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Heading East from Klang Valley via the Karak Highway towards the direction of the East Coast, there exists quite a number of restaurants that offers “proper” food just a few kilometers away from the exit that brings you up to the mountain top wonderland that is Genting highland or Berjaya Bukit Tinggi (if visiting a Japanese garden is your thing.)

Late last year, we did just that with a couple Singaporean friends of Haze’s.

Garden View restaurant at Bukit Tinggi, there's actually a vegetable garden
Garden View restaurant at Bukit Tinggi, there’s actually a vegetable garden

Our stop-over for late lunch was at Garden View restaurant, a pretty big zinc-roofed restaurant over viewing a vegetable garden. Looking at the size of the little farm though, I can’t be sure if it is sufficient for the crowd that this restaurant gets. Doesn’t bother me anyway.

The menu is quite extensive. They offer a variety of river fish, kampung chicken, pork, seafood, and a selection of “wild” meat such as wild boar, frog, ostrich, soft-shell turtle, and deer.

river patin, this is the expensive bit
river patin, this is the expensive bit

We ordered a river patin (RM 90, 1.2kg of RM 7.50 per 100 gram) prepared in its purest form – steam with soya sauce. The portion was perhaps a little too big for just the four of us but it was delightfully prepared and certainly very fresh, smooth, and absolutely packed with seafood fatty texture which I really like.

You can also have the fish prepared by steam with ginger, with assam sauce, teo chew style, with chili sauce, in clay pot, or even deep fried. There’s also quite a variety of fish to choose from, with tilapia (RM 3.50/100gram) being cheapest, all the way to kelah  (RM 40/100 gram)

steamed kampung chicken, wild boar curry, four kingdom vege dish
steamed kampung chicken, wild boar curry, four kingdom vege dish

In addition to the fish, we also ordered steamed kampung chicken with ginger (RM 15), wild boar curry (RM 15), and “4 kingdom vegetable” (RM 15). These are very reasonably priced and tasted more than decent.

The chicken is my favorite and a speciality of sort of Bukit Tinggi. You can get pretty good ginger steamed chicken just about at any restaurants around the area, the key being the Bentong ginger they use, which is really spicy and extra fragrant.

Singaporeans, same as Malaysians, are trigger happy
Singaporeans, same as Malaysians, are trigger happy

Over all it was a very satisfying late lunch for us. The river fish is pricey but expectedly so, if you stay away from having river fish, the prices at Garden View restaurant is very competitive. So if you’re around the area looking for a good meal especially with a group, this place won’t be a bad choice.

map to Garden View Restaurant, Bukit Tinggi Bentong

Garden View Restaurant
Lot 19326 Pesona Heights,
Kg Bukit Tinggi, 28750 Bentong, Pahang
GPS: 3.353010, 101.826982
Tel: 09-233 0282

In the spirit of cuti-cuti Malaysia, Suan organized another trip to Chamang Waterfall (N03 30.56′ E101 51.47′) near Bentong (plus the Elephant Sanctuary and Deer Park) just a little over a week ago on Labor Day. Nine of us noobs participated in this awesome trip, the participants were Suan, Sammy, Dree, Tock, ST, Kim, Rachel, Kerol, and of course, yours truly. For the other reports, check the posts here, here, here, and here.

Chamang Waterfall at Pahang
1. Look ma, it wasn’t me!
2. last camwhoring session before driving
3. Suanie’s car leading the way

We had a pretty decent dimsum breakfast meal near my house and then started our journey towards Pahang. Our first destination, the Chamang Waterfalls. We arrived in less than 2 hours of driving. Unlike the Chiling Falls we went whereby a 1.5 hour trekking is needed, at Chamang Falls, the car park is situated right beside the river. It took only a few minutes to walk to our “camp site” near the main fall.

Chamang Waterfall at Pahang
1. Kim with really long arms
2. setting up our pad by the waterfall
3. my zen moment
4. ze noobs minus tock the cameraman

We had loads of fun there, the weather was hot but the water was super cold. We eventually found a way to swim and climb up to a somewhat dry platform just below the main fall (see my zen moment photo) and hanged out there for a bit.

Chamang Waterfall at Pahang
1. crossing the lucky suspension bridge
2. what do you want me to do, suan?
3. who said you can’t swim and smoke?

Dree, the dude who can swim and smoke, even bought a portable stove and made coffee! Cold water, warm coffee, great view, even better company, it was awesome.

Elephant sanctuary at Pahang
1. the two baby elephants
2. the super exaggerated Rachel
3. hello giant baby!
4. Sammy was a bit shy with the elephants

We had to leave the waterfall by around noon as we hoped to get to the Elephant Sanctuary in time to register for the free elephant rides (valid only for some 100 people daily). Though we did arrive there before 1pm, the list was all full as the sanctuary was packed with visitors on this Labor day.

Elephant sanctuary at Pahang
1. tock tock setting up the camera
2. ze group, look at how tock was hugging the pillar
3. haaaaaaaaaa! my superpower!

We played with the two baby elephants a bit. They were very playful and still had trouble controlling their trunks and it was very cute. The sanctuary is also a home for many adult elephants, but they are placed on a fenced up area. We hang around the place for a bit, took a few silly pictures, had some ice creams and cold drinks under the hot sun, then proceed to yet another destination – the Deer Park.

Deer Park at Pahang
1. Kerol & Suan looking as Sammy feeds the deer
2. Kim posing with the ostrich
3. don’t they look alike? ST & the hedgehog
4. Suan again so interested in Dree and the sugar glider

The entrance fee for Deer Park was RM 5 per person, and it was totally worth it. The place is more like a petting zoo than a mere sanctuary for deers. We fed the deers with sweet potato, the ostriches with some leaves, had our hands on the spiky (but not sharp) hedgehog, and the very shy (and shivering) sugar glider. Of course, there’s the sun bear with extremely small wiener! It was a very fun place.

Deer Park at Pahang
1. ze small wiener!
2. Dree feeding the big sun bear

We actually headed to the Chamang Falls again after that and had a second session of sun, water, and swim. By the time we got back at PJ it was already dinner time. We had garlic fish and some other dishes at Lucky Loke nearby my house and called it a day after that. It was an excellent trip, we should do this more often!

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006

The Toyota MR2 club organised a convoy to Ulu Yam at Selangor on the New Year’s day. Though most of us had partied the night before, about 13 cars and over 20 people still managed to show up for the fun drive on the first morning of 2006. There were 3 MRS, an MK1 MR2 with super charger, 7 SW20 MR2s, an EVO, and an S2000. By about 11am, we have had our breakfast at McDonald’s near the Curve and was on our way to the Petronas petrol kiosk before heading off to Ulu Yam.

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006
filling it up for the trip

I had some trouble starting up the car at the petrol kiosk, but after the guys removed and put back the relay, it seems to be fine again. So we started our journey to Ulu Yum. About 20 kilometers later, we regrouped at Selayang. It was there my car stalled at idle and refused to be started again, most probably due to some electrical problems. We left our car there and I followed another member to continue the convoy.

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006
passing by Batu Caves

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006
this was where my car stalled

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006

By the time we regrouped again at another petrol station. Another MR2 faced with a mechanical problem and had to abort the convoy as the clutch would not engage. The car had to be towed back, it was lucky we weren’t at the hilly area of the jorney yet.

We then reached Ulu Yam and had lunch at Hock Lay restaurant. Ordered steamed fish, asam prawn in coconut shell, vege, deep fried squid, guiness chicken wing, and tofu. It was very good, and at RM 15 per person including drinks, pretty reasonably priced too. We then decided to go to Fraser’s Hill instead.

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006
lunch at Hock Lay restaurant

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006
negotiating the bend

At Ulu Yam the elevation was only 75 meters above sea level, by the time we reached the foothill of Fraser’s, it was already 800+ meters up and the temperature was pretty nice and cooling, feeling like air conditioned atmosphere. A very welcoming breeze especially when KL averages more than 30 Celcius.

As the road going up to Fraser’s hill (8km) is small and only wide enough for a single car, the authority sets up a system whereby the traffic is alternate every half an hour between going up and downhil. We waited at by the gate for quite some time before we got to go up to the top. The drive up the hill was curvey and very tight. The guys enjoyed it alot.

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006
going up to Fraser’s hill

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006
installing the spare tyre inside out

Well, 3rd time is the charm. Sure enough, we had the third casualty of the day. Another MR2 had a flat tyre on top of Fraser’s hill. We put in the spare tyre in the reverse way since it wouldn’t fit otherwise due to the rear brake. It had the maximum offset look that was rather hillarious. By then it had started drizzling and was pretty foggy. We decided to call it a day.

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006

About an hour later we go back to where I left my car. Luckily, after resting for some 8 hours, I was able to start the car without too much trouble, and drove all the way back home pretty smoothly. However, the car stalled again in the car porch at home. Will have to get a mechanic to sort out the problem soon.