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KY on New Straits TimeIt’s been a while I bought newspaper, but I couldn’t help myself but to get yesterday’s version of New Sunday Times. Unlike the “celebrity bloggers” who appear on printed media every other week, this is something a bit rarer for me. If you haven’t check it out, here goes!

KY on newspaper

Here is the link to the full article online, you can also click on the image on the right for a screen captured version. This article is in conjunction with my involvement in the Nokia Nseries Soul of the Night project.

To be fair, I was on Kosmo newspaper a couple years back with an interview about my koi pond, and another article on NST that has something to do with the now defunct monsterblog project. Oh, not to forget a mention on Star Metro about an article regarding the local hawker scene.

Keep them coming, keep them coming. =D

KY Ladies and Gentlemen, yours truely is now one of some ten authors on MONSTERBLOG, an NST initiative supported by Jaring.

The blog features some of the usual suspects in Malaysian blogging scene and each will be contributing in different topics. I will be mainly writing about my eating expeditions. The participation of this marraige of old and new media is an exciting new direction on my now one and a half year blogging excursion.

Monsterblog Logo

A snippet from the About page:

The MONSTERBLOG is undertaken with the help of JARING, the pioneer Internet Service Provider. This is part of our efforts to go beyond the traditional print edition and to provide a holistic package to readers.

Do hop over to and leave us your comments. We are running the introductory posts of every authors now and will be firing on all cylinders starting next week.

Have a great weekend!