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Padlocks, an essentials in our day to day life, has been around for a long time. In fact, padlocks were used in Roman Era as well as Han Dynasty close to 2000 years ago. To many of us, it symbolizes protection and safety.

Pont des Arts at Paris, and Penang Hill love locks
Pont des Arts at Paris, and Penang Hill love locks

Since 2008, padlocks engraved with names of love ones were attached on Pont des Arts bridge in Paris with the keys thrown as a symbol of love and commitment. Up north here in Malaysia, we have the same practice found on the top of Penang Hill as well.

Zurich Love Lock Sculpture outside Fahrenheit 88
Zurich Love Lock Structure outside Fahrenheit 88

For those of us who are in Klang Valley, Zurich installed a love structure right in the heart of KL for us to do the same. The structure is located right in front of Uniqlo at Fahrenheit 88, you can’t miss it.

put your love lock on the sculpture
put your love lock on the structure

Now instead of showing care and love between partners, the #ProtectTrueLove structure, as it is called, represents everything you truly love, this can be everything and everyone you love, be it your newborn, your parents, siblings, a car, your pet, anything.

I got cendawan’s name on the padlock up there, try to find it if you are there putting on your own locks!

the virtual love lock at
the virtual love lock at

In conjunction with the installation of the structure, Zurich also came up with a digital platform for you to share your stories about love ones on . Even better, this is actually a contest with prizes to be won.

The mechanic is simple:

  • Visit
  • Customise virtual locks by inserting two names and a date.
  • Upload up to 3 photos of their loved ones & write a short description (not more than 1,000 characters) on what #ProtectTrueLove means.
  • Fill in personal information & submit contest entry.

Check out the example below shared by one of the participants on her relationship with mom, heart warming.

what does ProtectTrueLove means to you?
what does ProtectTrueLove means to you?

Best of all, there are following prizes to be won:

  • Grand Prize: Travel Voucher Worth RM5,000.00
  • Second Prize: iPhone 6s X 2 (RM3,200.00 each)
  • Third Prize: RM500 Cash X 10
  • Consolation Prize: Zurich Merchandises X 100

So head to now to share your stories, and don’t forget to check out the structure as well!

It goes without saying that I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to seeking for food, there’s almost no place too far or too difficult if the food is awesome. And to accomplish my craving for good food, my tool of choice is often my trusted Japanese lady – the MR2 that’s older than most recent new graduates.

toyota MR2 in glauco blue

I’ve been driving this car going to and from kopitiam, restaurants, work, Penang, Ipoh, Bukit Tinggi, Genting, and other places for some ten years now. While I try to be safe and ensure that my 4-point seat belt is used properly at all time, there’s always that extra protection that one needs to feel truly covered.

Zurich CoPilot

And this is where Zurich CoPilot can come into play.

In essence, the CoPilot is one card that has many roles. For RM 280 (plus GST), it provides three key features:

Zurich CoPilot

Safety : Legal Assistance

  • Unlimited access to professional legal assistance
  • 24/7 legal assistance & services
  • Easy, convenient & interactive

Protection : Insurance Solutions

  • Protect yourself, your loved ones and your passengers
  • Safeguard your personal valuables
  • Ease your financial burden

Convenience : Other Services

  • Prepaid electronic cash card services through Touch ‘n Go
  • Simple, convenient & secure by just a swipe away
  • 24 hours roadside assistance across the country

In case of any trouble on the road, such as collisions or any fender-bender, the CoPilot holder can call to get advise on legal proceedings and insurance policy solutions. This can be done via phone consultation, face to face, or even court representation.

CoPilot will be available soon, stay tuned for more updates at or contact CoPilot hotline at 1300 30 20 10

Zurich branch network

There’s also Pilot Plus to protect your passenger(s) while traveling in the same vehicle, Pilot Protect to safeguard personal valuables when traveling in own vehicle, Auto Pilot to ease financial burden when any mishap happens, and On-Time Arrival – the all important round the clock roadside assistance across the nation (this is probably most important for me).

Head to a Zurich branch near you to find out more. Coincidentally, the nearest branch in PJ is at SS3, a mere 5 minutes bicycle ride from me!

There are 6 branches in Klang Valley, so you don’t have to travel far to get to one. I find it better to speak to representative face to face, but if you prefer, there’s always the choice of doing it via phone/website as well.

Head to for more.

In 2011 I went to Bali, it was my birthday trip with Haze, we saw manta rays, mola-mola, ate bebek, babi guling, and visited a bunch of art houses and relaxed by the pool. It was in all, an excellent trip and we truly enjoyed ourselves the few days we were there and plan to return sometime in the future.

travel to Bali, 2012

But that however, wasn’t my first trip to Indonesia. My first trip to Indonesia was made when I was 4 year old. A trip to Medan with my parents that I only remember through the stories from them (didn’t even have many photos back then).

The one thing that mom always brought up was how worried she was when the 4-year old me started having diarrhea mid way through the trip. Luckily for everyone, I made a recovery the next day or two and nothing serious came out of it.

futsal injuries, torn MCL and dislocated elbow on different occasions

Then there’s injuries. This year isn’t a particularly awesome year for me when it comes to physical safety. I tore my MCL (a knee ligament) earlier in the year and in September I dislocated my elbow. Both were freak accidents while playing futsal, and happened relatively close to home.

But what if these stories have a slightly different twists?

What if the 4 year old me needed medical help in Medan? Or that those futsal injuries were suffered while running around in Myanmar? What to do then? Who to call?  Does the country you are traveling even have the appropriate medical facilities?

Or consider these other scenarios:

  • You travel and your luggage never arrived (this happens more than it should)
  • Your passport and wallet got stolen in a foreign country, you have no emergency cash and no idea who to call
  • You planned to visit a country and suddenly there was a terrorist attack or natural disaster, trip had to be canceled but you’ve already paid for everything
3 dogs on a bike

These are some of the things that most of us don’t want to think about nor plan for in a trip. We like to think of which museum to visit, tourist spots to check out, and what strange and exciting dishes to try, but not these and many other unpleasant scenarios that we should have contingencies in place.

And this is where Travel Insurance comes in, and it is something that’s plenty simple to do to get yourself covered for the scenarios above.

Some of the key benefits:

  • You are covered even before you make your ways to the airport with cancellation coverage in case  you fall severely sick
  • There’s a 24/7 doctors on call that speaks in your home language (Imagine trying to speak with Vietnamese or Burmese local doctors)
  • If you travel alone and are severely hospitalized for over 5 days, you can send your loved ones to be by your bedside (subjected to claim limit)

chartis direct online quotation

For a very small fraction of what you’d spend in the trip, you can get yourself covered in all these –  Medical/Travel Inconveniences/Natural Disaster/Terrorist/Child Guard/Loss of Money & Travel Docs.

For those who travels more frequently, there’s also an option to purchase travel insurance for the whole year as well. This eliminates the hassle of having to purchase on per-trip basis, and on top of that it is a cheaper solution too.

Click here to purchase and get yourself covered, everything can be done online in just a few easy steps (screenshot above). It is definitely something that should be made a habit for any trip. Don’t you think?

Do check out the Around the World with Chartis facebook application. The application has some very useful travel information as well as a source of inspiration for your next destination!

Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Chartis Malaysia Insurance Berhad. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of Chartis Malaysia Insurance Berhad.


I just spent over 30 minutes looking for a specific picture of myself, but because I was usually careful not to let those photos be taken of me, I couldn’t find one in my album, so here is a substitute.

coagulated blood at Hong Kong

Now I want you to use your imagination a little bit and mentally replaces the chopsticks in the photo with a cigarette, and the styrofoam bowl with an ashtray – that would be the picture I was looking for.

Yes, I used to smoke quite regularly. It wasn’t something I was proud of, but it was an addiction that I enjoyed despite knowing the health risks associated with it.

On the 31st of December, 2010, along with a few close friends, we kicked the habit once and for all.

The first 2-3 weeks was the most crucial. The urge to pick up a stick was always hovering right on the shoulders, you had to fight it with pretty strong determination to stay off the smoke.

The good news is, I am now no longer a smoker, and among the handful of friends who decided to quit, only one went back to the habit. Over the past couple years, I’ve also picked up more exercise routines, cook at home more, and generally try to live a healthier life style.

So far it’s been working pretty good, and I urge you to do the same.

For those who are interested in making a new habit or kicking a bad one, Great Eastern comes up with a mobile application that can help you get through the first 21 days of change. The theory is that if you do something for 21 days straight, it becomes a habit. I believe this is very true, and as far as quit smoking goes, after 3 weeks, not smoking became the “new habit”.

The application is available on Android and iPhone from Great Eastern free of charge. If you use one of these smartphones, click on the links to download. I think you will find it useful.

In a nutshell, the application lets you declare an intention and make it a promise to someone important to you (or even yourself), then track the progress for 21 days. You can set notification and get reminder if you miss a day. Of course, you can share your progress on facebook and twitter too (nothing like adding peer pressure)

On the Great Eastern website  there is also a nifty Wellness Profiling tool that you can use to help you find out how healthy you are in a variety of areas. Simply answer some questions with honesty and you’ll find out your risk level score. Below is mine, and it seems like I have some improvement to make in the “work and daily routine” section.. ermm.

For more information and other tools/tips, check out Great Eastern website, and for the 1% of you who does not have a facebook account, there’s a phone number you can call to contact Great Eastern Life Planning Advisor at 03 4259 8877.

Live long and prosper!

I think it goes without saying that car insurance is not only necessary by law, but by common sense too.

Take it from someone who has claimed a pretty good sum of money for car repair after the, luckily, not-too-tragic accident just 2 years back (no human was harmed in the process).

Now traditionally, when it is almost time to renew our annual road tax, we would go to the car insurance company, meet up with the agent behind the desk, and get everything sorted out. This sometimes requires taking half a day off, get stuck in the jam, spend half an hour looking for parking space, spend another half an hour in queue, etc etc.

HSBC car insurance cartoon

If you’re the luckier bunch, you might do it over the phone, but that necessitate another meeting with the agent’s runner to collect the cover note, and most of the time you need to tell the agent your credit card details over the phone for the transaction, not exactly a very safe thing to do.

I used to do mine over the phone, until the person in charge resigned, and then I wasn’t called to be reminded about my expiring policy. As a result, I was driving with no insurance for something like 2 weeks until I realized that my road tax expired.. luckily nothing happened in between, gah!

Enter HSBC Car Insurance (aka the 21st century)

  • Apply HSBC car insurance online and you can get the E-cover note within 10 minutes
  • Use your credit card (get points) to pay for car insurance securely
  • Download and print the policy
  • Get your NCB (no claim bonus) transfered automatically with no hassle
  • Auto reminder when you need to renew the car insurance

That’s pretty simple and straight forward now isn’t it? Check out HSBC Car Insurance now, there’s even a cute little video demonstrating the old aunty’s frustration in renewing car insurance.