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Christmas comes early this year for many of us, with Kilkenny hosting a Christmas Comedy Night. An awesome time filled with laughters, good food, and plenty of Kilkenny  Irish Ale.

Kilkenny Xmas Comedy at 42 EAST
Kilkenny Xmas Comedy at 42 EAST

The event was held at the premier Kilkenny outlet – 42 EAST at TTDI (also a place where we celebrated FA’s birthday several months ago).

There was Christmas trees with Kilkenny ornaments, holiday themed candle holders, and plenty of Santarinas handing out Kilkenny draughts.

Jason Leong rocking the crowd
Jason Leong rocking the crowd

Jason Leong, the 2-face doctor/comedian, Phoon Chi Ho, and Kavin Jay are all no strangers to the local stand up comedy scenes. They were the stars of the night, spreading cheers and laughters. The crowds were throughly entertained for sure.

Kilkenny master class
Kilkenny masterclass

Kilkenny also has a small set up at the side of the bar for those who wants to get a masterclass experience, a smaller version of what we had over the Kilkenny Appreciation Night a few months ago.

Here we learn the Kilkenny heritage that dates back to 14th century, and how the distinctive and different taste of Kilkenny is released by having the ale served at around 4-6 Celsius instead of  0-4 Celsius.

had a great time with plenty of friends
had a great time with plenty of friends

Of course, when you have plenty of friends at the event like I did, it made everything that much better. There were also some good food being served as well, including roast pork, pigs in blanket, and one of the crowd favorites – Kilkenny jelly and cream that comes in a small Kilkenny glass and looked exactly like a glass of ale!

we had some pictures taken at the photo booth too
we had some pictures taken at the photo booth too

Overall it was a blast of a night, just a perfect way to start the holiday season.

Check out for more on Kilkenny!

After having a great time celebrating AhFa’s birthday at 42 East a few weeks ago with plenty of Kilkenny Draught, we decided to have an encore. This time our excuse was Suan’s birthday.

OK, maybe it wasn’t just an excuse, Suan is a dear friend and a big fan of Kilkenny (in fact, I first learned about this beer from her). Since she won’t be around on her actual birthday, we decided to get together a few days earlier.

Barfly, and these Kilkenny's reserved for Suanie
Barfly, and these Kilkenny’s reserved for Suanie

Our destination of choice this time was Barfly at Solaris Dutamas. A place where solving the parking puzzle requires a PhD, but hey, we do it for friends right?

Luckily we had the foresight in calling in a couple days earlier to book for a table.

Michael, Li Ling, Suan, KY enjoying some Kilkenny
Michael, Li Ling, Suan, KY enjoying some Kilkenny

The place was well packed with people when we reached there at about 9pm. I always like going to a busy place for draught beer, you know it will always super fresh.

In the case of Kilkenny at Barfly, yeap, the draught were fresh, fragrant, and every bit as how a good pint of Kilkenny should be. Something that we learned from the Kilkenny Masterclass experience.

some of the beer food we have to pair with Kilkenny beer
some of the beer food we have to pair with Kilkenny beer

Of course, when you have beer, you gotta have some beer food to go with.

Dark ale like Kilkenny pairs well with chicken, pork, and generally slightly stronger tasting food. Barfly happens to have quite a decent selection of snacks & even main dishes that goes well with beer.

Mike showing that all pint glasses hold the same volume
Mike showing that all pint glasses hold the same volume

We had their flaming chicken wings, superfly potato skin, pig in haystack (enoki mushroom + bacon), fries, ikan bilis with onion and chili, nachos, sausage kau, and commando chips.

Many of the dishes were a bit spicy, and when you wash down that spicy kick with a big gulp of cold beer, that feeling is just the best!

and.. we had a great time! Happy Birthday Suan
and.. we had a great time! Happy Birthday Suan

Awesome friends, great beer, and some food over a few hours – good times!

When do we do this again?

Earlier this month was our good friend FireAngel (we call her ahfa)’s 18th birthday for the nth time, we decided to throw her a somewhat not-so-surprised party at 42 EAST, TTDI.

FA & me with my awesome t-shirt
birthday girl and me with my awesome t-shirt

It was just an old fashion type of evening, hanging out, enjoying some finger foods, and having plenty of Kilkenny draught to go around for everyone. Over here at 42 EAST they serve them in three pints for RM 66++, a rather good deal.

I love the aroma of the dark ale served fresh, something that’s only topped by the awesome company that we had that night.

FA's birthday with Kilkenny
with a bunch of friends at 42 EAST, TTDI

Among the attendees were the familiar faces – Haze, Michael & Li Ling, Lance & Melissa, Horng & Yuki, Suan, Terence & Celine, Sam, Whey Lu, and AhFa’s date – John.

good times, great beer
good times, great beer

I think we should do this more often and not just when someone’s ticker turns up a notch.

We’re gonna have another party real soon, can’t wait!

To be honest, while not being a habitual alcohol consumer, I do enjoy my beer every now and then. A cold beer and some finger foods in front of the TV with my favorite sports team on after a tiring day is just about the most a guy can ask for.

I liked my beer cold, in fact, as cold as possible, and always thought that chucking it down in big gulp is the most satisfying thing ever.

Kilkenny Ruby Red Society
Kilkenny Appreciation Night, at The Bee, Publika

And then I went to Kilkenny’s Appreciation Night at Publika the other day and got a whole new revelation. This was the first event hosted by Kilkenny in Malaysia, with a promise of taking the guests on a journey to experience all things Kilkenny.

Michael (The Star), Tim (Nuffnang), Suanie & Haze (bloggers, Ashley (Esquire magazine), and many others
Michael (The Star), Tim (Nuffnang), Suanie & Haze (blogs), Ashley (Esquire magazine)

The event was attended by quite a lot of familiar faces. Michael from The Star, Ashley from Esquire magazine, Timothy and David from Nuffnang, Eileen from Mindshare, Ernest who draws cartoon, Suan, Haze, representatives from GABs, and more.

the smell test, guess them right and win a prize
the smell test at the Sensory Station, guess them right and win a prize

We started the night with a glass of Kilkenny in hand and got to mingle with like minded people.

Kilkenny set up a Sensory Station on location and I think it’s quite a neat little idea. There were seven bottles containing different smells at the station, and participants were asked to identify what each ingredient was.

I managed to identify about 4 out of the 7 (with a bit of cheating), and it just goes to show that while many of us have keen sense of smell, it is often not easy to match it to what we remember. These are pretty “normal” ingredients tho – nuts, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, elder flower, and so forth.

Kilkenny Masterclass experience by Ben Ng from GAB Professional Solutions
Kilkenny Masterclass experience by Ben Ng from GAB Professional Solutions

Highlight of the night was undoubtedly the Kilkenny Masterclass conducted by Ben Ng from GAB Professional Solutions.

In the first “experiment”, we got to try the ale served super cold at between 0-4 Celsius, temperature achieved with the help of some dried ice. It was very easy to drink and actually tasted quite bland.

Next, we tried the same Kilkenny, now at between 4-6 Celsius and it was almost like a completely different beer. Much richer aroma and stronger taste. Ben then explained that on extreme cold temperature, the taste and aroma is muffled, but allowing it to warm up just a little and you get to enjoy the full spectrum of taste and aroma from the famous red ale.

That thick foam on top of the beer? It isn’t there to short change you for a smaller portion of beer, but actually adds to the smooth character of the overall experience.

Another important difference we got from the class was the difference between ale and lager. In short, ale is top fermented in warmer temperature while larger uses bottom fermenting yeast with colder temperature. Ales are usually light to dark brown, with a more robust and fruity flavor. Kilkenny is of course, one of the most popular ale in the country.

beef balls, chicken kebab, fish fingers, quiche, and calamari for food pairing
beef balls, chicken kebab, fish fingers, quiche, and calamari for food pairing

Of course, beer is never complete without some finger food to go with. All throughout the night, we were served dishes that were carefully chosen to pair with Kilkenny.

I particularly enjoy the quiche, fish fingers, and calamari as seafood complements the aroma and richness of Kilkenny very well. Chicken kebab, and somewhat surprisingly, the beef balls worked well as food companion to this Irish import too.

sand art performance by Loong Bee
sand art performance by Loong Bee

After the Masterclass experience, we were also treated with a pretty unique sand art show by the one and only sand art performer in the country, Loong Bee. The performance took us through the journey of Kilkenny, from its introduction all the way back in 1710 to being a global brand in the 21st century.

We had a great time at the Kilkenny Appreciation Night, and certainly look forward to more of these in the future.

More info on Kilkenny:

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