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I first came to Restaurant Good Food in search for curry mee, and so when I went back there again to find out that the curry mee has moved (back story in Penang-One food review post), I settled for another favorite of mine instead – the Penang kuih teow soup, or kuih teow th’ng (粿條汤).

restaurant good food at PJ Old Town
restaurant good food at PJ Old Town

Kueh teow soup is a pretty common hawker dish in Penang that is akin to pork noodle in Klang Valley, their soup base is similar, but instead of everything pork, kuih teow soup usually comes with fish balls, shredded chicken (or sometimes duck, or pork), fish cake, and when you are lucky – coagulated blood (of pork or chicken/duck).

kuih teow soup with coagulated blood
kuih teow soup with coagulated blood

The stall at Restaurant Good Food is operated by an old couple who spoke Penang Hokkien (always a good sign), and the kuih teow soup indeed tasted original and comes with all my favorite ingredients, most importantly lard and coagulated blood. It was subtle yet delicious, with the only downside being their somewhat average tasting fish ball.

For kuih teow soup outside the state of Penang, this one is definitely worth eating.

map to Restaurant Good Food in PJ Old Town

Restoran Good Food
Jalan Penchala
Seksyen 51,
46000 Petaling Jaya
GPS3.087026, 101.641479
morning till 3pm, close every 1st & 3rd Sundays 

Penang One restaurant, oh how I am glad I found you. Even though you are located at this god forsaken place that is ruled by the trafic devil, I will still visit you whenever my cravings for Penang food arises.

The back story: last Saturday I had a sudden cravings for a bowl of good old Penang curry mee. I woke up early enough (they usually run out before 9:30 am) and headed to Restaurant Okay at SS2, they were closed for Wesak.

I recalled that masak-masak blogged about this place at Hartamas, so I drove 13 KM to the destination, well, they’ve been closed like 3 years ago.

Not to be deterred, I then drove another 12.5 KM to the curry mee at Restaurant Good Food in PJ Old Town…. to find out that they’ve moved. By then I was too hungry and settled on a bowl of kuih teow soup, which actually turned out to be very good, but that’s another post on another day.

This was when I shared my unfortunate adventure on twitter and facebook, with quite a few of you suggested that I should try Penang One, so here I was, a day later, with another fellow Penangite in Fresh, and the laksa expert in Haze as my partners in crime.

Penang One, delivered daily from Penang for original taste
Penang One, delivered daily from Penang for original taste

According to their website, the food here is professionally cooked by the original masters of the selected famous street foods, and then transported to Puchong on a daily basis. By their account, this would be as good as the original.

So I ordered my long overdue curry mee, Haze had laksa, while Fresh asked for a plate of char kuih teow with duck egg.

curry mee, char kueh teow, and Penang laksa
curry mee, char kueh teow, and Penang laksa

Service wasn’t the fastest considering the relatively low volume of people when we dined, but it wasn’t terrible either. Some 15 minutes after ordering, our food came.

The curry mee (RM 8.50) is purportedly from Pulau Tiku’s Keong curry mee. Prawns, cuttle fish, coagulated blood (YES!), tofupok, long bean, cockles, and mint leaves. That’s about all the ingredients you’ll ever need in a bowl of good curry mee, and the sambal too was top notch, fragrant and spicy.

Char Kueh Teow (RM 9.90 with duck egg) is of Kampung Jawa Pee Chuan’s recipe. Fresh had it and she didn’t speak a word while eating, it was as good as original, and really comes with those huge prawns and all.

The asam laksa (RM 7.90) that Haze had was from Lorong Selamat’s Ji De Chi, and when asked about how it tastes, she replied “just like those in Penang lor”, and then continued slurping away. It passed her test.

chee cheong fun, kueh teow soup (with blood too!), ice kacang
chee cheong fun, kueh teow soup (with blood too!), ice kacang

Since we were already there and that their portion rather close to Penang serving size, we decided to go for seconds.

Fresh had the chee cheong fun (RM 3.30) from Lorong Macalister and I took bite too, no disappointment, the only other place in PJ to get this version of chee cheong fun would be at O&S restaurant in PJ.

Haze’s second order was the duck meat kuih teow soup originally from Lebih Cecil. There’s duck meat, shredded pork, fish cake, and even coagulated duck blood. Now if you like pork blood, you’re going to love duck blood, they are quite a lot smoother and has an even more exquisite taste to it. I love it. The fish balls though, were just very average in my opinion.

I had ais kacang (RM 6.50) Swatow Lane New World Park, and it tasted just as I remembered, except for the serving size being larger here. All the ingredients you’d expect is in, give me a bowl of ais kacang anytime over any Snow Flake shaved ice.

KY, Fresh, and Haze, we were well satisfied
KY, Fresh, and Haze, we were well satisfied

Prices are a little on the high side, but not any  more than other Penang themed restaurants such as Penang Village or Little Penang Cafe. The difference is, this place isn’t halal and really do serve you the original ingredients in all their dishes.

By the end of the afternoon, we were very well fed and very well satisfied with the food from Penang One. The 6 different dishes we tried did not disappoint, and I can’t wait to go back there again, we still need to try the Hokkien mee (Jalan Burma), Yam Cake, and Bak Chang (Cintra Lane).

more photos at facebook page

location map of Penang One restaurant

Penang One
No. G5, Jalan Puteri 2/1
Bandar Puteri, Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong, Selangor
GPS: 3.024748, 101.615945
Tel: 03-8052 0181
Hours: 9:30 am – 9:30 pm

After watching the epic Australian Open men’s final between Nadal & Djokovic where the joker prevailed after nearly 6 hours of tennis, it was time for my long overdue dinner.

This being the last night that we are spending over the long CNY break in Penang, I wanted to have something that isn’t easily found in KL, so we headed to Kimberley Street. A place that I know would have at least a few hawker stalls still operating even though it was already near midnight.

sky emperor chicken feet kuih teow soup stall
sky emperor chicken feet kuih teow soup stall at Lebuh Kimberley

Luckily for us, the famous Sky Emperor chicken feet kuih teow soup stall was still selling by the time we reached the destination. (I had initially wanted to have the koay chap, but they were already done for the night).

We ordered two kuih teow soup (dry version, they ran out of soup by then) and a small portion of braised chicken feet to share.

braised chicken feet, dry kuih teow, peanut soup "tong sui"
braised chicken feet, dry kuih teow, peanut soup “tong sui”

The kueh teow soup came with a couple fish balls and plenty of shredded chicken. The kuih teow soaked in dark sauce and topped with fried garlic and some spring onions. I liked the springy texture of the fish ball, but overall the kuih teow soup was actually just average. Not one of those “must try” items if you ask me, but something I don’t mind eating either. At only RM 3, there isn’t anything to complain for sure.

om nom nom nom, the chicken feet was excellent!
om nom nom nom, the chicken feet was excellent!

The braised chicken feet (RM 3) however, was quite something else. Compared to the version usually served at many wantan mee stalls in KL, the chicken feet here has a much softer texture as well as the skin that isn’t prepared with a deep frying stage. It was succulent, juicy, and full of the flavor from the sauce. This is definitely a must try item for anyone who does not think chicken feet  is gross. 😀

Other than chicken feet, they also offer drum sticks, chicken wings, and braised eggs prepared in similar fashion. I’ve never personally ordered other items, but I’ve heard that while they are good, it’s not the same as those yummy feet.

map to Kimberley Street, Penang

Sky Emperor Chicken Feet & Kuih Teow Soup
Lebuh Kimberley
10100, Penang
GPS: 5.416537, 100.332473
Hours: 7pm till late 

Olympus E-PL3

Kueh Teow Soup (粿條汤) has always been one of my favorite Penang hawker offerings, other than the usual suspects such as Char Kueh Teow and Curry Mee. So I went over to the famous Kueh Teow Soup stall at Lebuh Armenian in Geogetown to satisfy my craving last weekend.

Update: This place has since moved to Lebuh Carnarvon, updated entry here.

Penang Kuih Teow Soup at Lebuh Armenian
simple, light, yet superbly delicious

The restaurant is of an old school kopitiam with only slightly over half a dozen serving tables. The atmosphere at the place hasn’t change at all since at least a couple decades ago, giving a sense of nostalgia.

I ordered the Kueh Teow Soup with pork intestine as extra ingredient. By default, it comes with sliced pork, three very soft and tasty fish ball, fried pork fat and some fresh vege as garnish. The soup is light while flavourful, just how I like my kueh teow soup to taste like. The other ingredients, including the kueh teow, were very tender with the taste factor right on the dot as well. The kueh teow soup in PJ old town is nice, but this is of another level altogether.

Penang Kuih Teow Soup at Lebuh Armenian
the old lady’s top is of the “GUGGI” brand

This dish was only RM 2.50, and that’s with the extra intenstine added, it is RM 2.00 without. Pork tripe is available as the other extra ingredient. You can also order fish ball soup here. The stall operates from about noon to late afternoon.

Penang Kuih Teow Soup at Lebuh Armenian
located on the same road with the famous Kuan Yin Temple

Intersection of
Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling &
Lebuh Armenian, Penang

GPS: 5.415517, 100.337234

Ever since I moved to Klang Valley I have been wanting to find a decent kueh teow soup, one of my favorite dishes that you can find just about anywhere in Penang. Now there are many decent fish ball noodle soup around here such as the 60s Teow Chew fishball, and the other one in Damanasara Jaya, however, the ingredients are slightly different from a true kueh teow soup. A true Penang style kueh teow soup comes with fishball, sliced fish cake, chicken strips, sliced pork, and vege to go with the kueh teow (or your choice of noodle).

Kueh Teow Soup at PJ old town
finally, a bowl of real kueh teow soup

I have had a lot of forgettable kueh teow soup around this part of the country, there are times I had to force myself to finish the food. I was a little skepticle when one of my friends pointed out the offering at PJ Old Town to me, but I had to try it nonetheless.

I knew the recommendation wouldn’t be bad as soon as I saw the hawker stall bustling with activities. My order came after some 15 minutes wait, and it was good. Kueh Teow Soup the way I remember it, with the exact ingridients ingredients mentioned above, and they even sprinkle on some little cubes of fried pork lard (褚油渣) on top of everything, best. The springy fishball they served was really good, too. Sliced red chili and soya sauce accompany the soup.

Kueh Teow Soup at PJ old town
look at the spongy fishball!

Other than the traditional soup dish, they serve it the so called dried version too. With the choice of noodle or kueh teow with the ingredients (minus fishball) served with some dark sauce and the fishball and soup in a seperate small bowl. However, to me, kueh teow soup should always be served with its soup.

This dish is best when want to get away from the fried stuff and just want to have something that goes down the throat well. Not that you shouldn’t have it at any other time. I highly recommend this place.

Kueh Teow Soup at PJ old town
this old town place is great

The breakfast was a little over RM 3, in line with the average price despite the popularity. Parking at old town is usually a bit of a PITA, but the meal was worth it. The kueh teow soup stall is based at Soon Lee coffee shop, nearby to the excellent tomyam and the night market bak kut teh place at PJ old town.

Jalan Petaling 1/19
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.085591, 101.646495