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I remember the first time I flew business class. It was back in 1996 when I had to make an unplanned trip from KL back to Penang due the fact that I had contracted dengue. When checked in at Subang Airport, I was bumped up a class as the flight was overbooked, and obviously I did not complain.

It was a pretty sweet journey, but that 35 or so minute flight was way too short to enjoy a proper Business Class experience. Thank fully some two decades later, Malaysia Airlines came calling and offer me a chance to experience what business class has to offer today on a flight to from KL to London.

Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge at KLIA
Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge at KLIA

We flew on MH 04, the morning flight departing from KLIA. The business class check in was quick and painless with only a few minutes spent on the line. This is probably due to having only 66 business class seats vs 420 economy on the A380 we’re flying in.

Travelling on business class also entitles one to access the Golden Lounge in KLIA where you can get your stomach filled with proper breakfast, juice, and the all important cup of morning coffee while waiting for departure. There are two such lounges at KLIA.

Business Class seats on board the A380, MH04
Business Class seats on board the A380, MH04 to London

Then we got on the Airbus 380, turned left to the business class section, and life on 36,000 feet was never the same again. Instead of row of 3 or 4 seats, it’s a couple, and with leg room for days. Going to the loo doesn’t mean you have to “excuse me” to the guy happily snoozing in his seat closest to the aisle.

Each passenger were also given pillow, blanket, and premium headphones to use throughout the flight.

more adjustments than a fancy car, goes totally horizontal too
more adjustments than a fancy car, goes totally horizontal too

Then there’s the adjustment the seats offer. You get to tilt the head rest, adjust the angle of the seat on your back, bum, and leg. Additionally you can also extend the leg rest, fiddle with lumber support, and there’s even a massage function built in to give you a gentle rub on your back. Imagine a bed + the most comfortable cinema seat + the fanciest car, and that’s the Malaysia Airline business class seat aboard the A380. It was truly a luxury.

the famous Malaysia Airlines satey, a must have!
the famous Malaysia Airlines satey, a must have!

And then there’s the food. While Malaysia Airlines generally serves some of the best foods in flight, their business class offer a menu that’s a step above the usual.

First of all, never say no to the satey. These are the very same satey that is sometimes flown to our embassies in other countries (as I heard years ago), and they were really as good as I thought they would be. It was succulent, juicy, flavourful, and with peanut sauce that’s not overly spicy but yet so satisfying.

the scallop starter for the first meal was superb
the scallop starter for the first meal was superb

Fist and business class customers are also entitled to book meals in advanced via chef-on-call. We didn’t do so and just went with the flow.

Real cutlery were used, and the food was definitely a step above any I’ve experienced while flying. The scallop starter was memorable, while the beef was more than decent if not slightly too done for my liking.

fish or lamb? take your pick
fish or lamb? take your pick

For the second meal we had the choice between fish and lamb, both were beautifully plated and tasted as good as they looked.

The best thing though, is that if you are hungry in between meals, there’s a little pantry by the front where chocolates, fruits, drinks, and even cheese platter can be found.I certainly took advantage of that.

want some snacks in between meal time? you're covered
want some snacks in between meal time? you’re covered

A few movies from the personal entertainment system and a couple of naps later, we reached Heathrow Airport at London. Instead of a drag, it was a rather enjoyable long haul flight. I wouldn’t mind an even longer flight if I was treated this way on air every time.

Oh, by the way, Business Class customers got the priority queue at immigration check in in London too, so that was another surprise in a good way.

I’ll share the experience at London in subsequent posts. Stay tuned.

Note: This UK – Malaysia Influencer Exchange programme was organised by Malaysia Airlines.
However, opinions are of my own. Malaysia Airlines flies between London and Kuala Lumpur
twice a day on the A380. There are 8 seats in the First Class, 66 in Business Class and 420
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Remember the days when you call up or go to a travel agent’s office just to book your air tickets? That’s like 1995 right?

Now, remember your last air ticket purchase? I am going to guess that you went to the airline’s website and did your booking online. That too, my friend is so 2010.

Malaysian Airline air ticket
I do prefer Malaysian Airlines, KLIA is nice!

With facebook being the number one site in Malaysia (check the ranking here), MAS now introduce MH Buddy, a facebook application that allows you to book air tickets, check in, and more!

MHBuddy on Facebook
Just search for MHbuddy

To use this, you just need to be on facebook, my mom isn’t, but everyone else pretty much is.

To access MH Buddy , just go to your facebook search box and type MHbuddy, or use the URL:

The application has several advantages over the traditional method. It is very focused, light, and fast when it comes to booking a flight. It’s just a simple 5 step process:

  1. Search your flight
  2. Confirm outbound flight
  3. Confirm return flight
  4. Traveler’s name/phone/email confirmation
  5. Payment

Other than that, MH Buddy also allows you to check your flight booking, a handy feature especially if you’ve bought your tickets months earlier.

On the flight day itself, you can also do online check in to avoid those long queues at airport too.

MH buddy flight booking from facebook
very simple and intuitive user interface

These are both very handy features, but this facebook application has something up its sleeves that you can’t do on any airline’s website – checking and sharing flight information with your facebook friends who also uses MH Buddy.

This feature is great especially when you’re planning holidays with a group of friends who are purchasing tickets on their own, and you can also use the information to meet up with friends who happen to be traveling to the same locations too. Very nifty.

island holiday

Now it’s time to plan another holiday! I dream of crystal clear water, sun, and the breeze… ahh!