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Start Your Day!

November 1, 2012 2 Comments

Here are some of my favorite mornings – captured on film (well, SD card anyway). These are moments at the break of dawn that brought beautiful memories and those gives you and instant good feeling that it’s going to be a great day.

diving at Bali

This was taken with the GoPro camera at Bali, we were heading to Nusa Penida. I did 3 dives and was privileged to have lovely encounters with magnificent sea creatures – two dives with mola-mola and another with manta rays. Glorious.

hang out at tioman island, music and beach

This photo was captured at Tioman island and represents the lifestyle at Salang Bay perfectly. The guy with the guitar is also our Dive Master, but also sings and hang out with divers and other guests at the beach. Perfect pre-briefing moment before the morning dive.

three cats waiting for food

These are the three kitties at home, often waiting at the kitchen in the morning while I get ready for work (sometimes while making a cup of coffee to start the day). It’s a rare occasion to have them all lined up at the same frame. Always brighten up the day

These are the moments not to be rushed, moments to savor the world.

Which brings us to the message brought to you by Nescafe Gold – “Savoring The World” – a communal travel journal of experiences savored around Malaysia and the Globe.

The aim of the community is to have a collection of travel experiences and extraordinary moments.

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Nescafe Gold facebook contest entry

This is my entry for the competition, good luck to me! How do you like my caption by the way?

Head to and you too can be a part of this project and could very well be the lucky person to walk away with that 3D/2N Stay at Tanjong Jara resort.


I love coffee, and every time I went to Harvery Norman or Best Denki, I’d stopped by the coffee machine section and check out those beautiful espresso machines that I thought I’d like to own some day.

Only two problems prevented me from having one of them machines – I’d not drink enough coffee to keep the bean/powders fresh, frothing milk is a hassle unless you go with those very expensive fully automated system, and cleaning up is a huge hassle if you only make a cup of coffee.

The alternative to espresso machines would be capsule based system. Initially I wasn’t exactly a fan of them, the systems that I came across only makes black coffee, and you’ll still need a separate milk frother if you want to make latte or cappuccino.

Then I was introduced to Nescafe Dolce Gusto.

Barista trainer Leong, owner of espresso lab
Barista trainer Leong, owner of EspressoLab (publika) & Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Lets face it, Nescafe isn’t exactly known for premium coffee, and dont’ get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing. Many of us grew up with Nescafe as the de-facto instant coffee powder and 3-in-1 coffee solutions. Their products usually appeal to mass market, well balanced between price point and quality.

the little mighty machine
the little mighty machine, by KRUPS

This also gives them an edge with this capsule system – you’ll know that the capsules won’t be overly expensive (RM 28 per box of 16 capsules, makes 8 or 16 cups), and they will be available at more outlets (even the ESH electrical shop at SS2 sells the capsules)

 There are currently 12 different flavors to choose from, and yes, they make cappuccino, latte machiato, green tea latte and a few other milk coffee drinks by using 2 capsules per drink – first with the milk capsule, then the coffee/tea, ingenious.

I volunteered to compare making latte with the traditional vs Dolce Gusto machines
I volunteered to compare making latte with the traditional vs Dolce Gusto machines

As for the machines, they are priced from RM 399, very affordable for something that makes 15 bar of pressure (crucial to make proper espresso). The one in the video I made is the RM 599 automatic version, a gift by Nescafe and is now sitting in my kitchen, permanently plugged into the wall now =D

Another thing I love about this system other than easy of operation is the cleaning part. All you need to do is rinse of the cup and capsule holder when you’re done. That takes about 5 seconds, can’t beat it.

we had a bit of food & coffee (and tea) pairing, latte art, and a whole loads of fun
we had a bit of food & coffee (and tea) pairing, latte art, and a whole loads of fun

As for the of these drinks? Well they are excellent, not exactly the same as premium coffee places, but it’s very close. The coffee powder’s 100% Arabica, and they somehow managed to get the milk pretty good despite it being from a capsule instead of fresh. I’m very impressed.

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