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At the time of writing, the world human population stands at about 6.77 billion (source: wikipedia). So when someone tells you that you are “one in a million“, he or she is necessarily saying that you are exactly the same as almost seven thousand human beings. Not so special after all, heh?

With the world population expected to increase to 9 billion in another 30 years, being able to separate yourself the other jokers out there will be that much harder. So how do you not lose yourself in the crowd?

How do you differentiate yourself? By getting noticed in photos would be a good start, and here are 8 ways to do it. 😀

KY at primary school
be at the highest point

Well, sometimes it helps to start young. For example, when taking pictures, make sure you stand at the highest possible point, especially if you were height challenged like me. Interestingly Horng’s method of positioning himself at the lowest point with a 100plus works pretty well too.

KY primary school hello
stupid gesture works too

When that is not possible, having a silly and stupid gesture will also help make you stand out in a photograph. Look at me saying “OHAI EVERYONE” while the cameraman snapped this picture. Smashing isn’t it?

stand in front of everyone

Sometimes being vertically challenged has it’s advantages. For example, in this picture taken at my schoolmate’s farewell party (who migrated to Australia), I had the opportunity to stand in front of everyone. Oh, wearing a different color from everyone else helps too.

Again, Horng tried to steal the limelight with his food in mouth action. Not terribly effective, I suppose. Location, location, location!

KY st. cloud state dorm
having a different hair style

Here I was in the dorm at my beloved alma mater quite a few years back. The two mat sallehs are Nick and Kyle who stayed with me on the same floor. I rediscover some of these jokers via facebook years after I graduated.

See, the different hairstyle (some said tragic) that I had definitely put me as the awesome one in this picture. Yey.

KY Resident's Advicer
be the boss of the floor

Apart from physical attribute, another way to stand out is simply be the boss. At our dorm, I was the Resident’s Advicer taking care of 50 university kids. I had to make sure they don’t consume alcohol in their room, not be noisy, doesn’t get into fights, etc etc. (please ignore the bottle on the previous picture)

When you are the boss, you stand out, people pay.. er.. respect (usually in the form of free beer and house party invites). It was awesome.

KY moody shirt
wearing a funny shirt

Sometimes an interesting T-shirt gives you the competitive edge when it comes to standing out. This picture was taken in Melbourne, and the T-shirt bought from Reflections Hotel during the trip to Bangkok with Mellissa. That’s RM 20 well spent.

KY and Kimberly at Nuffnang Party
or maybe an interesting pair of pants?

If the T-shirt isn’t enough, there’s always the pants. Here again I present you my awesome Moody pants I wore to Nuffnang Music Bash earlier this year. Although I must say that Kim’s Village People outfit might have been a bit more outrageous in this case.

Then again, I could wear this pants to KLCC, I doubt Kim would dare to go there with a fake mustache and construction hat. Emmm..

KY Mellissa at Grill'd
have a good looking girlfriend

Last but not least, if you’re not terribly blessed when it comes to facial features and physical built, having a girlfriend who is extremely easy on the eyes will make you stand out too! Having her dozing off your shoulder while enjoying a huge burger at a busy place like QV in Melbourne certainly raises your credit.

So there you go, now everyone will look at your pictures in facebook and find you before having to go through all the tagged names! 😀

Weekends looming, and Mell is coming back in a week, wheee!

I first visited this stall some 3 years ago, that was way before this blog was born and way before I had any camera phone worth using (though the current one is due for a better replacement, but that’s another story). We recently visited this stall again when discovering that the nearby įŽ‹įžŽčŽ° Roasted Pork was closed on Sunday.

Pudu Old school noodle stall, Jalan brunei
old school set up

This stall is located at a corner of either Jalan Brunei or Jalan Brunei Utara, it is quite prominent and wouldn’t be difficult to spot once you get to the area. The set up is very simple, with a row of plastic tables and not very ergonomic chairs by the walkway of shop houses. Though not the most comfortable of places, it does give a sort of old school, throw back feelings.

Pudu Old school noodle stall, Jalan brunei
ahhh glorious noodle and dumplings

The stall offers quite a number of different dishes, like beef noodle, char siu, wantan mee, curry mee, and drinks. I have always loved their Sui Kow noodle, and asked for one. The girls ordered wantan mee with char siu, and wantan mee with beef balls. We also got some freshly squeezed sugar cane juice to go with the noodle.

Pudu Old school noodle stall, Jalan brunei
the girls enjoying their food

It didn’t take too long for the food to arrive, and the smell steaming out from the soup and noodle just made me salivate. The food were nicely prepared, with ample ingredients, noodle, and sauce. Not only the sui kow, packed with plenty of meat, vege, and fugus were good, the noodle was smooth and juicy too. Very nice.

The other thing I like about this place is the choices of the “free flow” chili provided. You can have Thai chili, red chili, two types of sambal, and even the marinated green chili.

Pudu Old school noodle stall, Jalan brunei map
the place is just a stone’s throw away from Berjaya Times Square

The noodle and drinks cost less than RM 20 for the three of us, pretty good price for some really delicious old school servings.

GPS: 3.138652, 101.712885