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Located at Kelana Sentral service apartment just opposite of New Yew Sang restaurant sits a pretty new Thai restaurant by the name of Baan Ruen Thai. Other than a pretty fancy “stall” with Thai influence, the shop is pretty clean and bare, suggesting that interior decoration isn’t on the top of the operator’s priority list.

Update 11/6/2014: This place has since closed

Baan Ruen Thai, no fuss cheap Thai food
Baan Ruen Thai, no fuss cheap Thai food

I first read about this place on ciki’s blog, and have since been there on a few occasions for dinner. The menu isn’t big, but covers the essential Thai dishes that you’ll often find offered by the road side if you travel to our neighboring land up North.

The biggest difference that sets this place apart from most other Thai establishment? Price.

Most dishes are priced at RM 6, price range that rivals some of the cheaper food courts at Klang Valley. The shop operated by Thai and we’ve spotted quite a few Thai workers (mostly laborers) dining there.

long bean with seafood, tomyam soup, pad see yew, pineapple fried rice, green curry
long bean with seafood, tomyam soup, pad see yew, pineapple fried rice, green curry

At this price range, we didn’t expect fancy ingredients or huge portions. Fried basil leaves with seafood with rice could use a bit more seafood, but if you have a bowl of tomyam soup to share as well then it’ll be more than sufficient.

Pad see yew and pineapple fried rice were quite delicious with some of those Thai chili added in, while the green curry is a lighter version that tasted quite different from what we’re used to, but not in a bad way in my opinion.

Yep, all these dishes are priced at RM 6, so are Thai fried rice, belacan fried rice, long bean with chicken/seafood, and garlic chicken and kailan that we haven’t tried yet.

The tastes aren’t super top notch, but they are authentic and offer great value while still pretty good on the tongue.

som tam (green papaya salad), and tub tim krob (red ruby dessert)
som tam (green papaya salad), tub tim krob (red ruby dessert), and mango with sticky rice

My favorite from this place though, is their tub tim krob, or red ruby dessert. At RM 3 per bowl it was sweet, crunchy, fresh, and absolutely delicious. Mango with sticky rice proved to be quite awesome as well but would be something that is best shared (portion is quite big).

So if you’re up for some Thai food that’s easy on the wallet, this would be a place to check out.

map to Kelana Sentral service apartment

Baan Ruen Thai
Kelana Sentral Service Apartment (opposite New Yew Sang)
Jalan SS 6/8
Kelana Jaya, PJ Selangor
GPS: 3.106513, 101.598445
Hours: 9 am to 9 pm daily 

New Yew Sang might not have a name that sound like an authentic Thai Food place, but this little coffee shop that is famous for steamed rice (and soup) and lui cha for the breakfast and lunch crowds is a hidden gem for tomyam lovers.

New Yew Sang Thai Food with Yuki, Horng, Ring, Kerol
New Yew Sang Thai Food with Yuki, Horng, Cheesie, Kerol

I was first introduced to this place by Kerol, who is a fellow Penangite and one of the harshest food critic especially when it comes to tomyam. If she said it’s good, she’s usually right.

I went there for a scouting expedition by ordering the tomyam meehun prior to the following two visits (where these pictures are sourced), and the experience was a really positive one. I think I overhead the owners speaking Thai to the kitchen staff as well, that’s always a positive sign.

paku, Thai steamed siakap, seafood tomyam
paku, Thai steamed siakap, seafood tomyam

To be fair, this is a tai chau place with heavy influence of Thai food instead of a typical Thai restaurant, like Ghee Seng Thai food in Penang. The ambiance is nothing to shout about, the place is relatively clean, and there’re fans under the root in an otherwise semi alfresco dining area. Parking is relatively easy to get at night though.

The menu is quite extensive, but lets start with the most important item – tomyam. The tomyam here is thick, extremely flavorful and positively spicy. Use the ladle and dig at the bottom of the bowl will reveal the ingredients that made up the soup, ie: no short cuts, no powder/paste nonsense. If you like your tomyam hot & spicy, this is a place to go.

lala, steamed fish, butter squid
lala, steamed fish, butter squid

The butter squid here is laden with plenty of those very addictive deep fried egg on top. A dish that I’d recommend ordering, but according to Yuki & Horng, they have a “wet” version of butter squid that is even better. I imagine it to be similar to those from Thim Kee at Pudu.

The lala here is commendable, but not something that is really special. If you’re going for a pure lala trip, look no further than the lala stall at Alisan SS4 just down the road. Steamed saikap that we tried was of pretty good standard, the soup base definitely carries a heavy Thai influence – sour, strong, and slightly spicy.

prawn with petai, some tofu dish, vege (vitamin c, hey!)
prawn with petai, some tofu dish, vege (vitamin c, hey!)

In another visit we tried prawn with petai, another spicy dish that never disappoint. The petai was halved and cleaned (some place tends to leave the center bitter part intact), and prawns were fresh prepared just right, delicious.

For those who likes a bit of balance and enjoys eating tofu, I wish I could tell you what the dish in the picture was called, but for the life of me that escaped my mind. Ask the server to recite the tofu dishes they have and stop her at the most bizarre sounding one and you’d have the winner. It was very rich, smooth, and provides a great contrasting taste to the other dishes that were usually spicy, sour, or a combination of both. I enjoyed it a lot.

Prices at New Yew Sang is reasonable. We paid something between RM 15-20+ per person when we eat there. If you like your dishes rich and spicy, check out this place, or you can check out other Thai food posts here.

New Yee Sang kopitiam
Jalan SS 6/8
Kelana Jaya

GPS: 3.106717, 101.598178

We have a friend in Winnie, who also goes by the nickname of hamsup (the origin of this is your extra credit homework, thank you very much).

UPDATE 2019: this branch is closed but you can find them at Uptown.

When hamsup was working near my office, we used to have lunch every once in a while, but since she moved on to greener pasture, that has dwindled a bit, so we spent a bit of time catching up a bit over dinner at Bone & Pot (有骨气) at Kelana Jaya  just the other day.

Bone and Pot at Kelana Jaya
Bone and Pot at Kelana Jaya – plenty of soup choices

Bone and Pot is located opposite Kelana Jaya LRT station, parking is usually not a headache inducing exercise. The restaurant is clean, modern, and equipped with working air conditioning system that makes having a steamboat dinner a rather enjoyable affair.

For those who prefer sniffing haze and enjoying the great outdoor with smoking allowed, there’s the alfresco area as well.

fried beancurd, chicken "soft bone", and squid with salt and pepper
fried beancurd, chicken “soft bone”, and squid with salt and pepper

While waiting for hamsup, we started with a few deep fried dishes to line our stomach.

The golden bean curd (RM 5.80) is a rather surprising dish, surprising in how soft and smooth the bean curd actually is, and with that golden slightly crunchy skin, makes a fabulous starter.

Salt and pepper chicken soft bone (RM 11.80) reminded me of the dish I had at Sumi Ka Yakitori at Subang, except this is in a deep fried form, equally as tasty. Salt and Pepper squid (RM 8.80) did not disappoint either, but I thought having 3 dishes that shares the same type of sauce (Thai chili sauce) was perhaps a bit too monotonous in retrospect.

Perhaps I should have used the other sauces available.

cheese ball, pork ball, sotong ball, shrimp ball, mushroom with pork ball
cheese ball, pork ball, sotong ball, shrimp ball, mushroom with pork ball

Like other steamboat places, there’s plenty of fish ball/pork ball choices available. We had cheese ball (RM 8.80 for 4), home made pork ball (RM 6.90 for 4), squid ball (RM 7.90 for 4), shrimp ball (RM 8.90 for 4) and mushroom with home made pork ball (RM 7.90 for 4) and fish dumpling (RM 4.80 for 6 pieces)

These “balls” mostly have pretty firm texture, with the cheese ball particularly interesting. I like them all, but couldn’t really taste anything other than the dumpling skin from the fish dumpling though. That’s one that I would probably skip.

beef slices, pork neck slices, lamb slices, pork intestine, and vege
beef slices, pork neck slices, lamb slices, pork intestine, and vege

Meat wise we had fresh lamb slices (RM 15.90), fresh beef slices (RM 16.90), and pork neck slices (RM 15.90). These are frozen meat that requires less than a couple minutes in the boiling soup. A word of advice – don’t leave them on the table too long lest you want the meat to go limp. They were fresh and we enjoyed em much.

Pork intestine (RM 8.90) came pre-cooked and thus you don’t need to worry about it messing up the taste of the steamboat soup, portion was definitely a little too much for this dish as only Horng and I ended up eating them. The girls did not share our palette for this particular internal organ. This goes very well with the sauce. 😀

Finally, no steamboat is complete without vegetable, we had water cress (RM 4.90) and rocket (RM 5.50), and together they gave us all the vitamin C we needed for the next day (I think).

Horng, Yuki, Kerol, KY, Haze, and Winnie, we chose tomato & potato broth
Horng, Yuki, Kerol, KY, Haze, and Winnie, we chose tomato & potato broth

As for the choice of soup, Bone & Pot offers some interesting choices. There’s their signature pork bone broth, pepper pork broth, preserved eggs with Chinese parsley broth, Tomyam broth, and the our choice of the night – tomato and potato broth. This is rather different from the usual clear soup and tomyam soup choices at other places.

Towards the end of our meal, the broth became very similar to HK style borscht soup, unique, filling, and complimented the mostly meat and processed seafood  ingredients that we had.

With drinks, we ended up spending a tad over RM 30 per person at Bone & Pot. I consider it a place worth visiting again, the soup is top notch, ingredients are fresh, service generally pretty good, and while you do pay a slight premium, it is in line with what is offered.

map to Bone & Pot steamboat at Kelana Jaya

Bone & Pot
No: 7, Jalan SS25/12,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.11400, 101.60061
Tel: 03-7880 5511
Hours: 5 pm to 1 am everyday 

There’s a little story on how we discovered Secrets of Louisiana:

So Haze was having some sort of withdrawal symptoms from not having had beef for too long, and we decided that dinner was gonna involve red meat.

Our first choice wasn’t exactly my first choice – Las Vacas, wasn’t exactly my favorite, and this only because it is an NFC restaurant. (got my info mixed up, thank you ZinZan) Well, it was closed (Monday I think)

We then drove Atria area and checked out Carnaval Brazilian Buffet, thinking that they might have ala carte. Nope, they didn’t, and I wasn’t prepared to stuff myself with assorted beef, so we got on the car to brace the traffic again.

Half an hour or so later we arrived at Plaza Kelana Jaya, after having read Eat Drink KL’s entry on Manhattan Steak House blog post and wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately, that establishment closed down for good.

Secrets of Louisiana, one of the best sunset views
Secrets of Louisiana, one of the best sunset views

Just as we gave up the whole idea of having red meat for dinner and started walking down on the stairway at Plaza Kelana Jaya, we passed by Secrets of Louisiana. Since there was no way we were going to go into the car again, we took a table and sat in.

Luckily, the evening ended up better than expected.

Secrets of Louisiana, and generally restaurants at Plaza Kelana Jaya, offers a great sunset view by the lake. This is especially true if you refrain yourself from examining the cleanliness of the pond. There’s usually a gentle breeze too, a bit of a faux seaside experience if you will. I quite like it.

sirloin steak and mussels
garlic fest tenderloin and black mussel pot

The waiter who served us acted professional despite being obviously not from Louisiana or even Malaysia, a sign that management actually put an effort into providing an American dining experience of sort. A change from the usual.

We started off with black mussel pot (RM 26.90). The seafood was decent, the buttery broth paired quite with the garlic bread came with the dish.

Haze ordered the Garlic Fest Tenderloin (RM 42.90) and had it prepared rare. I took a little bite, and while it wasn’t the best beef I’ve had, it was certainly much better than average and at least as much as what they charge for it. True to cajun style cooking, the marinate was quite strong, but anyone who loves garlic would find the taste welcoming.

rack of lamb was fantastic
rack of lamb was fantastic

Since they actually only had one piece of tenderloin left that evening (just our luck), I opted for the rack of lamb (RM 42.90) simply based on how good it looked on their menu.

Three pieces of pretty good size NZ lamb rack with cajun seasoning and honey mustard sauce was served after less than half an hour. It was delicious, and certainly brought back some memory of my only short vacation to Louisiana many years ago when I was a college student in the States. Good stuff, I recommend it.

KY & Haze, finally had what we wanted
KY & Haze, finally had what we wanted

Secrets of Louisiana turned out to be a place worth visiting, other than lamb and steak, they serve rice, pasta, pizza, chicken, seafood, and even a set lunch menu under RM 20. Will go back there again one of these days.

map to Secrets of Louisiana

Secrets of Louisiana
Block D-01-01,
Jalan SS7/13A,
Plaza Kelana Jaya, @ The Lake
Petaling Jaya 47301
GPS: 3.09634, 101.59800
Tel: 03 – 7875 5230

The funny thing about foodie is that we often go on a long journey to sample something that we heard is good, but at the same time ignores the more famous eateries that are much closer to us. One of such places that I’ve managed to ignore for the past 7 years or so is the steamboat place Yat Yeh Heng,

Yat Yeh Heng is what steamboat is all about this part of Klang Valley, way before the rise in prominence of the various “pulau ketam” steamboat places, buffet style steamboats like Yuen, or the slightly more luxurious style like Damansara Village steamboat.

awesome chicken wings, and pretty good fried lala
awesome chicken wings, and pretty good fried lala

The only reason Yat Yeh Heng eluded me all these while was the simple fact that the restaurant is located too near from where I stay.

Anyway, not too long ago we finally found ourselves at the area looking for something to eat, and decided to finally give this place a try. Alongside with 4 portions of standard steamboat set, we also ordered extra serving of fish meat, a plate of kam heong fried lala, and their famous fried chicken wings.

old school ingredients, awesome steamboat
old school ingredients, awesome steamboat

Service wasn’t the fastest when there wasn’t even very packed there, but Yat Yeh Heng does redeem itself as soon as the lala and chicken wings arrived at the table. They were delicious!

The lala is comparable to the one at Alisan, and the chicken wings were simply superb, it must be one of the best I’ve had.

As for the steamboat, the soup were good, and ingredients pretty fresh as well. Together with the chili paste plus fried shallots (I always love to mix them), it is about as good as any steamboat places, except you won’t fret over finding a place to park at Yat Yeh Heng. We had both tomyam and clear soup, and I’d suggest you to start with clear soup before tomyam lest you want to not taste the former.

map to restaurant yat yeh heng

Together with drinks, the total bill came up to RM 133 for 7 of us, slightly less than RM 20 per pax. Satisfying dinner indeed, steamboat doesn’t need to always be in buffet format.

During lunch time, the same restaurant has a very famous and super busy chicken rice stall.

33, Jalan SS 4D/2,
People’s Park,
47301 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.112802, 101.599245
Tel:012-629 4807

Remember the previous post about the mysterious sign? I also posted a video on facebook, the same one like below:

Apparently these “signs” are appearing everywhere, and there’s already a guy hot on it’s trail. Check out this dedicated blog – Lambang Misteri. I’ve also seen the same signs at a few places in KL while at work.

A document related to this phenomena were recently uncovered and there appears to be a link – The mystery is soon to be revealed, I believe, but the link isn’t working for me at this time.. ermm…