, cuisine and beers

Have you had your October fun?

Check out for more fun events and exciting promotions

Earlier this month was our good friend FireAngel (we call her ahfa)’s 18th birthday for the nth time, we decided to throw her a somewhat not-so-surprised party at 42 EAST, TTDI.

FA & me with my awesome t-shirt
birthday girl and me with my awesome t-shirt

It was just an old fashion type of evening, hanging out, enjoying some finger foods, and having plenty of Kilkenny draught to go around for everyone. Over here at 42 EAST they serve them in three pints for RM 66++, a rather good deal.

I love the aroma of the dark ale served fresh, something that’s only topped by the awesome company that we had that night.

FA's birthday with Kilkenny
with a bunch of friends at 42 EAST, TTDI

Among the attendees were the familiar faces – Haze, Michael & Li Ling, Lance & Melissa, Horng & Yuki, Suan, Terence & Celine, Sam, Whey Lu, and AhFa’s date – John.

good times, great beer
good times, great beer

I think we should do this more often and not just when someone’s ticker turns up a notch.

We’re gonna have another party real soon, can’t wait!

And it was another Xmas Eve Party at SS3, a yearly tradition that we’ve had since 2004 (except for 2010), if you’re counting, this was the 8th time on the same venue with the same concept – plenty of drinks, a bit of food, and a tricky gift exchange program by midnight.

The idea is for everyone to have some fun counting down to Christmas day, and at the same time an excuse to have a few drinks and mingle among like minded friends.

xmas eve party at SS3, 2012
xmas eve party at SS3, 2012

Carlsberg Malaysia was kind enough to sponsor us some beer for the night – we had 2 cases of Carlsberg, Asashi Super Dry, and Kronenbourg Blanc each. Thank you Pearl, Calvin, and Serin!

I made full use of the Jagermiester freezer and Carlsberg beer tower I won from the Jagermiester Halloween Party a couple months ago.

I made some bergedil, haze marinated pork for bbq, Fresh made santa berries
I made some bergedil, haze marinated pork for bbq, Fresh made santa berries

Other than the beer, we prepared some food for the night. Haze marinated more than 3 KGs of pork for BBQ and prepared a small slab of roast pork, I made some bergedil, and Fresh prepared her little cute Santaberries.

It wasn’t a dinner event, so these were just beer food.

Jeniffer & Jenine; Fooi, Sam, Kerol, Terence; Shany & Desmond, Eiling, Horng
Jeniffer & Janine; Fooi, Sam, Kerol, Terence; Shany & Desmond, Eiling, Horng

Guests started coming in just slightly before 9 pm. In fact, David and Michael actually went to my place while we were out having dinner, talk about being too punctual.

Fresh, Huss, Janine, Winnie & Terence, KY, Erin, Yuki, Martin
Fresh, Huss, Janine, Winnie & Terence, KY, Erin, Yuki, Martin

The returning party goers were:

KY, Haze, Horng, Yuki, Kim, Gareth, Terence, Kerol, Ruby, Michael, Li Ling, Lance, Eiling, Yee Hou, Firdy, Zess, Shiang.

Fiqa, Eiling, Ruby & Desmond, Terence, Vindy, Cherlyn, Desmond, Terence

Fiqa, Eiling, Ruby & Desmond, Terence, Vindy, Cherlyn, Desmond, Terence

New Faces were:

Fiqa, Huss, Fresh, Erin, Martin, Jennifer, Janine, Winnie, Fooi, Desmond, Sam, Geoffery, Shany, Cheryn, Vindy, David, Gary

So that was 17-17 with a total of 34 people, a pretty nice turn out despite a few notable absence due to work, travel, and family commitments. You know who you are, and we hope to see you next year.

David, Yee Hou, Desmond, Michael, Kerol, Horng, Firdy, Gary
David, Yee Hou, Desmond, Michael, Kerol, Horng, Firdy, Gary

We had another fun filled gift exchange program with the following rules this year

  • every participant contribute a gift worth over RM 49.90, and then draw a number from the box
  • smallest number start by picking and unwrapping a gift
  • next number can snatch the opened gift, whereby the person who lost it gets to choose another gift, or snatch another opened gift
  • maximum of 3 snatching sequence per round

The most snatched gift was a sweet Puma Ducati bag from Fooi that’s actually retailed at over RM 300, Lance went home with it. Other memorable gifts include portable air bed, Chinese liquor, ice cream, Thor’s Hammer bottle opener, a couple of salami from Australia.

Terence ended up with a pair of blue lingerie, who would have thought, right?

Gary, Geoffery, Horng; Yee Hou, Fresh, Yuki, Haze; and finally, the drunken man
Gary, Geoffery, Horng; Yee Hou, Fresh, Yuki, Haze; and finally, the drunken man

The men in blue visited us by around 2 am and that’s when the party was winding down. The ending of this party is almost exactly the same as the one in 2008 where we had a dude in Afro K-O-ed on the floor. It was a blast.

See you guys next year!

I was initially going to skip this party, until I saw a pretty awesome costume idea off Reddit (my number one time waster these days). Decided to give it a go and thanks to Siao Ling, I got a pair of invites to the Jagermeister Halloween The Beginning Party at Carcosa

Jagermeister party and my silly costume
Jagermeister party and my silly costume

A day prior to the party I drove around the neighbourhood a bit and found a couple empty cardboard boxes for my prop. I spent probably about an hour and a half to build this costume with another RM 6.90 spent in buying some safety pins, and utilized half a roll of duct tape too. Together with a couple of pillows, a pair of riding gloves, and some plastic bags, the costume was done.

Every house should have some duct tape and WD40, these two things will solve 90% of all household problems.

we partied hard! Ee Laine, KY, Haze, Michael, Elle, Fooi
we partied hard! Ahfa, KY, Haze, Michael, Elle, Fooi

Haze did everyone’s make up here, the only one missing was Terence, who decided to ffk for a few hours because lame reasons. Fooi looked decent in here but he eventually went full retard due to too many shots of Jagermeister.

the loot - a Carlsberg beer tower and a Jagermeister mini fridge
the loot – a Carlsberg beer tower and a Jagermeister mini fridge

My costume was one of five that won the prizes – a Carlsberg beer tower and a very sweet Jagermeister mini fridge. These will be very useful for the next x’mas party. I also had most photos taken with me in my life time, felt like the bride in a wedding night, it was glorious!

Thanks again Siao Ling for the invites!