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First of all, let me get the most important message across.

On the 18th March 2013, head to any one of the over five thousand participating McDonald’s across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa and you’ll get to enjoy the biggest regional breakfast giveaway in conjunction with National Breakfast Day.

In Malaysia, each of the 222 McDonald’s Breakfast Restaurants will offer FREE Egg McMuffin to the first 1,000 customers from 7am to 10am on Monday (18/3/2013). So wake up and grab yours, don’t miss out!

McDonald's on a Sunday morning, Egg McMuffin, coffee, and hash brown
McDonald’s on a Sunday morning, Egg McMuffin, coffee, and hash brown

Last Sunday I was joined by Cheesie, Huai Bin, Nazwan, Cik Epal, and some of our fellow readers for a meal of McDonald’s wholesome breakfast and a kitchen tour at McDonald’s outlet at Sri Damansara.

We started the day with an Egg McMuffin, coffee, and piping hot hash brown. If your Sunday, or in fact any other day does not start out with a wholesome breakfast, then you are missing out the most important meal of the day, I previously wrote about the importance of breakfast in “Lets talk about breakfast” post.

some of my readers brought their kids for the kitchen tour, too cute
some of my readers brought their kids for the kitchen tour, too cute

It was pretty awesome to be meeting some of my reader’s kids at the event. Kristen’s husband brought his cute daughter, and Mycelt came with two kids too. Thank you for coming!

The 50 odd strong crowd were then separated into a few batches for the McDonald’s kitchen tour.

one of the most efficient and cleanest kitchen anywhere
one of the most efficient and cleanest kitchen anywhere

Little known fact – my first ever real job was being an employee at McDonald’s right after my PMR examination, it was a valuable experience and I learned a lot from the job.

So to me, the kitchen tour is a little bit like a homecoming event after some 20 years absent from being in one. I was impressed to see that they have managed to make the place even cleaner and more efficient than it already was from years ago.

Employees who handle food must thoroughly wash their hands and wear gloves while cooking. Food are made to order, with only the patties and eggs being prepared minutes prior and kept in what they called universal holding cabinet. So the Cheeseburger or Egg McMuffins you order is as fresh as it gets.

reliving the days when I was a McDonald's employee almost 20 years ago
reliving the days when I was a McDonald’s employee almost 20 years ago

On Sunday, I also had a chance to put my long forgotten skills into use once again. While it took me probably around a minute to get it done, seasoned employees get it done in seconds. Their efficiency is impressive, and the whole kitchen is kept spotlessly clean, I need to adopt the same mentality at my own kitchen.

and here's a group photo, smile!
and here’s a group photo, smile!

We had a great time with breakfast and kitchen tour at McDonald’s, and I certainly hope the kids enjoyed themselves (especially going into the giant freezer). Thank you to those who came and I hope you had a great time.

So don’t forget to head to a McDonald’s this 18th March, 2013 and get your free Egg McMuffins to kickstart your workweek! Click on National Breakfast Day to learn more.

How many of you had breakfast this morning, and what was your choice of breakfast today?

Well breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not only it is something that sets the tone and mood for the rest of the day, a good breakfast also give your body proper nutrients to stay alert after the 8 hour (or longer) fast during the night.

Hence it is called break-fast. Read on and join us for a free breakfast this Sunday (details at bottom)

City dwellers are notorious for skipping breakfasts though, let’s look at some of the more popular reasons why we sometimes forgo this glorious meal:

I have no time…

Eating breakfast doesn’t actually take much time. One can always grab-and-go, drive through, or even eat at the office. This isn’t a very good excuse.

I’m already late!

Wake up just half an hour earlier (by going to be half an hour earlier) usually has a huge impact when it comes to morning traffic. Not being in a hurry in the morning sets a more relaxing tone to the rest of the day too.

I’m on a diet

Many who are on diet made the mistake of skipping breakfast to cut calories. Recent studies found that fasting made people hungrier and increased the appeal of high calorie foods and the amount people ate. Have a wholesome breakfast that can carry you through lunch is a wiser choice.

My stomach isn’t ready to have anything in the morning

This is usually psychological. Know and understand the importance of breakfast. Refueling in the morning is crucial and natural.

I don’t want to prepare anything in the morning

This is understandable, but we live in Malaysia and foods are available 24/7. Added bonus: you don’t have to clean up the kitchen.

So okay, you need breakfast, but what is a breakfast?

A good breakfast consists of a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and fluids. Having a good breakfast will allow you to develop a tendency to consume fewer calories during the day, as your body won’t need to over compensate later in the day.

So all this talk about breakfast… lets have some huh?

I’m inviting FIVE readers to join me this Sunday 10th March, 2013 to McDonald’s for a wholesome breakfast and kitchen tour, and you get to bring your partner as well. Just leave a comment (be sure to include valid email) on this post indicating your interest and we’ll see you there!

I think I get to use my kitchen skills at McDonald’s too (I actually worked in one many many years back).

Date: 10 March 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 9.30am – 11am
Venue: McDonald’s Sri Damansara

Do check out for more information on McDonald’s breakfast.

Anyone who hasn’t been living in a cave (cos you probably don’t use any currency in the cave) for the past year or so knows that we are in a massive economy slow down. The scary part is, most analysts agree that things will get worse before it gets better.

At times like this, it is usually advised that over spending isn’t such a good idea. So, take the bus/LRT to work, hold yourself off buying that sparkly new toys, not getting a new car, and of course, don’t spend too much for lunch.

But this does not necessarily means that you are confined to roti canai or mixed rice at Wisma Sentral if you work at KLCC, there’s the McValue Lunch! I’m sure most of you already know by now that McDonald’s is the first fast food restaurant to push out the RM 5.95 McValue lunch meals a couple months back.


The news is, there is now two other McValue Lunch line ups that had been in my wish list eve since I found out about this whole McValue promotion – Spicy Chicken McDeluxe (from RM10.55 to RM 7.95), and Big Mac (from RM 10.20 to RM 7.95).

I’ve been a fan of Spicy Chicken McDeluxe for quite a while now, the juicy spicy chicken is really one of the bests and actually quite unique to McDonald’s in our country, catering perfectly to our preference in hot food. It’s good to see this burger joining the McValue promotion.

Here’s the line up from 27th April onwards:

    McChicken med meal – RM5.95
    Filet-O-Fish med meal – RM5.95
    Big Mac med meal – RM7.95
    Spicy Chicken McDeluxe med meal – RM7.95

McValue poster

The McValue Lunch runs from 12pm to 3pm EVERYDAY and is valid for Dine-in, Drive Through, and even Delivery. I think a lot of people wrongly assumed that this promotion this promotion only runs on weekdays.

So I went to McDonald’s at KLCC’s 2nd floor food court with a buddy of mine the other day to try this for myself. We got ourselves 2 Spicy Chicken McDeluxe sets. (I do notice that the queue at McD in KLCC food court became quite a bit longer these days, not surprising since they offer the cheapest full lunch these days)

McValue Lunch Spicy McChicken
2x Spicy Chicken McDeluxe sets – RM 16.70 including tax

The best thing about the McValue Meal is that you still get the normal medium size drinks and fries to go with the burger. It was the same set, nothing reduced other than the price, a very very good value. Of course, it is still the great taste (I seriously think the spicy chicken is one of the best burgers out there) that I crave for every so often.

In conjunction with the McValue lunch, there’s also a contest that gives out an Apple iPhone for blogger!

The contest tagline is “Have you McValue LUNCH-ed this week?”, you can use the logo on your blog during the contest period (April 27 to May 31, 2009), and create a video or photos to express your experiences with McValue LUNCH in a creative way. Winner gets the iPhone 3G!

Have you McValue LUNCHed this week? 😀

p/s : Check out their facebook fan page

Check out my latest installation of KY TV, and this time it is my awesome Big Mac Chant!

This is actually my entry to McDonald’s Big Mac Chant Challenge that is currently running. If you think you can beat my video, make yourself an even better one (which I doubt!), upload it to youtube, and send your entry to with the title Big Mac Chant.

Oh, the chant is
Two All-Beef Patties,
Special Sauce, Lettuce,
Cheese, Pickles, Onions
On A Sesame Seed Bun!

Winner gets RM 10,000! I am imagining a holiday… if you’re a nuffnanger, do vote for me here!

Writing about this brings back quite a few memories. One of my buddies friend described how he once ate five Big Macs in a seating. Amazing. McDonalds is also my first employer as I used to work for them after my high school PMR examination many years ago. It was at the Gurney branch in Penang, and I can proudly say that I went through the whole menu many times over. The other thing that I always remember is that we had to keep the kitchen spotlessly clean all the time. I have no doubt that McD keeps the highest standard of hygiene in any food outlets.

Ahh.. those memories. Now let me win my RM 10,000!