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Following the attendance to Nippon Paint workshop where I learn all about colors and how they affects mood and create certain ambiance, the next project was naturally, a makeover with Nippon Paint.

For my project, I chose the first living room. Since this is the first room to the house and the wall was painted a rather sad hue of yellow, I wanted to have it changed.

nippon paint makeover
from yellow to a very light shade of brown, by Nippon Paint

Initially I had the idea of perhaps painting some manageable patterns on the wall on top of a soothing base color. If that was indeed what was done, you’d see some geometrical patterns on this wall now.

But I’m generally a very lucky person. While cooking Maggi after fishing prawn with Haze, I casually told her about this project, and she volunteered to design and paint the wall for me!

nippon paint - design and tracing
Haze at work, tracing the outline of her design

Now Haze is a very talented artist, she does web design (such as cheesie‘s current blog skin), video editing, 3D, makeup, and more.

When she first sent me the design, I was like “Whoa!”. I showed a few people and got similar reactions.

But of course I have faith in this girl, so we ordered the chosen colors from Nippon Paint and they were nice enough to send in the painters to put up the base coat, a soothing shade of brown.

haze long working on wall design
master at work, I was merely painting those big black patterns

I chose Nippon Paint’s Odour-less Premium All-in-1 because it has almost zero pollutants and suits interior wall best. This is especially important if you need to work with the paint for many hours.

After the base coat was done. Haze came over and spent more than three days working on the wall, but the result was amazing!

haze long wall design - finished product
the finished product, by Haze, using Nippon Paint

Transferring the design to the wall took the entire first day. In the subsequent days, the design came into view little by little, the whole works took a little more than three days. Since the paint is water based, mixing colors to make different tones aren’t too difficult.

front wall design - by haze long
the front

The design is a something that isn’t overly masculine (like a sports car), nor it is too feminine. Haze told me she got the idea of the musical theme since I like to play guitar hero.

The result is amazing, isn’t it?

the guitar - haze long
the side

The right paint and the right designer = music to the eyes.

Just in case you want to replicate this design , the colours used are:
Base colour: Basket Beige 4061P, Designs: Shaded Porch 4065P, Knockout Red 4065P, Golden Dome 7033D, Peasant Blue 7232T, Black 144, White 145.