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Like all the other eager bloggers, I too want to go to the Nuffnang pajama party, so here is my blog post to get an entry to the party. Lots and lots of Chipsters to help me sleep better. In fact, the Chipsters helped Kelvin, Dree, and Rachel sleep better too!

lots of Chipster
all these boxes of Chipsters, with Kelvin the camera man and Dree helping too

I started out by making 3 trips to the local hypermarkets to get all these Chipsters. After futsal at around 11pm, the actual work of trying to fit all these into a single picture frame begun. We tried several methods, finally figured that putting the Chipsters on a string to hang on the wall would be the fastest approach.

lots of Chipster
the girl is my house mate Rachel, Dree was the sticker man

More than 2 hours later, everything was done, and Kelvin took this photo of me with all these Chipsters. The whole exercise was more strenuous than playing futsal, and really made all of us sleep much better at night. I better win, since I’ve already reserved that left side of the sofa to put the Macbook!

lots of Chipster
I was so tired after arranging all these Chipsters!

Other picture sizes: Medium (700kb), Large (3mb)

Photos taken on Thursday night (Friday morning)

Here is the story about a fellowship who protects the land of Chipsters and their adventure. The sequence of subtitles is top left, top right, bottom left, and then bottom right. Cheers!

Lord of the Chipsters
1. Once upon a time there are 4 brothers who protects the land of Chipsters, they are Aracon, Fagdo, Letsgolah, and Gemuk. They work day and night tirelessly protect all the Chipsters in the land, even though they sleep better with Chipsters, they stay awake to protect them.
2. One day Smirkgo came out of nowhere and volunteer to help them protect these treasures.
3. Since Smirkgo looks like a nice fella, the 4 brothers decided that they take a long overdue rest. They did sleep much better on Chipsters, and with Chipsters around them.
4. But who knows! Smirkgo actually works for the defunct evil lord Hantu, and in no time they opened up a packet of Chipster!

Lord of the Chipsters
5. Smirkgo then stole the most precious piece of Chipster and put it on Hantu‘s headless body. Cheng cheng cheng!, Hantu gained power and came alive, they quickly ran away.
6. When the 4 brothers woke up from their long sleep, they saw the damage and were furious! They had to get that piece back.
7. To find Smirkgo, they walked past the land of ice.
8. And also the land of concrete, very hot for Fagdo as he doesn’t wear shoes

Lord of the Chipsters
9. They even had to stand on top of each other to scale the mighty brick wall. Of course, the strongest Gemuk became the foundation.
10. Alas they finally found Smirkgo at the temple of zen.
11. First they tried to talk to Smirkgo nicely to find out what happened to the most precious piece of Chipster.
12. Smirkgo wouldn’t tell, so they had to torture him. After 3 hours of intense tickling, Smirkgo finally gave up the information of Hantu.

Lord of the Chipsters
13. The 4 brothers then continued their adventure and past some pretty dangerous lake with giant monster kois
14. They finally found Hantu standing tall at the top of the evil tower.
15. Hantu was about to use the most precious piece of Chipster’s power to cast a spell to make those monster kois come alive and conquer the world!
16. Luckily the brothers weren’t too late, they quickly went up there, and with great effort, they defeated Hantu and recovered the Chipster.

Lord of the Chipsters
17. They decided that enough was enough, and threw Hantu into the giant lake to be eaten by monster kois
18. With great care, Fagdo then placed the Chipster back to where it belongs. The three brothers watched intensely.
19. As Fogdo had touched the sacred piece of most precious Chipster that is tainted by the late Hantu, he had to take a boat and go god knows where to cleanse himself.
20. The remaining 3 brothers sealed the Chipster bag and never again sleep. They now guard the Chipsters with great care.

The end