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In a blink of an eye we are approaching the end of yet another year, X’mas is coming up pretty soon, and for those of us who are trying to have a healthier lifestyle, this period can sometimes be a challenge.

my home cooked meals
my home cooked meals

Coupled with having recently moved to a new place in Shah Alam, we’ve also been cooking more and hosting friends over for house warming parties, which translates to more food that we love, and sometimes they aren’t exactly the best in terms of nutrition, as I have a natural tendency to put taste as my key priority.

I actually do like this taste of apple + banana
I actually do like the combined taste of apple + banana

Which brings us to the benefit of having a balanced digestive system with good gut bacteria that helps the internal functions of our body – something NESTLÉ BLISS Yogurt Drinks fits in. The number one yogurt drink brand in Malaysia is made with real fruit juice with no artificial coloring, those are certainly the plus points I liked, furthermore, and perhaps and most importantly, there’s live cultures in every bottle (not the one that paints or give live performances, but of the microbiological type that helps digestion).

nestle bliss
instead of bringing wine to a party, what about Bliss?

For this X’mas season, NESTLÉ BLISS has introduced the new limited edition Apple Banana flavors that comes in a beautiful packaging that befits the holiday spirit. I gave it a try and I must admit that while I thought the mixture of these two fruits (they’re not even from the same temperature zone) sounds a little weird to start with, it actually blends perfectly well together and gave it a unique fruity sweetness that I find myself enjoying it.

instead of bringing wine to a party, what about a Bliss?
NESTLÉ BLISS with its greeting tag

This limited edition NESTLÉ BLISS also comes with a gift sleeve, making it a fitting gift option as well. Instead of bringing a bottle of wine or other drinks, why not half a dozen healthy yogurt drinks to a party? We don’t have to be associating holiday season with over eating or even hangover, staying healthy is the way to go!

Enjoy A Blissful Celebration With The New Nestle Bliss Limited Edition Apple Banana
Enjoy A Blissful Celebration With The New
Nestle Bliss Limited Edition Apple Banana

For more information on NESTLÉ BLISS, check out their facebook page at

Happy Holidays!

For those of you who are frequent visitors of this blog, you are probably right to guess that one of the adventures I love to indulge in is diving (and of course, food, but you know that already). It is a hobby that started out some 8 years ago and really got intensified in the last 3 years or so.

my favorite adventure is diving

So far, I’ve dived at Tenggol, Redang, Lang Tengah, Pulau Sembilan, Sipadan, Similan Islands, Bali, and even KLCC Aquaria. The experiences in diving are especially rewarding, the tranquility underwater, the island life, and above all, the sense of adventure that comes with it.

After all, there aren’t many activities where you get to see some of the most magnificent animals in their natural habitat up close and personal, I always remember how the manta rays performing their mating rituals right in front of me in Bali, the beautiful leopard sharks resting on the sea floor in Lang Tengah, the curious sea turtles at Sipadan, and more.

Earth is after all, 70% covered with water, and if you stick to not ever getting wet, you’d be missing out quite a lot.

Sharing your adventures and looking for new inspirations if you’re running out of one used mean looking and browsing blogs and your friend’s facebook feeds, but now there’s an easier way.

NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK created the Home Of Adventure Facebook application especially for this purpose, and I urge you to check it out.

The aim of the application is twofold – allowing user to share their adventures, and others to browse and get ideas on what they are and most importantly, where they can do it.

Best of all, these adventures are all right here in Malaysia. The adventures are categorize in Water Extreme, Thrill Seeker, Food Travels, and Nature Quests category.

To view the adventures shared by others, simply access the application, choose either East or West Malaysia, then click on the Adventure pins created by other users. You can read about what they are and check out the pictures or videos uploaded in each of them.

If you want to add your adventure on the same location, you can do so immediately too.

To share your adventure of a new location, click on the Pin Your Adventure tab, choose a state, and then click on the location of your adventure.

After that all you have to do is select a category and describe the adventure in 50 words of less. Optionally you can also upload photos or videos associated with your entry, and viola, it is done. It is simple as that.

As if sharing adventures to other fellow thrill seekers alike isn’t a good enough motivation, doing so might also net you some cash prices!

NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK is giving out a total of RM 35,000 based on the creativity of each user submission. Winner walks away with RM 500 each, so be creative!

The contest runs from 5th Nov – 23rd Dec 2012, so get your submissions in already. Good luck fellow adventurers!