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It is 6pm now, another hour to go before dinner time, 4 more to the end of day one. We’ve been pretty busy blogging, performing tasks, and trying to lobby for on-location votes. One thing that can’t be complained though are the meals served so far.

We’ve had the luxury of getting catered food sent to us from Island Bistro, located at third floor, Pavilion KL.

fried tong fun
fried tong fun with chicken fingers

Lunch was a plate of rather delicious fried tong fun (glass noodle) with chicken fingers. The fried chicken was juicy and with just the right amount of saltiness, and the noodle went well with the cili padi provided. A glass of orange juice for that vital vitamin C too.

sandwitch and fries, island bistro
sandwich, fries, and coleslaw

This morning, we had this pretty interesting sandwich – a combination of blueberry (or maybe cranberry) jam plus tuna. I couldn’t really think of anything similar, it was kinda strange but in a good way. The fries were very crispy and very good! I think I had more than my share of fries.

Tea time was a different type of sandwich, now we’re waiting for dinner. If I remember correctly it’s going to be fried rice. Yes! I need rice. 😀

Having been graduated with a Computer Science degree and working in an IT job. I do like to think that I know just a little bit about computers.

However, the topic of “dream notebook” is actually quite a tough one. Instead of describing the speed of processors, size of RAM, hard disks, operating systems, screen size and all those technical specifications, I thought I’d go all out with my imagination here on what I want my dream notebook to be able to do.

Here goes 3 of the features I’d love to have!

  • a smell function – it’ll be neat to be able to convey the sense of smell other than just visual and audio. This will definitely bring food blogging to a totally new dimension, but I guess you’d also get a lot of gag blogs – fart posts anyone?
  • solar/nuclear/kinetic power – wouldn’t it be nice to have a notebook with power source that can last as long as a calculator?
  • built in projector – webcams are now pretty much a standard feature on notebooks, but I’d really love to see a projector on the laptop, doesn’t need to be a very strong nor powerful one, it’ll be really neat.

lenovo ideapad u350
Lenovo ideapad U350

Since we can’t have those yet, the laptop I’m using now, the Lenovo ideapad U350 is actually very nifty. It’s got an Intel Centrino processor, HDMI output for entertainment, and an active protection system for the hard disk to prevent accidental shocks. This thing is pretty light too.

Alright, it’s almost 4pm and we just completed the first task required at this Blogathon. We were given 20 minutes to roam around TANGS to capture and blog creatively on the following six keywords (creative is relative, heehee)

The keywords are –

  • Ultra slim
  • Inside
  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Long lasting
  • Eye Candy
  • Idea

So here goes!

ultra slim lenovo pc
Ultra Slim

Spotted this sexy all in one Lenovo PC, when it comes to desktop PCs, this definitely fits into the Ultra Slim category. No more letting your desktop take up half the table space. Would love to have one!

this is what you wear inside

What goes inside must not be compromised, be it briefs or “maa yin thong” (boxers), make sure they’re at least as stylish and above all, clean as what you wear outside.

high fashion
Fashion and Lifestyle

Fashion, ahhhh, something that isn’t exactly my forte, but we do learn new things everyday, so.. Anyway, almost any photo at TANGS would conform to the “fashion and lifestyle”

long lasting memory
long lasting accessories

Jewelery is synonymous of long lasting, and none too apt than diamonds and pearls. I’m sure everyone has heard of the tagline “a diamond is forever”, that should satisfy the keyword “long lasting”, no?

eye candy
eye candy!

Spotted this walking eye candy at TANGS. Refreshing. hehehehe

eye deer!
now that’s an eye deer!

Last keyword – idea! Ah now that is a tough one. Was thinking a long time till I found this .. deer’s eye, in reverse that’d be eye deer. How about that for an idea? 😀

Slightly more than 5 hours to go at Blogathon Day 1, I can do this!