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Having had a couple weeks to test drive the iPhone 6 with U Mobile’s network, I must say that the combination of both the device and the network comes together pretty good in delivering a positive user experience.

I really have very little brand loyalty, the only motto in my consumer life – may the best deal and specifications win. And when it comes to smartphones, my number one priority has always been the camera. Which brings us to the latest offering from Apple – the iPhone 6s.

iphone 6s camera

The latest iPhone has the most significant update to its camera module, with 12 megapixel sensor and optical image stabilisation active on both photo & 4k video shooting, many reviews claim that this is the best camera mounted on a phone at this moment. Which to me, is a very tempting proposition.

U Mobile Microcredit iPhone 6s

With the rise of USD against the Ringgit in recent months, it is not surprising that the price of flagship mobile phones will be quite a fair bit more expensive than they were a year or two ago. That is the unfortunate reality that we are living in.

While many of us will use our credit cards to finance our purchase, and perhaps some has the benefit of utilizing “easy payment” schemes, U Mobile now comes up with an even more attractive plan to enable ownership of latest smartphones with U Mobile MicroCredit, which is available for both prepaid & postpaid users.

U Mobile MicroCredit repayment table

So what is U Mobile MicroCredit?

It is basically a financing plan from U Mobile that doesn’t require a credit card or even down payment. For example, take a look at the table above, if you are to get an iPhone 6S with full selling price at RM 2,25.60 (with GST inclusive) – you can either choose from paying an upfront payment as low as RM 175.60 with a monthly installment of RM 118 for 36 months, or you can loan only RM 1,000 (RM 48 monthly for 36 months), or if you want to pay it all in 12 months, or 24 months, or .. well, you get the drift.

The plan is as flexible as you want it to be, really.

subsidised iphone6s umobile

The good news is, you don’t have to pay for the full price either. The table above shows the subsidised price for the various models of iPhone 6s & 6s+ if you subscribe to the U Mobile iPlans. Monthly fee for the iPlans are basically the number next to the “i” plus 6% GST. These plans are loaded with pretty good data quota too

  • i40 – 1.5 GB (40 mins)
  • i60 – 5 GB (60 mins)
  • i90 – 7 GB (unlimited minutes to all network)
  • i130 – 10 GB (unlimited minutes to all network)

In addition to getting a subsidised price and using U Mobile MicroCredit, there’s another trick up the sleeve in which you can utilize to better afford the latest & greatest iPhone 6S – by trading in the old device.

Here’s how much you can get from trading in (valid from 16/10/2015 to 30/11/2015) –

  • iPhone 6+, RM 1800
  • iPhone 6, RM 1600
  • iPhone 5s, RM 700
  • iPhone 5, RM 400
  • iPhone 5c, RM 150
  • iPhone 4s, RM 100
  • Galaxy Note 4, RM 1050
  • Galaxy Note 4, RM 550
  • Galaxy Note 2, RM 200
  • Galaxy Note 1, RM 200
  • Galaxy S5, RM 450
  • Galaxy S4, RM 250
  • Galaxy S3, RM 150
  • Xperia Z3, RM 850
  • Xperia Z2, RM 500
  • Xperia Z1, RM 300
  • HTC One M8, RM 450

* you also get extra RM 100 rebate if you traie in old iPhone and upgrade to iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s plus.

With all these info, now it’s the time to whip out the calculator (or fire the calculator app on your smartphone, of course) to figure out the financial route to owning arguably the best camera phone there is on the market. Head to for more info.

What if I tell you that when EURO 2012 kicks off, you’ll be able to watch it just about anywhere? It won’t be just in your living room or that friendly mamak place, but really anywhere – in your bedroom, in the car, your office toilet even. Welcome to Astro On-The-Go!

astro on the go
at the launch of Astro On-The-Go

Astro On-The-Go is a mobile platform that delivers the following  TV channels, Video on Demand (VOD), Catch Up TV, and Live Events.

TV channels:
To start with, Astro is bringing 11 TV channels comprising news, learning, and entertainment to the platform and you get to view them based on your subscription. They are Astro AEC, TVIQ, Ria, Xia Tai Yang, Awani, Shuang Xing, Disney Junior, Disney channel, CNN, Astro Warna, and One HD.

Video on Demand:
The VOD service draws from a library of both local and international titles from Astro First movies, Sundance movies, and others from the region. The VOD library must be first downloaded via broadband connected PVR-enabled decorders before viewing on mobile devices.

Catch Up TV:
A feature that allows you to “catch up” to the TV programs that you missed via the mobile platform. This includes drama series, reality shows, sports highlights, news, etc.

Live Events:
To me, perhaps the most exciting of the four features. There are up to 4 live events channels and Astro is rolling this out by broadcasting all 31 EURO 2012 matches LIVE on Astro-On-The-Go. (they will also be available on VOD & Catch Up TV). With this, the action is not gonna be missed just because you aren’t in front of the TV at the right moment. Brilliant.

If you are an Astro subscriber, Astro On-The-Go is now available on preview from 30th May till 31st August 2012 with no additional charges (yes, we get all the EURO 2012 matches if you already subscribed to sports package).

Head to and get it now. You simply need to register and link your Astro account, then get the application for iPad and iPhone (This is very timely for EURO 2012 for iPhone users, I’m envy! All 31 matches live anywhere!) via App Store or use Astro On-The-Go on the web at

Astro On-The-Go iPhone app screenshots
Astro On-The-Go iPhone app screenshots

I’m gonna do that and have it on my iPad soon as I get back to KL. Applications for iPhone and Android devices are coming up next.

Yes, for once, the rumors are true, Maxis is bringing in iPhone 3G. We might be little later than some of our neighbours perhaps, but it’s finally arriving on our shore in a legit manner and fully supported by the most popular telco in the country.

is up and running, this is the real deal.

Maxis iPhone 3g

I actually know quite a few people who uses the original iPhone (on EDGE network) as well as at least one who holds an iPhone 3G. One of my friends loved it so much that when he had to send his iPhone back to US for warranty (he somehow damaged the SIM card slot), he bought another one just to use it while waiting for the original to travel around the globe.

Which brings us to the whole problem of using a non supported phone (be it iPhone or otherwise) and the hassles they bring when something is not working right. I too have learned my lesson and stopped buying any “AP” sets or imported phones without original warranties.

The good news is, on March 20, we will be able to get our the original iPhone 3G fully supported by Maxis right here in Malaysia!

Maxis iPhone 3g

The most important question on everyone’s mind would be: “Well how much does it cost?”

Frankly speaking, it isn’t any different with most other countries, and certainly a lot more attractive than getting one of those “imported sets” from your friendly hand phone sellers. For once, you will be able to send it back within for warranty period if anything goes wrong, and you can also upgrade the phone whenever new patches or software releases are available instead of resorting to dodgy ways of making the phone work.

There are plans for 12/24/6 months to choose from, and I think the iValue2 RM 155 for 24 months plan probably suits me the most. Pay less than RM 1.3k for the 8GB model, more than 11 hours of talk time included, and the 1GB/month data usage should be well sufficient for me (I’ve used less than 200 MB on my Nokia 5800 thus far), even though the superior web browser on iPhone might make me a heavier data user, 1GB/month would still be enough. Go to rateplan site for more choices.

Maxis iPhone 3g games

Personally I love the glorious screen of iPhone (480-by-320-pixel) and it’s excellent browser with multi-touch support. The zooming function is especially handy when it comes to viewing websites, something that I am still waiting for other mobile phone manufacturers to catch up. There’s also support for corporate emails and MS Exchange sync functions that I rely on managing my calendar, and of course, a tonne of other applications from iTune store.

Then I asked my buddy shiang who is in love with his iPhone 2G on what are some of the best games on the platform. I think the response speaks for itself.

Maxis iPhone 3g games

Fieldrunners is a game good enough to get into top 10 of’s best game list. Described as a fast and furious tower defense game, this application actually looks pretty awesome.

Maxis iPhone 3g games

Another recommendation is the very familiar childhood game of everyone: Monopoly! This should be pretty awesome with it’s multiplayer capability that so many handheld gaming device tried to push but just never got there. Shiang’s description of  “roll dice.. you shake the phone..  how much u shake the phone affects the roll one” cetainly sounds interesting.

Of course, other than games there’s also GPS, video capabitities, camera, and many other goodies  you find in a high end phone. The only probable downside (you decide!) is the capacitive touch screen which does not work well with long finger nails, so your girl friend might not be able to check your SMS.

The official launch is 20th March 2009. It is going to be interesting!