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I am one of those people who loves variety when it comes to food. In a typical week, I probably had Malay food, a variety of hawker food, maybe even Japanese, Taiwanese, Italian cuisine. It is very rare that I have the same dish more than once in the same week.

Cristang P7 pork burger with petai, bacon, cheese
Cristang pork burger P7 (by request, not on menu)

But once in a while, a particularly dish come along that is so awesome I just had to have it twice in a row. The latest of such phenomenon come in the form of a very unique pork burger from Cristang Restaurant.

The first time I had it was on Wednesday, I went there again for the same dish on the very next night for dinner, and there is no doubt I would go to Cristang again many times more.

Cristang restaurant at Avenue 8, PJ State
mushroom soup and bacon ribs curry (non spicy)

Cristang Restaurant is located at 8 Avenue in PJ State, a stone throw away across the big Police Station that handles all sorts of traffic accidents in PJ. 8 Avenue itself is a relatively new shop lots that has paid parking much like the concept of Plaza Damas.

The good: there’s always parking spaces

The bad: you have to pay around RM 2 for the spot

Cristang pork burger, Weihenstephaner beer
pork burger P7, Weihenstephaner beer, pork burger P5

At Cristang, their specialty is pork, and oh, they do serve beer, including the 3 types of Weihenstephaner.

The menu is actually rather extensive, you can find pasta, fried rice with bacon & Chinese sausage, pork bacon soup, pork noodle soup, Portugese laksa, and even Bak Kut Teh noodle.

KY, Terence, and Gareth at Cristang
KY, Terence, and Gareth gobbling down our pork burgers

Then there are the 6 different types of pork burger code name P1 to P6.

Every type of burger comes with their specialty pork patty made fresh and grilled when order. The differences are:

  • P1: pork patty (RM 16.80)
  • P2: P1 + back bacon (RM 19.80)
  • P3: P2 + minced pork chili con carne (RM 23.80)
  • P4: P3 + petai stuffed in patty (RM 25.90)
  • P5: P4 + grilled cajun prawns (RM 28.80)
  • P6: P5 + grilled fresh cut pineapples (RM 30.80)

Missing from the menu is P7, by special request, is basically a P4 plus melted cheese. This was the burger I ate twice in 2 days.

kerol, kim, jeff, shiang, cheesie, and jaclyn at Cristang enjoying pork burger
kerol, kim, jeff, shiang, cheesie, and jaclyn

To say the burger is unique is probably an understatement, it is a creation of art, something so ridiculously out of this world I am suspecting the chef probably has a very weird sense of imagination.

Who would have thought a little bit of diced petai in pork chili con carne (something similar to pork sambal at 6-10 nasi lemak , except actually better) with melted cheese, bacon, and that oh-so-juicy pork patty and buns could result in a burger that tastes so good?

My favorite animal meat in three different textures and three different tastes, with that fresh yet slightly pungent smell of petai, then there’s the cheese, the onion, tomato, and pickle. It’s just so goooood!

map to Cristang Restaurant

Did I mention that the wedges accompanying the burger is one of the best I’ve tasted from anywhere too? There’s a hint of rosemary to the potato, a mark that the chef doesn’t prepare the wedges just for the sake of serving the burger with some potato.

Well, other than the burger I’ve tasted the mushroom soup and the bacon ribs curry, they are good too, but I’m not sure when I’ll order other dishes and forgo my stomach space for P7 yet. We shall see.

Cristang Restaurant
Unit B-G-19
8 Avenue
Jalan Jernih (8/1)
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.09985, 101.640208
Tel: 03-7956 7877

Back in 2008, Shiang and I had a little year long bet. The exact details aren’t important, but due to some luck and a lot of cheating, I emerged the victor. We then decided that the appropriate winning prize would be a nice dinner, and Diadomon Japanese BBQ restaurant was chosen.

Horng and Jeff were the two lucky dudes who happened to leech this meal off Shiang for absolutely zero effort, risk, and monetary contribution.

Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant
Diadomon Japanese BBQ restaurant, buffet style

Diadomon is located at Great Eastern Mall, which is in turn situated on Jalan Ampang, roughly half way between Ampang Point and KLCC. Getting there during rush hour can be a bit daunting, but with the liberal usage of the newly opened DUKE highway or our super advanced SMART tunnel (depending on where you’re from), it shouldn’t be too tough.

Parking isn’t a problem either if you are willing to part with RM2 to go into the basement. If you’re willing to spend a good chunk of money on food anyway, why not a couple bucks to park your car?

seafood at daidomon japanese restaurant
sashimi, grilled fish, prawns, and chicken.

Daidomon is one of those buffet places where you get to order the dishes, or in this case, raw and marinated ingredients so they are served fresh. However, an extensive line up of ready-to-eat dishes are available too, and of course, you don’t have to wait for those. There’s sushi roles, fried chicken, snail meat (very delicious!), edamame, kimchi, sashimi, and more.

From the ocean, we had sashimi (salmon, tuna, butterfish, mackeral), oyster and scallop (limited to one serving only), prawns, and marinated seafood. The sashimi were pretty decent, but honestly speaking not something to shout about. The grilled seafood though, were quite good, but it takes a bit of practise to get it just right.

Prawns were quite large and fresh, and I particularly love the big scallops, but too bad it was only 2 pieces per person.

grilled beef, oysters, scallops at Daidomon
ox tongue, beef sashimi, marinated beef

From the farm, we had plenty of beef with some chicken and lamb too (Jeff doesn’t eat beef). The marinated beef belly was really awesome and are ready to eat after minimal grilling time. I suggest asking for a serving of raw garlic and fry them on the grill first before starting to grill actual food, that’ll add an extra hint of aroma to the grilled food.

Ox tongue is one of my favorite part of cow to eat, and it’s great that Diadomon allows unlimited order, somewhere in an Australian farm, a deft cow hates me.

raw beef, KY, Shiang, Jeff, and Horng at Diadomon
yukke sashi, KY, Shiang, Jeff, Horng

For the braver souls, Daidomon also serves several types of raw beef. The gyu sashimi (thinly sliced raw beef) is probably the easiest to swallow, while the yukke sashi (marinated beef with egg) can be a bit too much especially for a first timer. I love the gyu sashimi but to be frank, I think the yukke sashi was a bit too raw and maybe slightly too rich for my liking. It’s no wagyu tartar at Cilantro that’s for sure, but Shiang loves it.

Map to Great Eastern Mall, Ampang, KL

Over all it was a very satisfying dinner that left all of us barely able to walk back to the carpark. With their ever long lasting promotion, the price came to over RM60  per person after service charge and tax. Pretty good deal if you ask me, I have no doubt this won’t be my last visit.

Check out their promotion on the website.

Lot 4, Level 3, Great Eastern Mall
No. 303, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.16027,101.736746
Tel: 03-4252 8155