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Despite staying only 5 minutes away, it somehow took me this long to get to know about this famous nasi lemak at Seapark. Located just next to Maybank at Petaling Jaya’s Seapark (SS21), this Mamak stall opens at around dinner time till late.

Nasi Lemak at Seapark
nasi lemak with excellent fried chicken

After missing my first chance of eating at this place due to a completely full stomach some weeks ago, I decided that we should give it a try even though it was “Human Day”, 7th day of Chinese New Year. Kerol was complaining a bit, but since she just had some awesome Japanese food at Raku Zen for lunch, nasi lemak should be a perfect choice for dinner (as I explained to her). So the six of us went to the stall and each of us ordered nasi lemak with fried chicken.

Nasi Lemak at Seapark
outdoor setting, make sure it is not raining..

The nasi lemak came within a couple minutes, with all the ingredients still very warm. There’s the traditional ikan bilis (anchovies), fried peanuts, fragrance rice, sambal, with the not so traditional fried chicken and a very nicely done sunny side up egg.

The sambal was not overly spicy and carried a slightly sweet taste, which goes pretty well with the fried chicken and egg. The chicken itself was actually very delicious, deep fried with crunchy skin and very nice marinate. As for the egg, anyone who loves a runny yolk would not want to miss this.

Map to PJ Seapark, Nasi Lemak
the nasi lemak stall is located at Seapark, not far from the old KFC

Other than nasi lemak, I have heard that the mee goreng is pretty special as well. A plate of nasi lemak with fried chicken goes for RM 4.50, a pretty fair price I think. Do make sure that it isn’t raining when you go there as the place is completely outdoor.

Jalan 21/11b,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.109920, 101.622301

Masak-Masak also reviewed this place before.

One of my favorite Indian food is the banana leaf rice at Kannan’s. They have one of the better set-ups there is; tables under the shade of trees with fresh air and ample of space of the outdoor. There are tables in the restaurant itself too, if you prefer to get inside or when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Banana Leaf Rice at Kannan Curry House
this place has both indoor and outdoor tables

For the uninformed, banana leaf rice is served, well, on a sheet of banana leaf instead of plates. Three to four types of vegetables is then served on the leaf, with rice and some papadum. There are usually a few types of curry to choose from, and a few other items to alter the taste, such as dried salted chili padi and chutney.

For the dinner, I ordered a piece of fried chicken and a small plate of deep fried fish egg as compliments to the main dish. The vegetables served were fresh cucumber, cabbage, and okra. There were some fried bitter gourd as well. Fish curry, chicken curry, and dal. Overall it was a very satisfying dinner.

Banana Leaf Rice at Kannan Curry House
the proper way to eat is by using your fingers

The bill came up to less than RM 20.00 for two pax. The banana leaf rice itself was only RM 4.00 per serving, while the other two dishes and drinks made up the rest of the bill. A pretty fair price considering a single piece of fried chicken at KAYU nasi kandar costs RM 6.00.

Here’s the fun part — did you know that there are certain hidden codes you could do with the banana leaf upon completion of your meal? If the food was good, fold the leaf from top down. If bad, fold the leaf from bottom up. And if you fold one corner of the leaf, you are telling the server to charge everything on you and not to bother your guests.

map to seksyen 17, petaling Jaya, Kannan Curry House
Kannan Curry house is situated near SS2’s Rothman Roundabout

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a tale of two superheroes posted about this place too.

Jalan 17/45
Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.119819, 101.629887