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My little project in looking for a good bowl of Kampar Fishball Mee continues after the encounter at Kedai Kopi Khoong in Sea Park.

The Kampar Noodle stall at Sun Hin Loong was recommended by @AquariaKLCC via twitter (in fact, the whole topic of kampar noodle came from there).

Kampar Noodle at Sun Hin Loong kopitiam, SS2
Kampar Noodle at Sun Hin Loong kopitiam, SS2

So I headed over there twice to get a taste of what the fuss is about. First was the soup version of Kampar Fish Ball Mee, and the second visit, their dry variety.

Kampar fishball noodle - dry version
Kampar fishball noodle – dry version

Both versions cost the same (RM 5.50 if I remember correctly), and you get five different types of fish ball / fish cake ingredients that comes with the soup. The dry version serves the noodle (or meehun, or kuih teow) separately with dark source, but otherwise they are the same.

… and they are good! The ingredients were all tasty, and I do like the chili paste that was served with as well. I constantly wish that there were more of every type of those fish ball thingy though. It was never enough!

the five different types of fishball / fish paste items
the five different types of fish ball / fish paste items

The only “problem” that I have is that Sun Hin Loong can be a bit too hot in the afternoon, and sometimes a bit too crowded too. Then there’s the SS2 parking situation…

Any other Kampar Fish Ball Noodle you’d recommend?

SS2 Sun Hin Loong map

Sun Hin Loong
65, Jalan SS 2/64 ,
47300 Petaling Jaya 
GPS: 3.119926,101.62125

To be honest, growing up in Penang, I never really knew what Kampar fish ball noodle is all about. It was one of those hawker dishes that never really made much inroads to the island, much like pan mee and laksa Sarawak, and thus, rarely came up in my radar.

Then, a few weeks ago, someone asked me on twitter for a recommendation on Kampar fish ball noodle. Not knowing which is a good place to have this dish, I in turn asked around, and another fellow twitter user led me to Kedai Kopi Khoong at Seapark.

A good example of social media in everyday use 😀

Kampar fish noodle - with variety of fishballs
Kampar fish noodle – with variety of fish balls

I’ve actually been to this kopitiam quite a number of times, mostly to have the old men’s Chinese desserts in the afternoon (they are operated by VSOP club – which stands for Very Strong Old People). Little did I know that the kopitiam actually has Kampar Fish Ball Noodle in its signboard.

I ordered a bowl of the dry version Kampar fish ball noodle (RM 5)

I counted 5 types of fish balls & fish cake
I counted 5 types of fish balls & fish cake

Like most hawker noodle dishes, you can choose from kuih teow, mee hun, yellow noodle, etc.

My version came with noodle with a bit of dark sauce and accompanying five different ingredients – deep fried stuffed fuchok, deep fried fish ball, bouncy soup fish ball, a less bouncy version, and fried stuffed tofu. As per standard Kampar noodle, the condiment is a little plate of spicy chili sauce that has the consistency that’s quite similar to bottled chili sauce, but a lot hotter.

Did I like it? Yeah, with my limited experience in Kampar noodle, I did find that it was a pretty tasty affair. I like the variety that comes with the dish, furthermore, the soup was quite flavorful too.

If you haven’t had much Kampar noodle, perhaps it is time to try. For those who are more of an expert, what’s your favorite Kampar noodle stall?

map to Seapark Kedai Kopi Khong

Kedai Kopi Khong
Junction of Jalan 21/19 and 21/22,
Seapark, Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.109749, 101.621357

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