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I was one of the first batch of people to be given the privilege of checking out this neat little application (both web and mobile versions) called Nuffnang X, and if you’re a blog reader or writer, you should check it out too.

So what is NuffnangX?
Take Instagram and Google Reader, put them in a dark room with comfy bed and scented candles, you get NuffnangX 9 months later.

nuffnang x mobile
Nuffnang X on Mobile

It is both a mobile application on Android & iOS devices, and a web application that allows you to read blog posts & track comments in ways that was never before possible, at least not nearly as easily and efficiently.

Like Google Reader or many other RSS readers, you can search and subscribe to any blogs that interests you (not just those under Nuffnang’s umbrella). Whenever any of them has an update, it appears on your feed (or timeline if you will); and a photo is grabbed from the said blog post too (in this case, a bit Instragram-ish)

Further more, and this is the interesting bit, NuffnangX also has some wizardry applied in their program to extract a single “most interesting” line from the post.

Clicking on the entry will then expand it to show the original post as you would if you visit the individual site, with an addition – conversation.

NuffnangX on web
NuffnangX on web

It is a commenting system on NuffnangX that notifies the blog owner (if he/she is on the platform too) whenever a comment is received, which makes comment tracking in replying very efficient. Similarly, whenever the blog owner reply your comment, you get notified on your devices and NuffnangX website too, a bit like facebook/twitter in this regard.

Blog discovery:
NuffnangX also allows you to see the number of subscribers a particular blog has on the platform, and who are those subscribers. A fun way to use this is to click on a user (especially a friend) and check out what are the blogs he/she subscribes to that might interest you.

There’s also an Editor’s Recommendation section that help expose users to sites we might otherwise never have come across.

So is it like… perfect?
The platform is not perfect, being very new, there are some kinks to work out but overall the application is pretty stable and useful. I’ve now completely migrated to it from Google Reader. There are some features I’d want to be in NuffnangX, such as ability to mark posts that we’ve read, collapse all posts to hide photos for compact viewing, and such, but I guess those could come in the future.

So check it out if you haven’t. It’s on Google Play for Android and iTunes for iOS devices and is a free application.

If you’re already on NuffnangX, follow this column by clicking here.

What do you know! I’ve just been informed that this blog is one of the finalists at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 under the Best Food Blog category.

Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011

This is quite a bit of a surprise, there are countless many good food blogs out there and I’m sure the competition will be super stiff, but for whatever it is worth, I accept the nomination with profound gratitude and humility, thank you!

The voting period will start from 15 November 2011 and end on 27 November 2011 at, The winner is determined by a combination of votes as well as a panel of judges.

This post will be updated as more information is available.

As for now, ME GUSTA!

Last weekend I went to Singapore for the 2nd time in a month, and instead of being on a mission to do Malaysia proud like the last one, this trip is all about having fun. I went to the V-Post Nuffnang Christmas Bash thanks to the invitation from Nuffnang. Chartered bus, hotel room at Marriot, party with a bunch of bloggers from both sides fo the straits, all expense paid. What more can I ask for?

The costume party has a pretty, er.. unique theme. We’re each assigned a letter V, P, O, S, or T and are supposed to dress up as something corresponding to the letter. For example, in the picture below you see Jolyn as Tape mesure / Tailor, Vivien as Student, and Ginni as Playboy Bunny. I was the Potong Stim Pirate with very minimal effort spent in fixing up my so called costume.

V-Post Nuffnang Party at Singapore

Jolyn, Vivien, and Ginni in the taxi on the way to the party

The other traveling bloggers include Suan as a Trekker, Huai Bin as Osama (who changed his letter to P, as I shall explain later), FA as the Shopaholic, Eiling the Vampire, Cindy as Venus, Audrey the Virgin Bride, and Ninie as probably another Vampire.

V-Post Nuffnang Party at Singapore

party people at the place to be

The party was hosted at DXO, which was quite a distance (in Singaporean term) from the hotel. Now one thing about this city-state I can do without is the 2,500 traffic lights you have to go through to get anywhere.

Outside the club Nuffies such as Tim, Nicholas, Pinky, Firdy, Yee Hou, Robb, and Ming were already waiting. Curiously, I also met Mike Yip, who seems to appear in every event regardless of location or organizer. Kenny was lurking around as an old man as well.

V-Post Nuffnang Party at Singapore

myself and Jolyn, the old man who’s hairy and bald at the same time

The whole place was rather packed with people and with the MC, Randall, running the show. There were several games and prizes to be won, and I walked away with an Osim pace counter after being the first one to name all the Nuffies in order of their letter to spell out the word NUFFNANG.

Audrey won the best costume with Cindy as runner up, and Mike Yip got a pair of tickets to Manila as the first prize in lucky draw too. I guess we didn’t do too bad at all.

While the party was pretty eventful, I thought it’ll be nicer if we were given more actual party time to dance and shake what our mamas gave us. However, there were only myself and a few other fellow Malaysians doing that during the limited party time given.

V-Post Nuffnang Party at Singapore

Audrey sleeping like an apek, and Huai Bin missing out the party

Overall it was still a very fun trip, we managed to catch up with a few buddies and met quite a few new friends at the same time. In the last picture collage you can see how Audrey doesn’t sleep like a Virgin Bride, and the only picture I snapped at the party, of Huai Bin missing out 75% of the event. So Huai Bin’s P stands for PASSED OUT

Next up would of course, be the fifth installment of  X’mas Eve Party at home! See you!

Thanks to the infamous Robb of Nuffnang, I was invited as the “featured blogger” on a sharing session at Italiannese, Mid Valley Gardens. Previous featured bloggers include fehmes people like Cheesie and Cindy , so I guess this blog must be doing pretty decent huh?

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
Timothy Tiah
, Nicholas Chay, Robb Chew, Pinky Tham, Firdauz

So I arrived at Italiannese, Mid Valley Gardens just in time on the faithful 12th of Oct to find a boat load of people who are already getting friendly with each other, and warming up their camera flashes too.

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
Yee Hou, Sidney (bigboysoven), Rojaks, Superwilson, Simon Seow

The usual suspects from Nuffnang were there. Robb, who engineered the whole event, the boss Tim, Nicholas, Pinky, Firdauz, Chingy, and Yee Hou too. Other friends like Sidny, Rojaks, Simon Seow, Debra & Victoria Foong also attended the event.

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
Justin Chin
, Bryan Lim, Chee Seng, Chee Hong, Ruionkoh

There are other familiar faces I have met during the Nuffnang’s pajama party and the more recent Haloween party who made their way to the sharing session too. It was in all, over two dozen of us filling up an entire section in the rather nicely decorated restaurant.

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
, Anne Marie, Curryegg, KC, Karena Cheow

We went through a round of rather informal self introduction (and I found out some of them are practically half my age @.@), followed by a short speech from yours truly which mainly touches a little bit about this whole food blogging business and a lot more about the constant question I get about my weight (or the lack of it)

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
Jou Yin, Josephine, Debra Fong, Victoria Fong, Yi May

Just as we were almost done with the talking session, the servers started to bring in the food, which is just brilliant timing wise.

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
Carlifornia shrimp salad, mini cheesy pizza, quattro platter

We got started off with the quattro platter that includes deep fried risotto balls, fried calamari rings, stuffed mushrooms, and zucchini fritte. Calamari has always been one of my favorites and the one served up here certainly did not disappoint.

The California shrimp salad was a fresh departure from the usual Caesar or garden salad. However, my favorite has got to be the mini cheesy pizza, very thin, crispy, and flavorful.

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
Sicilian pizza, bread with olive oil & vineger, lamb shank

The Sicilian pizza is some what an acquired taste, soft texture with a heavy mixture of cheese and tomato flavor in a somewhat unfamiliar territory. I wouldn’t say I like it. The lamb shank though, is pretty flavorful and well cooked to a soft and tender texture, I just wish there were slightly more sauce to go with it.

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
bowls of pasta, chocholate and hazelnut cake

The main attraction of the day was of course, the pasta bowls. I think Italiannese’s idea is a pretty good one, with the smallish servings of the individual bowls you get to taste more varieties.

The pasts themselves were pretty good. My favorite would be the angel hair aglio olio with shrimp. There were even lasagna too.

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
Chingy is here, I did not manage to capture an individual pic

We concluded the dinner with some hazlenut cake before everyone went off to our separate ways. It was a pretty good session and it was nice meeting you guys!

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m going to be at the most eagerly waited Nuffnang + Nokia’s Silent Halloween Party this side South East Asia.

This party’s going to be pretty interesting I believe, with everyone dancing silly with their earphones on whilst the club is in music-less. It’s going to be like watching MTV in mute (careful not to mispronounce it as nude). I even bought a pretty awesome noise canceling headphones for this. Best!

Happy Halloween
No, I’m not going to go as this, it’ll be a surprise!

Nokia is sponsoring the event, which means there are phones to be given out! If my luck is as good as the Pajama Party earlier this year.. Can’t wait!

Just a few hours to go before the party starts, I’ll see you guys at Borneo Baruk Club!