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A few days ago Cheesie and I went to check out the newest dining hangout area that is Jaya One at PJ. Since I was in this Guinness gastronomic workshop with Chef in Black not too long ago, it was just appropriate that I head to the restaurant that spots a big Guinness sign board. Cafe Chulo it was then.

Cafe Chulo at Jaya One
cafe chulo is located on first floor, alfresco as well as indoor

The concept of Jaya One is pretty nice, in the middle island surrounded by the shops lie four small blocks of double story restaurant buildings. While a few restaurants take up both levels, some only occupies a single floor. The upper level of the four blocks are connected via a series of (slightly confusing) walkways with plenty of alfresco style dining area. Pretty unique and very comfortable.

Cafe Chulo is one of the modern Spanish restaurants/pubs on level one with about half its tables located outdoor. We, of course, chose to be seated along the sheltered walkway.

Cafe Chulo at Jaya One
scallop, grilled mushroom, potato gratins

With some recommendations from the restaurant manager, we ordered three tapas, two main dishes, and of course, I got myself a pint of Guinness Draught to go with the mix. The alluring malt & caramel aroma with its dry roasted bitterness of Guinness Draught helps to round out the savoury bite of the tapas and complements the bold taste of most meat which goes very well with the selection of food that i have ordered. Food pairing with Guinness Draught makes good food taste great.

The scallop ceviche came with 8 mid size scallops lightly cooked in lime juice and parsley, preserving the juiciness of the shellfish while giving a hint of tangy taste.

Champinones al jerez is the slightly fancier name for the whole mushroom grilled with olive oil, sea salt and dry sherry. I like the mixture of mushroom and sauteed bell pepper. Our favorite tapas though, was the patatas au gratin, or Spanish style potato gratin. Basically layers of potato topped with cheese ala lasagna style. You must try this one.

Cafe Chulo at Jaya One
Spanish lamb chop, mixed paella (seafood)

The main dishes were served shortly after. I ordered mixta paella since this is basically a Spanish outlet and it proved to be a decent choice. The rice is pretty fragrant and the seafood, especially the four rather big and juicy mussels were very tasty indeed. This dish certainly goes well with my premium black beer.

Cheesie’s chuleta de cordero, or Spanish lamb chop, was even better. Two slabs of pretty good size lamb chops marinated with spice and what I believe to be citrus served with some onions and greens. It was very succulent and the slight citrus taste gives the meat a different dimension, it was very good! I can’t believe this dish is priced only at RM22

Cafe Chulo at Jaya One
Cheesie, Guinness Draught, KY

We certainly enjoyed ourselves at Cafe Chulo, food was good and the Guinness draught was of course, as smooth as ever.

Map to Jaya One, PJ
Jaya One is just a short drive from Federal Highway or SS2

For the amount dishes we ordered, the totally bill came to a tad less than RM 120. The entrees are only RM 20 and 22. Tapas from RM 8 – RM13, very affordable.

Good food with great drinks under very nice ambiance, a very positive dining experience in foreign cuisine without breaking the bank.

I was also told that the restaurant is going to feature some Guinness infused Christmas dishes beginning next month, and a voucher is given per order for those specified dishes. Simply fill in the voucher with some basic information, tear it off to redeem a free pint of Guinness Draught. The other half entitles the diner to have RM 12 off three pints of Guinness Draught in the same receipt on the next visit.

Check out the banners here and here for more information. There are a few other outlets doing the same thing and I’ll be writing about them too, stay tuned!

L-20-1 Blk L,
Jaya One, Section 13/6
46400 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.118298,101.635294
Tel: 012-331 0277