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Sometimes last week I received this mysterious little black box at my office. I opened it carefully, and look at what I found. A photo frame, a CD, a yo-yo (with lights and everything), a little old school contact book, a video cassette (when was the last time you use one?), a pretty solid looking compass that actually works, and an invitation card to a launch party on the 26/9/08 at KL Hilton.

Nokia N96 Launch Party at KL Hilton
mysterious black box and it’s content

Confusing, right?

Haaaaaaaaa! David thought his little ploy would trouble me, but thanks to the immense cerebral ability bestowed upon me, I’ve deciphered this to be the launching of the N96. The clues were: photos, music, gaming, contacts, video, and navigation.

Nokia N96 Launch Party at KL Hilton
the launch party at KL Hilton

I went to the party with cheesie. Together with suan, pinky, robb, tim, erna, james, joshua, will, and jason, we were the bunch who maintain our personal blogs, most of the other attendees were people from Nokia, dealers, and traditional media.

At the media event, Nokia actually launched three models, N79, N85, and N96. These are the latest N series phone, adding to the line of awesome phones that includes the N82 I am using now (and very happy with it). N79 is the sleekest N series phone that automatically changes themes when you switch the phone plates, N85 being the multimedia powerhouse with long playback time and 3D stereo sound, and the flagship N96 with 16 gigabyte of memory, 5mp camera, n-gage games, gps, and that huge 2.8″ display.

Nokia N96 Launch Party at KL Hilton
I won a digital photo frame!

The event was pretty interesting except the part where we had to wait a bit too long before dinner is served. Cheesie basically finished the bowl of chips all by herself while waiting for dinner, I think her secret of keeping fit might not be Kenko, but having to attend all these events that deprived her of actual meals.

There was also a gaming competition that night, and of course, I was one of the 5 lucky winners (who scored the top 5 fastest time in an ngage racing game) to walk away with an awesome digital photo frame that can play photos (duh), music, and even videos. The nifty little thing comes with a remote controller too. Awesome!

David, job well done again!