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There aren’t many countries like Malaysia when it comes to the availability of food. Our appetite spans the whole 24 hours, you can find something delicious to eat around the clock. Simply put, we are obsessed with food, and we don’t strictly follow the usual 3 meal a day routine like most other places do.

My late dad actually used to eat about 5 meals a day (while staying pretty fit since he exercise pretty much daily as well), and if you are to follow something like this, this post would be a guide to packing up them pounds!

nasi lemak seller at SS2 wet market
nasi lemak seller at SS2 wet market

Breakfast can start as early as 7 in the morning. An enterprising lady selling nasi lemak at SS2 wet market area. The make shift stall consists of two plastic chairs and a bucket. Who says starting a business cost loads of money? If there’s a will, there’s a way.

I like how this picture captures the very business like transaction in the morning.

wantan mee off jalan pudu
wantan mee off Jalan Pudu

If you prefer a plate of wantan mee with a steamy bowl of dumpling in the morning, this stall off Jalan Pudu has been in operation for decades. Kopitiam like these typically operates from around 7:30 am to 2+ in the afternoon, catering for breakfast until late lunch.

Hakka pork ribs rice, Klang
Hakka pork ribs rice, Klang

The Hakka paikut rice place in Klang is typically most busy over lunch. The pork ribs here tender and juicy, but what I really love is their “xuen lat choi” (酸辣菜) that is absolutely delicious. It’s a bit like a Chinese kimchi soup, but better.

If you love pork ribs rice, Peng Heong is the place to go, definitely.

pork and fish porridge, alisan kopitiam
pork and fish porridge, alisan kopitiam

The mamak area outside Alisan at SS4 (behind the Perodua dealership nearest to Taman Bahagia LRT station) operates from around 6 in the afternoon till about midnight. The pork and fish porridge stalls (two stalls operated by the same people) serve up really good comfort food for just a few bucks per bowl. You can also find one of the best lala at the same place.

Kayu nasi kandar, SS 2 chow yang area
Kayu nasi kandar, SS 2 chow yang area

This is one of the many Kayu Nasi Kandar restaurants all over the country, and an essential representation of our 24 hour appetite. It’s open 24/7 and closed only during certain Islamic holidays. Roti? Naan? Rice? Mee Goreng? They have it all. You should check out their mean roti tissue too.

Happy eating!

First and foremost, if you haven’t yet vote for the Baskin Robbins Flavor Election, the time to do so is now! Head to and cast your ballot.

While you’re there, allow me to convince you that voting for the flavor I represent would be the choice that benefits everyone – 31% off Waffle Berry Sundaes EVERY WEEKDAY FROM 10am to 3pm for the year 2013. Do that, and everyone would save some moolah and be berry happy!

Keep reading and I’ll let you know how you can get a free Baskin Robbins ice cream too!

here's me with my poster - free ice cream guys!
here’s me with my poster – free ice cream guys!

Some of you who followed me on twitter or my facebook page might have seen the poster above. I printed it out to rally for some votes at Midvalley’s Baskin Robbins outlet last Saturday and it was a blast!

I set up shop at the Baskin Robbins outlet at Midvalley
I set up shop at the Baskin Robbins outlet at Midvalley, with my old trusted netbook

Together with the super helpful June, we set up a station at the outlet with my trusted netbook (the outlet has wifi by the way) and went straight to work.

We took turns in walking about and telling people what we’re doing, and for a vote at (using facebook account), the participant gets a free scoop of Baskin Robbins ice cream. I was feeling a bit like Datuk Lee Chong Wei, it was great!

and pretty soon we have a line of people waiting to vote
and pretty soon we have a line of people waiting to vote, June was helping me

One thing is for sure, people from all walks of live do love their Baskin Robbins. There were your average housewives with babies, college students, young adults, dating couples and more. June and I roped them in and “convinced” them to vote for Very Berry Strawberry.

snap snap, a few photos taken with participants
snap snap, a few photos taken with participants

And since some of you might have missed out getting those free ice cream on Saturday, I’m also taking this opportunity to give away more Baskin Robbins ice cream right here!

Follow these instructions and the first 30 people to complete these instruction gets a FREE pint of Baskin Robbins ice cream:

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Below is a sample screen shot screenshot, make sure your facebook login name is visible on the top right.

screenshot of
screenshot must have login name visible

It’s simple isn’t it? Don’t miss this chance for some sweet rewards!

By the way, there’s also 3 opinion polls run by Baskin Robbins that I would like you to take one minute to give your feedback. Click on the link below and help answer them ya, your contribution will help shape what’s next

Ozeki Italian Cuisine is situated at the back corner on ground floor at Wisma Cosway, occupying the lot that was previously held by a Tosaya, a Japanese restaurant that I went quite a few times over lunch but somehow never bother to write about.

Ozeki is a name I’m familiar with, when my office was at KLCC, I used to frequent Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine at Menara TA whenever my wallet and taste buds agree. So when I found out that they open this Japanese infused Italian restaurant, I knew that I must give it a try.

Update 8/8/2013: Unfortunately this place is closed, perhaps too ahead of it’s time

Ozeki Italian Cuisine at Wisma Cosway is non-halal
Ozeki Italian Cuisine at Wisma Cosway is non-halal

The restaurant is non-halal, they have coffee, wine, pasta, pizza, steak, and pork in the menu. Today though, we’re going to talk about their lunch menu, which I thought provided awesome value for what you get, albiet with limited choices of only 4 sets.

We’ve tried two of the four so far.

black angus steak platter
black angus steak platter

The Black Angus Steak Platter was the one that caught my attention on my first visit (and also my second visit, hehehe).

At RM 30 it is also the most expensive option, but you get mixed salad, appetizer (mixture of beans of some sort, varies from day to day), a baked tiger prawn, Italian steamed egg custard that tastes very similar to chawanmushi, and soup of the day (I had mushroom soup once, and minestrone soup another time).

Then of course, there’s the 80 gram black angus beef prepared to your liking, I like mine medium rare, and they prepared it exactly how I wanted. It was savory, juicy, and went very well with the Japanese steamed rice and mushroom. RM 30 was well worth it, and they serve cold water with no extra charge too.

roasted chicken and risotto platter, soup included, but not the coffee
roasted chicken and risotto platter, soup included, but not the coffee

If you go with the Roasted Chicken and Risotto Platter (RM 26), you get everything described above, but instead of beef & rice, it’s cheese risotto and roast chicken thigh with chef’s special sauce. This was actually a pretty big serving and my colleague who tried it gave nothing but glowing review.

The other two selection on the lunch menu are Vongole Pasta Platter (RM 24) and  Tonkatsu Panini Platter (RM 18). The former is pasta with clams and mushroom, and the cheapest option is a pork sandwich, both serves with soup of the day and Italian steamed egg custard.

If you haven’t tried Japanese style Italian food (if that make sense) and don’t want to break your budget, lunch at Ozeki Italian Cuisine would be a good place to start.

wisma cosway map

Ozeki Italian Cuisine
Ground Floor
Wisma Cosway
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50540 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2148 9390
GPS3.150875, 101.711812
Hours: Lunch and Dinner 

Char kuih kak (fried radish cake) might not be in many people’s radar when it comes to Penang hawker food. It is somewhat a less glamorous dish compared to the likes of char kuih teow, laksa, curry mee, and hokkien mee (prawn mee).

The reason is probably due to the relative rarity of this dish, there aren’t many places that offers them in Penang, and generally only available at pasar malam in Klang Valley as a bit of a novelty dish. It’s a shame really, cos I absolutely love char kuih kak, and none of them at pasar malam around Klang Valley manage to impress me thus far.

batu lanchang food court, just right next to the wet market
batu lanchang food court, just right next to the wet market

So last weekend while traveling back to attend Tim & Audrey‘s wedding, Haze and I stopped by Batu Lanchang wet market’s food court for some char kuih kak love.

I have a bit of history with this char kuih kak stall, it used to operate at the (now defunct) Fettes Park market in the morning nearby where I grew up, and at current location in the afternoon. I had it pretty much on a weekly basis as a kid. It’s good to see that the same stall is still doing well after all these years.

char kuih kak is what I came for
char kuih kak is what I came for

By default, char kuih kak is a pretty bare dish with radish cake, bean sprout, egg, and preserved vegetable. However, over here you have the option of adding seafood and spice it up a bit, which we did.

The result is a plate of char kuih kak worth RM 4 but laden with a couple good size prawns, cockles, squid, and crab stick. It was the same old taste that I remember, savory, strong, and absolutely delicious. A bit like char kuih teow but with more texture, try it!

You can opt for either chicken or duck egg, ours was RM 4 per plate with chicken egg (ran out of duck egg that day).

curry mee and laksa were our second dishes
curry mee and laksa were our second dishes

Of course, one does not simply consume only one dish per meal in Penang. I ordered a follow up dish in the form of curry mee from the stall located behind the #42 kuih kak. This was only RM 2.80 and came with prawns (small size lah), coagulated blood, cockles, tofupok, cuttle fish, and even mint leaves. It was fairly decent and absolutely worth what I paid for, would not hesitate to have it again.

yep, it was hot and we were sweating, but it was worth it
it was hot and we were sweating, but it was worth it (blue case – invisalign)

Haze ordered a bowl of asam laksa (RM 3) instead, and yep, it’s laden with fish meat, vegetable, and managed to satisfy her Penang laksa craving, even just for a while.

We had a couple glasses of fresh sugar cane juice to go with these as well at RM 1.20 a pop.

That brought our total for this late lunch to RM 16.20, which is almost RM 12 cheaper than our breakfast at this Hometown Hainan Coffee in Taman Megah where we had 4 half boil eggs, 2 sets of toast bread with kaya + butter, 1 carrot juice, and a large coffee. I vow never to go back that chain again.

map to Batu Lanchang market food court

Stall 42
Batu Lanchang market
Lorong Batu Lanchang 
Jelutong, 11600 Penang
GPS: 5.38945, 100.30633

There are quite a number of places in Klang Valley that are famous for their char siew (bbq pork), and a couple weeks ago my colleagues introduced me to another place that serves one of the best char siew in town – Restaurant Soo Kee at Jalan Ampang.

I think some day I should compile a list of the best char siew places, but until then… lets talk about this place instead.

restaurant Soo Kee is where you find awesome char siu
restaurant Soo Kee is where you find awesome char siu

Restaurant Soo Kee is situated at Jalan Ampang, just right next to the flyover heading to Ampang Point. While you can’t park directly outside the shop, it’s not exactly tough to find a spot at nearby roads.

It’s an old school restaurant with even older owners, but the place is air conditioned, and pretty clean too, that’s always a plus.

intestine, salted roast duck, and the char siu (bbq pork)
intestine, salted roast duck, and the char siu (bbq pork)

For the 7 of us, we ordered the char siew, salted roast duck, intestine, deep fried spring roll, and their signature tofu dish. I think we had initially ordered a vegetable dish to go with, but canceled it somehow.

So the char siew – it was easily one of the best I’ve had. The skin was slightly charred, the meat soft, succulent, and the layer of fat almost transparent. This is what we came for, and none of us were disappointed.

Then there’s the salted roast duck, this too was a dish not to be missed. It tasted essentially like .. well, salted version of a good roast duck. I do like the extra dimension that the saltiness bring, the skin was crispy, and we devoured everything.

The intestine though, was a bit of a disappointment to me, it was a little bit too tough (perhaps overcooked?). Not bad per se, but could be nicer if it was a bit softer.

deep fried spring roll and signature tofu
deep fried spring roll and signature tofu

Deep fried spring roll actually looked and tasted nothing like spring roll, but a lot closer to fish cake instead. However, it was a really good fish cake and something that I’d order again without a doubt.

The signature tofu is basically Japanese tofu in egg drop soup with a bit of seafood ingredients. Offers some contrasting taste to the mostly oily/fatty dishes we had, a good balance, but nothing to shout about.

KY, Debran, Sarah, Yin Foong, Angelina, Michelle & another ninja
KY, Debran, Sarah, Yin Foong, Angelina, Michelle & another ninja

We had an awesome Friday lunch for sure, and Soo Kee is definitely a place worth revisiting. The lunch came to something like RM 15-17 per person. Reasonable for what we had.

That Friday afternoon was spent fighting the zzz bug though. Just one of the disadvantages of having a lunch too good on working days

map to Soo Kee restaurant at Jalan Ampang

Restaurant Soo Kee
No. 373-1, 4th Mile,
Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.158449, 101.747088
Tel: 03-4257 0767
Closed on Mondays

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