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The picture below is something I have to deal at home – happily browsing the internet on my computer and the 3 kitteh had to come and demand my attention, which I usually duly give them.

cendawan, belimbing, and tembikai

When you already have to fight with such creatures to go online, it is just natural to want to have a good internet browsing experience when there isn’t anything between the keyboard and LCD monitor – which is where Celcom Broadband comes in handy.

The best network coverage also ensures that I get the same experience with good download speeds when I am on the go or happen to be with my laptop at other locations without interference of these animals.

Celcom Broadband Plans
The new broadband plans from Celcom, now faster and more data

Celcom is always rewarding their customer base, and now they are bringing together 2 of the most popular lifestyle activities – web surfing and music.

All Celcom broadband customers can now listen to FREE music. New subscribers can download free music from Musicube, Celcom’s very own new music player.

Get Musicube at

What’s so great about Musicube?

  • Unlimited music download
  • Unlimited access to international songs
  • Listen to it anytime while you’re online or not

To subscribe to Musicube

  • SMS “On Music” to 22990 from your Data SIM no.; or
  • Click and download straight from your internet connection manager
  • Enter the activation key into Musicube and start enjoying great music

celcom musicube usb modem

From 22nd July onwards, new subscribers will also get the limited MTV World Stage USB modem while stock lasts.

Do check out for more information.

Imagine this scenario in the photo below.

We were at Khao Lak in Thailand, the evening before leaving for Liveaboard diving trip at the Similan Islands, and San San brought her laptop cos she had to work, so poor old Rich, her husband, had to chill with her at the resort’s cafe instead of roaming the town or chilling at the beach. All because that’s the only place with wifi access.

San San working on her laptop, while Rich was watching

Then look at another scenario.

This is now Haze, working at home on her computer with Cendawan the kitteh lurking on the shelve on top. Since she works mainly from home, internet connection is pretty important. Our land line sometimes does go a bit wonky, if she does not have a backup, usually a drive to somewhere with wifi is needed. The hassle!

Haze working at home office

Both this scenarios, and the third one involving someone who does not have a wireless internet plan (such as a traveler or a relatively low usage person who want to access the internet occasionally) can be solved with Instanet!

Instanet is the new prepaid broadband service that’s powered by Celcom, and of course, true to its name, you can get it fast, and more importantly, the pricing is very reasonable too!

celcom instanet prepaid pack

To start, get the Instanet prepaid pack at RM 12.50 with a SIM card (for smart phone, tablet, or even laptop with SIM slot) or RM 108 for a USB modem (for laptops & desktops). The prepaid packs already comes with RM 10 credit.

As I mentioned earlier, the rates are very reasonable too:

Celcom Instanet rates

If I am a traveler from another country coming to Malaysia, I’d kill for only RM 18 for a week’s internet access! The 1GB volume will be more than enough for email, facebook, twitter, and web browsing for sure.

Until July 15, the Instanet Monthly is having a promotion at only RM 30 per month too.

What’re you waiting for? Get your Instanet now at any Blue Cube outlets or Celcom Authorized Dealers nationwide, for more information do check out