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Hello everyone, how many times have you read a particular awesome food find that made you want to go there so bad, just to be frustrated by the lack of address or direction to get there? When I started writing about food, I wanted to make sure readers could find the place, hence the hand drawn map was born, in addition to address.

Over the years, I’ve received some feed backs with regards of the little maps that have gathered a little bit of recognition. Some said it’s very helpful, while others told me it’s absolutely useless (mostly female, hee-hee). To get a more concrete answer, I put up a poll that was answered by over 200 of you. The result:

  • 61% loved the maps
  • 21% requests for GPS coordinates
  • 16% said the maps are useless

So, to keep up with technology and in an attempt to make this the most friendly blog with food entries, I’ve added most of them with GPS coordinates. I’ve spent the last few days adding that to almost all the articles under PJ, KL, and Penang, and will try to complete the rest pretty soon.

For the uninitiated, GPS, also known as Global Positioning System, is free as in free beer. It is a system that simply tells you where you are. With GPS software, you can input where you want to go (via address or GPS location), and get routing information or live turn-by-turn navigation to the destination. Very nifty.

Various devices now have built in GPS supports, such as my trusted Nokia N82. You can also buy standalone GPS receivers like those from Garmin. Most devices now come with Malaysian maps, you can also get free (and very updated) maps from MalSingMaps.

Nokia N82 with Garmin GPS Software
Garmin GPS software on Nokia N82

If you have a GPS device, simply enter the GPS coordinate (like 3.156649, 101.700965 to nasi lemak RA). When the device has a lock to the satellites and creates the routes, you simply follow what it says: turn left in next 200 meters, turn right, etc. It will get you there, how cool is that?

For those without GPS device, you still can use the GPS coordinates in mapping sites such as google maps. Enter the coordinates into the search bar and you’ll get a detailed map of the location. Cool, right?

Google Map
Google Map

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One of my favorite shopping mall parking lot is at Sunway Pyramid. They have installed this nifty little light with a sensor on top of every parking spot. If the spot is occupied, the light is red, if free, it is green. A quick glance down the isle will tell you if there’s an available spot so you don’t have to navigate the whole parking lot aimlessly to find an empty space.

So I went there for lunch the other day. The parking lot was almost filled, but I spotted 2 green lights very close to the entrance, must be my lucky day I thought. I quickly drove there just to find this idiot.

A Toyota Vios parked right in between 2 handicap parking spots. The sensor missed the car.

Idiot Toyota Vios Owner
WPK 6393 the idiot.

I don’t know if this guy is genuinely handicap, the vehicle did not display a handicap sticker or anything. However, there is no excuse for parking right in between two spots even if you are disabled. Patients with that kind of spatial disability shouldn’t be driving anyway.

I took the opportunity and snapped the driver’s name card that was hanging on the rear view mirror inside the car. The N82 did a decent job getting the face, but unfortunately the gentleman’s name is obscured by the furry crap right next to it.

Idiot Toyota Vios Owner
Mr. Lim with Sense Health Solutions

Apparently the guy (Mr. Lim) is a member of Sense Health Solutions. I tried to check more on this particular “club” online to no avail, anyone knows about this?

I want Peter Tan to beat this guy up with a stick.

Thanks to David Lian who initially got me a Nokia N95 to review, now I am a proud owner of the latest Nokia N-series phone, the N82. I guess I must be one of the earliest adopters of this little piece of mobile wonder. Less than a week into using it, and I am already very impressed.

Nokia N82
I love the candy bar form factor

I first saw this phone during the Symbian Night last month. In essence, this phone is combined the best features of the previous two that I have used. The Nokia N95, and the Sony Ericsson K800i. As much as I like the N95, I have always enjoy the power of a xenon flash when it comes to low light photography, the LED illumination from the N95 just doesn’t have enough juice in certain conditions.

Nokia N82
Carl Zeiss Tessar Lens with Xenon flash

The N82 basically has it all, other than the Xenon flash with 5 megapixel camera, it has got Wifi, HSDPA (3.5G), bluetooth, GPS, EDGE, NGAGE game engine, and all the multimedia features that matters. I think the only thing that they removed from the phone is the infrared port, something that I haven’t used in years anyway.

Nokia N82
the N82 box

The package in the N82 includes a generous 2GB memory card, a stereo hands free earphones, a TV output cable, charger, and the new micro USB cable. I was at first a little disappointed looking at the new USB connector, thinking Nokia has gone back to the way of propriety interface.

After a little bit of investigation, I found out that it is actually a new USB standard that is geared towards mobile device. The mechanics of it is actually an improvement over the mini-usb, it has a little “click” feel to it when you insert the connector and able to “hold” the cable (or phone) much more securely.

Nokia N82
what’s included in the package

A couple days after getting the phone, the good people at Carlsberg sent me 3 crates of Tuborg beer for the X’mas Eve Party tonight! For the first time in my life, I have more beer than my fridge could hold (that’s 72 bottles!), it’ll be a fun night with plenty of booze to go around. Thanks Carlsberg!

tuborg beer
beer for party (picture taken with N82 with flash)

The picture is taken using my new N82 with flash. I don’t think it’ll turn out nearly as good without using the flash.

David Lian invited me to the Symbian S60 Night by Nokia, and since it was going to be at the Rick’s Cafe Casablanca at Bangsar One (with dinner included), I didn’t need to hesitate before jumping onto the opportunity. Plus, getting to play with some of the latest gadgets from Nokia doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.

Nokia Symbian S60 Night
clockwise: Dinesh, Kim, David, KY, Suan (pic from david)

It was a pretty informal session, with Mr. Mahmood Kalantar (Nokia APAC BD), Dinesh (Nokia AP communications manager), Hazel (Nokia (M) communications manager) playing hosts. There was a presentation on the road map of S60, follow by feedbacks and discussions from us, and of course, there was also food and some of the latest phones, including the N82 to play with.

This baby was just released a few hours earlier by Nokia, it looks great, with Xenon flash, 5mp camera, GPS, HSDPA, and all that jazz. I like the candy bar format too, I’m just not as much a fan of slide & flip phones. The phone is solidly built, and the xenon flash really helps in super low light conditions. Get me one already, david! 😀

Nokia Symbian S60 Night
Mr Mahmood doing his thing (pic from david)

The food served were mostly tapas , including salmon, meat balls, cold cuts, chicken pate, and even some spaghettis. Best of all, we had free flow beverages as well. The food was actually pretty good, though I wouldn’t really order the chicken pate myself as it was too much of a departure from foie gras with the latter being 50x better.

Nokia Symbian S60 Night
the food was pretty good too (pics shot with N95)

Overall I think the event was very enjoyable, we got to know a bit more about Nokia, and specifically the versatile platform that is S60. In return, we also gave our feedbacks and tell Nokia what we think of their products and directions they should pursuit. Suan, ST, Kim, James, David, Hazel, and Dinesh actually stayed until past midnight just chatting about various nonsense, I also met Cobalt Colbertand Jason there. It was awesome.