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Just a couple of days before the start of Ramadhan, I had a chance to accompany one of my friends to have one of her last dinners before sunset in the coming month. We went to Kelana Jaya just outside the older and smaller Giant hypermart where a row of Malay hawkers operate in the evening.

Nasi Lemak Kukus at Kelana Jaya
nasi lemak kukus with ayam rempah (chicken with spices)

I can’t keep my eyes off the very good looking ayam rempah as soon as I saw it, I knew that would be my dinner. After buying some deep fried cempedak for appertizer in a neighboring stall, I ordered a plate of nasi lemak kukus with the ayam rempah while my friend ordered the Malay chicken rice. The word “kukus”, according to this particular lady (not an authority in the Malay language by any means), refers to the wooden container the rice is cooked in. I suppose the wooden container gives the rice a hint of flavor normal electrical cooker just wouldn’t do.

Nasi Lemak Kukus at Kelana Jaya
as the awek eats

The nasi lemak was served hot, and the chicken was very good. Plenty of rempah (spices) accompanied the chicken and compliments the rice very well. I also added an egg (sunny side top) to go with the chicken. I usually prefer the warm version of nasi lemak instead of the more common type that is served at room temperature.

Nasi Lemak Kukus at Kelana Jaya
this hawker stall is just opposite the small Giant at Kelana Jaya

The relatively simple yet fulfilling dinner costs around RM 5 with drinks included.

Jalan SS 6/3,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.105838, 101.600329

Allow me to introduce you one of the bestest asam prawn in this side of Klang Valley, served by restaurant Hoowan that is just right next to the slightly more famous resturant Talipon (buffet steamboat/grill) and opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station. Some of the noobs, like ST, suan, and paul will most probably agree that the dish is indeed, the asam pwn.

Asam Prawn at Kelana Jaya
asam prawn… *drool*…. yummmmm

As the restaurant is actually a Chinese “order whatever damn dish you want to go with rice” (tai chau) place, they offer a wide variety of dishes. However, as with most these types of restaurants, there isn’t any menu, so you must trust your server’s oral description on each dish. Sometimes I end up ordering the dish that I don’t understand most just for the sake of experimenting.

Asam Prawn at Kelana Jaya

The best dish that the establishment offers would be the Asam Prawn, it comes in a hot claypot, much like how bak kut teh is usually served. For a two person portion, there are usually about 6-8 pretty decent size prawns. Other ingredients are brinjal (eggplant,) lady’s finger (okra,) tomato, onion, and green/red chilli. You must try it for yourself if you are the asam curry type of person. It carries the sour and spicey taste but not overly done. The prawns are usually pretty fresh and goes very well with the curry gravey and the extra ingredients.

The other dishes they serve are pretty decent too. Particulary the trademark tofu and the kang kung belacan. Then again, you too should be bolder in trying out new things. Do note that the place is semi open-air, so avoid going when raining.

Map to Asam Prawn at Kelana Jaya
this is how you get there, foo!

Jalan SS 25/2,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.113305, 101.605886

So we got hungry one of the Saturdays, and since we were around the Kelana Jaya Giant, we decided to try out some unexplored kopitiams around the area. Got to this one behind the furniture mall that is next to the small giant, and Sotong discovered the steamed rice stall that her friends were recommending to her all the time.

awesome stamed rice
new awesome feature: integrated map!

Horny ordered salted fish with fatty pork, and I had pork ribs with mushroom and a bowl of dried vege soup. True to the reputation and the handful of newspaper cuttings pimping the establishment that’s plasted on the counter of the stall. The food was very good.

The rice is pretty well cooked, with flavor reaching to the bottom of the bowl and not just on the top. The meat is soft and the taste is just right, not overly salted nor too blunt. Easily one of the best steamed rice I’ve had, and better than the one in Wai Sek Kai at ss2 I used to frequent. The soup is nothing too special, pretty good, but then again I haven’t tasted any dried vege soup that stands out in either direction.

If you are looking for a good and cheap lunch and happen to be going to Kelana Jaya near Giants, give it a try.

Jalan SS 6/8
Kelana Jaya

GPS: 3.106717, 101.598178