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This place is introduced by the mat salleh that is ST, you can read his take here. We spent about 20 minutes looking for the place after having parked the car in some alleys. I had to call ST a couple times and even use a hardcore MMS pic to verify that we got to the correct place. By the time it’s all said and done, we were starving..

Ong Lai Steamed Fish at Jalan Raja Laut
old school back alley kinda place in the middle of KL

Ong Lai is situated at the underground of Bee Seng Hotel, from Jalan Raja Laut, you have to walk downhill via a small road by the hotel and turn left into the alley. It’s pretty easy to spot the “restaurant” once you are there, it is basically just a lot of tables under some tents, a very old school set up. I didn’t see any running rats around, which was a good thing.

Ong Lai Steamed Fish at Jalan Raja Laut
the fish head, fried noodles, and vege

We ordered the famous steamed fish head, fried hor fun, fried mee hun, a plate of vege, and the awesome oyster omlete (was too hungry I forgot to snap a pic of this dish). Both the fried noodles were very good and stuffed with lotsa ingridients such as squid, shrimps, sliced fish cakes, vege, and best of all, cubes of deep fried pork fat.

The fish head was more like 1/3 of a fish instead of just the head. It was very well garnished with parsley, red chili, and a lot of ginger and garlic. The fish meat was very tender and sultry. If you know how to enjoy a good fish head, you will savor the lips of the fish.. yumm.

Ong Lai Steamed Fish at Jalan Raja Laut
the fish meat and the big oyster, yummm

The oyster omelete came late due to some kitchen mismanagement I think. We were almost going to cancel the order but glad that we didn’t. The oysters in the omlete were the biggest I’ve seen in this type of dish. Fried till when the eggs are fully cooked but the oysters still half rare, served on a sheet of banana leaf, the dish was really awesome no just in terms of flavor, but texture as well. This is a must-try item if you are there.

Ong Lai Steamed Fish at Jalan Raja Laut
here, map to Ong Lai at Jalan Raja Laut

Do make sure that you ask them to break down the bill. Due to some confusion at the kitchen, we were charged twice on the oyster dish. We only found that out after having our bills break down. Six of us spent a total of around RM 100 for the meal, a pretty fair price. Will go there again.

The address:
60A, Jalan Raja Laut
50500 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.163029, 101.695794

The place closes on Monday