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The Bukit Bintang area in KL gives an impression of luxury and all that is modern, however, tucked just behind Starhill exists some of the most old school of places you’d find anywhere in this country.

note: This kopitiam is now a restaurant, no more hawker stalls

One of these hidden is the kopitiam with an unorthodox name – Blue White Teow Chew Porridge

say hello to Jenny, she is a Sarawakian
say hello to Jenny, she is a Sarawakian

So when Jenny (Irene’s sister whom we went to Sipadan dive trip last year) came to KL and had her fair share of food court and franchised restaurants, I suggested that we head to this kopitiam for some old fashion pork noodle, one of my favorite hawker dishes.

traditional pork noodle with all the good stuff, RM 5
traditional pork noodle with all the good stuff, RM 5

The pork noodle comes with either dry or soup version at RM 5 a pop. There’s plenty of pork slices, minced pork, liver, and intestine. Some vegetable, scallion, fried shallots, and fried lard in a sweet and pretty tasty broth.

The difference between the two versions is of course, the soup version has the noodle (choices of vermicelli, kueh teow, yellow noodle, or meesuah) in soup, while the dry version has the noodle served separately with some dark soya based sauce and more scallions.

comes in dry version too, and of course extra lard for those with suicidal intents
comes in dry version too, and of course extra lard for those with suicidal intent

map to Blue White Teow Chew Porridge Kopitiam

I love both versions just the same, the kopitiam gets quite packed at typical lunch hours so do try to avoid the 1pm curse. Oh, it’s pretty warm in there too so don’t be wearing your jackets!

Blue White Teow Chew Porridge Kopitiam
Jalan Gading, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.14622, 101.71415

As I was browsing the food map created by yours truly (if you don’t know what I mean, just look at the frigging thing on the right sidebar, I’ve spent lotsa time and effort to create it so make use if it gahhh! ops I digress.. ), I realized there’s a huge chunk of area devoid of any entries and yet famous for food among Klang Valley dwellers – OUG.

Hence, in order to gain some street cred, I’ve decided to venture into this side of Klang Valley that’s relatively unknown to me. This time with the help of Haze (who somehow knows the way around OUG and basically not many other places)

Restaurant Hong Cha at Old Klang
Restaurant Hong Cha at OUG

So a few days ago we headed over to OUG for dinner and ended up at Hong Cha Restaurant since the initial plan of curry mee did not work out (the restaurant was closed. Lately I’ve not had luck with a couple curry mee places I tried to eat, always closed goddamn, but lest I digress again..)

Restaurant Hong Cha is a pretty busy joint at OUG offering an unlikely combination of foods – pork noodle, seafood noodle, and interestingly – simple Japanese dishes. Since I rather have my Japanese food from proper Japanese joints, the session was confined to their pork and seafood noodle.

seafood noodle with lotsa lard!
seafood noodle with extra lard!

To be honest, the seafood noodle and the pork noodle actually kinda overlapped each other quite a bit. In the seafood noodle you have lard, and in the pork noodle there’s prawns. Even the soup tasted quite similar – in this case, similarly awesome! The soup was rich, savory, salty, and very tasty, yums!

I had my seafood noodle in soup version with mee suah and it was loaded with quite a bit of squid, fish paste, fish, and prawns. they’re not exactly big in size but it also only costs some RM 5.50 or 6.50. And oh, you can ask for basically unlimited lard if you’re willing to walk over and self serve!

seafood noodle and pork noodle at Hong Cha
seafood noodle and pork noodle at Hong Cha

Haze ordered a dried version of pork noodle and reported to be very happy with it too! Pork slices, minced pork, liver, and even a few smallish prawns to add a bit more sweetness to the soup. Very addictive.

Haze and KY, old school dining
Haze and KY, old school dining, OUG

The dinner ended up to be something like RM 14 or so inclusive of drinks. As you can imagine, with excellent value and equally awesome food, this place is pretty busy, but they have the help of technology though – ordering is done via wireless PDA!

How’s that for progress?

This place is a must-try if you’re a lard lover.

map to Hong Cha at Old Klang

Restaurant Hong Cha
No 7, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3,
OUG, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.073334, 101.672083
Tel: 012-350 6755

Most everyone who are originally from Penang is a fan of Char Kueh Teow, myself included. While this particular dish hasn’t really found its rival outside the island, there are actually several places right here in Klang Valley that are certainly more than good enough to satisfy my cravings from time to time.

Robert char kueh teow at say huat
Robert Char Kueh Teow at Restaurant Say Huat

I’ve heard and read about Robert Char Kueh Teow quite for quite a while, but for whatever reason the few kopitiams at Seksyen 17 remains to be pretty unexplored to me.

I got the cravings again the other day, and this time I made it a point to head over to this famed stall.

Char Kueh Teow
glistering char kueh teow with prawns and lap cheong

The stall is located amongst the dozen of so other offerings within restaurant Say Huat with the friendly owner, Robert, busy frying away. I made our orders, 2 plates of Char Kueh Teow with everything.

Some 10 minutes later, we got our servings. The plate of Char Kueh Teow comes with all the ingredients: flat noodle, bean sprouts, chives, prawns, lap cheong (Chinese sausage), egg, tiny bits of salted vegetable, and of course, lard too.

KY and Haze
KY and Haze enjoying char kueh teow

I must say that Robert CKT lives up to the expectations. The combination of all the classic ingredients, and the availability of pork lard of course contributed to the overall “original” Penang CKT taste. Now if only they could add massive prawns….

map to restaurant say huat, PJ seksyen 17

Restaurant Say Huat
1083, Jalan 17/29

46400 Selangor
GPS: 3.128818, 101.635305

Last night the infamous #porkgang had our first ever annual dinner at restaurant LYJ. Even though we’ve been having lunches, dinners, and activities like go-karting and such for quite a number of months, it was actually the first time all of us showed up all at the same time.

A little bit of background.

It all started on Twitter, we were organizing dinners and had too many people’s twitter nickname to include on every replies, in a flash of epiphany, I came up with the #porkgang hastag since we love to eat pork, and the group name was formed.

The members are: Kim, Gareth, Suan, Kerol, Eric, Jac, Cheesie, Horng, Ruby, Terence, Haze, FA, and of course, yours truly.

at restaurant LYJ, they serve pork lard with rice, as Kim pointed out

Anyway, for the dinner, Jac and Kim came up with the idea of Poon Choi. Poon Choi (盆菜) is basically a whole lot of top dishes served in a basin (traditionally wooden) to be shared with a bunch of hungry souls.It was said that the origin of Poon Choi came from the people serving their best delicacies to the Song Dynastic’s young emperor and his soldiers who fled from Mongol troops.

Though we’re not fleeing from anything, we felt like we deserved to eat like an emperor at all time, so Poon Choi it is then.

When it comes to Poon Choi, the one place that consistently came up from search result (and recommendations) is Restaurant LYJ at Sungai Buloh. Naturally, we went there.

yee sang is a must, the first one for #porkgang

The restaurant is located at a pretty old school part of Sg. Buloh, parking isn’t the easiest, nor finding the place without the help of GPS assistance, but it is one place that is definitely worth a visit or three.

Since it was still Chinese New Year, (the thirteen day, with thirteen members, how apt) we started off with yee sang (RM 28) – for prosperity, health, and wealth!

glorious poon choi, what you see is only the top layer

Everyone arrived at the dinner table at around 7:30pm, and by 7:40pm the glorious Poon Choi is served!

The RM 238 package comes with 1/2 boiled kampung chicken, 1/2 crispy roast duck, 12 salt & pepper prawn, brewed ma-yao fish, sea cucumber, stewed pork, fish maw, abalone, pork knuckle, chicken legs, and mushroom; while the RM 480 package adds brewed oyster and pork ribs, a whole can of Australian abalone, 12 scallops, and shark’s fin. A plate of vegetable (in this case, kai lan) is served with the Poon Choi.

Naturally we went for the RM 480 package for the 13+2 of us.

kai lan, the glorious pork lard rice, and the second layer of poon choi

The dish is separated into two layers, with the dry ingredients (scallop, chicken, duck, prawn, ribs, abalone, oyster) on top and the soupy stuff at the bottom layer (mushroom, chicken feet, pork knuckle, fish, fish maw, stewed pork). The entire thing were rather delicious, the only criticism, if any, were that there were a bit too much arrowroots for my liking.

As we called ourself the #porkgang, we naturally ordered their pork lard rice (RM 3) to go with everything. It was probably the most impressive rice that I’ve ever had, just very very flavorful. Cheesie said she’s already missing the pork lard rice even as we were having it, I certainly could use a bowl now!

the whole porkgang, all 13 members showed up for the first time

With the yee sang, 10 bowls of pork lard rice, six beer, and that basin of goodness, total bill came to RM 620 for the 15 of us, or just short of RM 42 per pax. It was an awesome feast and I couldn’t wait to go back there again!

restaurant LYJ isn’t too difficult to get to

PT 11, Jalan Perkhidmatan,
Kg Baru, 47000 Sungai Buloh

GPS: 3.196949, 101.569118
Tel: 03-6140 2698
Operating Hour: 11.30 am to 2.30 pm, 6 to 10 pm, closed on Mondays

Two weeks ago, I had to go to Tun Hussien Onn National Eye Hospital to get my left eye checked after being hit by the ball during futsal (now pretty much fully recovered.)

Barely a week after that, having been making too much fun on my injured eye, Cheesie too had something on her left eye. So I took her to the same hospital located near Asia Jaya to have a look. As suspected, it was due to allergy to those colored contact lenses she was wearing.

Moral of the story: 1. Karma is a bitch. 2. Love to appreciate your own eye color

gerai satay cina thoo yuen at PJ old town food court
Pork Satey at PJ Old Town food court, Gerai Satay Cina Thoo Yuen

After the whole eye opening experience at the hospital where we also met a reader who came up and greeted us, it was time for dinner. Since this part of PJ is quite notorious for its traffic during weekday rush hours, I suggested that we head to PJ Old Town for for some good old cheap and traditional food that also happen to involve my favorite meat – pork.

We ended up at the food court.

Appetizer was 10 sticks of pork satay from Thoo Yuen stall at RM 0.80 per stick. It was quite juicy, and tasted pretty good with the accompanying peanut sauce. I just wish they serve  pork intestine satay too, but they don’t. Bummer.

Gerai Thong Kee at PJ Old town, steamed fish, bitter guord with ribs
pork ribs with bitter gourd, steamed tilapia fish with lard at Gerai Thong Kee

To fill our stomach properly, we ordered two dishes from Gerai Thong Kee to go with rice. The stall next to Thong Kee serves umbra juice  with dried sour plum (kedondong in Malay) at RM 2 per glass, nice!

Our first dish was bitter gourd with pork ribs. Quite flavorful with the brown sauce, red chili, and ginger. However, we didn’t have very good cuts of ribs, could have been better, but I’m not really complaining here.

KY and Cheesie at PJ Old Town food court
KY and Cheesie at PJ Old Town Food court

Our second dish was this steamed tilapia with spicy sauce as suggested by the owner. The paste tasted a bit like tomyam, and went really well with the fish. However, the secret ingredient that made this otherwise very normal dish good was the lard on top.

Adding lard (be it raw or fried lard) on steamed fish gives the fish meat a softer and smoother texture, and of course, that pork fat flavor. I do that too when steaming pomphret fish (hey, I cook too ok)

The two dishes with rice came to RM 28, that’s fish, meat, and vegetable in a balanced meal. Now both of us needs to put eye drops, *drips drips*

Intersection of
Jalan Othman & Jalan Selangor
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.087519, 101.645948

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