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“How come you could eat all those food and remain skinny?”

If I can get RM 2.70 every time I answer that question, I probably wouldn’t need to use my own money buying petrol for the car.

Firstly, although being known as a glutton, I usually prefer variety and quality over quantity when it comes to satisfying my stomach. Secondly, I do exercise quite regularly, playing futsal, badminton, and recently picking up ping pong (so I know what to do at PatPong next time!).

I always treat sports as a form of entertainment plus a little bit of competition. Running on a treadmill will never work for someone like me. I believe that to enjoy sports better, you have to at least be competitive to your peers. Talent and trainings get you to be more competitive, however, proper equipments play a big part too.

Nike Futsal Shoes
my well worn Nike futsal shoes

For many sports, staying light gives you a competitive advantage. When you are lighter, the power to weight ratio increases. This is the same in athletes as it is in sports cars. One of the ways to reduce weight is of course, lose the spare tires (for both human and cars too), but this is of course, easier said than done. The other way is to use lightweight equipments.

Nike Victory Plus
Nike victory plus

Realizing that weight is the worst enemy for athletes, Nike embarks on Project Lightweight, a competition to design lightweight products (apparel, footwear, or any equipments) for any sports.

Anyone can participate in this project, the submission can be in any format. Be it a CAD drawing, a prototype product, an idea, an installation, video, anything. However, each entry must be accompanied by rationale or explanations limited to 200 words.

The winner gets an all-expense paid trip to Nike�s World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon. I’ve never been there myself, but Oregon is famous for not having sales tax (something like VAT/GST). The trip also includes meeting the top designers in Nike at their “Kitchen” at the Nike Campus. That would be way cool for any aspiring designers.

Submissions must be made between 1-31 July on the Project Lightweight website at Visit the site for more information.

Will I compete? I think I have to brush up on my photoshop drawings a bit, we shall see!

Futsal Anyone?

July 2, 2007 9 Comments

We’re doing it every Thursday night from 10 to 11pm at the Futsal Sports Center at Section 19, PJ. The place is also known as the “pusat perabot” since the front of the facility spots a furniture store instead.

when tired, be the goalie

This has been going on for the past few months. We have been consistently having anywhere from 9 to 15 players at a session. It is a futile attempt to pinpoint the number of participants with the commitment (or lack of) from guys these days. So if you are a dude interested in sweating it off, come join us!

On a related note, Nike Football has set up the interesting Jangan Togel site that is dedicated to street football (not exactly futsal, but close enough). The flashy site spots a comic like design, with some wallpaper, music, and videos free for view or download.

Jangan Togel
this screen is better than my picture above. :/

In case you wonder what is “Jangan Togel”, it comes from the Malaysian tradition that the team which conceded the first goal has to play the remainder of the game with their top off. We initially tried to implement this old rule, but somehow there are always some sissies who prefer to not show their tiny nipples.. or something.

Incidentally, this is also one of the websites that utilizes flash in a non-annoying way that is actually interactive and interesting. I can’t wait for the short films to be on, check out the site for yourself.