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Kimberly is so great!

September 20, 2007 18 Comments

Inspired by Suanie‘s ky is so great post (that was suggested by me), I would like to continue the baton and tell you how great I think Kimberly is.

Kimberly is so great she devours everything in sight and does not leave anything behind. As evident from this photo, she would swallow the chopsticks if only they are edible.

Kim is so great

Kimberly is so great to play badminton with (to be her opponent), as she does not move on the court but let the partner do all the silly running. She also has a rich history of smashing the shutter cock on her playing partner’s head. However, I am sure wearing the same sweaty shirt and shorts for the 3rd straight week without washing has nothing to do with it.

Kim is so great

Last but not least, Kimberly is so great because she has the greatest fashion sense ever. I never feel like the person who wears the oddest cloths whenever she is around, no one can out do her.

Kim is so great

I salute to Kimberly because she is so great!


To celebrate the coming of 2007, I went to Sepang F1 circuit with Kim, ST, Val, Dree, and his friend the Savvylution girl for some rave and track event (the track was a lot more fun). With her new toy, Val managed to capture myself and Kim doing the new year dance while ST was busy with his big ass camera.

Before you ask, yes, that’s the only way I know how to dance.

As for how the party goes, you can read it at Kim’s blog.