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If you’re a fan of Penang curry mee, pay attention.

Remember this brand – MyKuali, with the product name Penang WHITE Curry Noodle. If you happen to see anywhere stocking it, buy as many as you can carry. Give it to any Penang curry mee fans and they’ll forever be indebted to you.

MyKuali instant Penang curry mee
MyKuali instant Penang curry mee

Well, MyKuali instant Penang white curry mee is exactly what the title suggests. A ready-in-3-minute instant noodle that comes in an unsuspecting plastic packet much like most other instant noodle. While typical instant noodle weigh about 70 gram (Indomie), MyKuali’s version is a whopping 110 gram, so it comes in a pack of 4 instead of the usual 5.

The extra net weight does not come only from the noodle, which is slightly thicker, but also the 3 different condiment packets. Two to make up for the white soup, and one chili paste that completes the dish to be almost exactly what you get from the hawker stalls.

the sambal is absolutely terrifying, I love it
the sambal is absolutely terrifying, I love it.

While the noodle in itself isn’t particularly special (they are springy and generally nice), the soup is superb! It is very spicy with the aroma that can easily fool any curry mee fan from a fresh hawker version, even though non-dairy creamer is used in substitute of santan for the white soup here. It is simply superb.

MyKuali originally created this for Malaysian overseas who misses local delights, but it is now making a huge wave of demand within Penang and many parts in Malaysia as well. Easy to see why after I tasted it.

A single serving packs about 554 kcal’s worth of energy, eat responsibly.

p/s: I believe you can get them at SOGO everywhere, and Sunshine Wholesale in Penang

Ahh, Maggi Mee, the original favorite instant noodle that has been so instrumental in getting me through college and all those late night hunger. In fact, my first ever meal cooked without the help from mom was a packet of Maggi mee.

Back then, it was the curry flavor Maggi with an egg for extra umph. Nothing fancy, I was already having trouble cracking the egg without making a mess in the kitchen.

Maggi migoreng pedas, live prawns, with Haze Long
Magggi migoreng pedas, garlic, shallots, curry leaves, prawns, assistant!

After plenty late night cook-outs and a few years spent studying/working overseas, my general cooking skills has leveled up quite a bit; and with that, the sophistication in preparing a plate of good old Maggi too, has improved.

Today, I am going to share a simple recipe in preparing fried Maggi Mee with live fresh water prawn (details on getting the freshest fresh water prawn below). Maggi Mee, my way!

live fresh water prawn, fried
snipping the legs off, frying garlic/shallots/curry leaves, then prawns


  • 2 packets of Maggi Mee migoreng plus asli pedas (or any Maggi migoreng)
  • shallots, garlic, and curry leaves
  • 2 eggs
  • a dash of salt and soya sauce
  • 4-6 prawns (preferably live!)
  • vegetable oil

maggie migoreng pedas with prawns
boil the Maggi, then fry with the condiments and egg, success!

Steps for Prawns:

  • heat up frying pan with vegetable oil, and fry shallots, garlic, and curry leaves till fragant
  • add live prawn, and sauna it to death
  • add a dash of salt and some soya sauce
  • tips: add a dash of water and cover the frying pan to steam the seafood a little bit

Steps for Maggi:

  • boil Maggi for 2 minutes and then drain water
  • mix the condiment in a small bowl with 2 table spoon of water
  • stir fry the Maggi with the premixed condiment
  • add two eggs, and stir till eggs are cooked

haze long & KY with prawn maggi migoreng pedas
Haze, my cooking assistant and prawn fishing extraordinaire

Finally, add prawns to the noodle, and you’ve got a plate of really awesome fresh water prawn Maggi. Bonus point if you can do both of these steps at the same time to ensure that both items are piping hot when served.

That is my way of cooking Maggi, what about yours?

If you think you have a recipe as interesting, head to Maggi Mee My Way’s website to participate in the contest. All you have to do is by submitting your recipe with Maggi Mee and a few photos (remember your unique ingredients, like my live prawn, for example).

Winners walk away with cash prizes up to RM 4,000 plus RM 100 worth of Maggi products hamper. Check out the prizes listing here. I always love it when contests give away cash prizes, money is just so much more versatile.

The video above ย is the prove that the prawns used for the post were really caught from a prawn fishing pond the hard way. We spent 2 hours (1st 45 minutes in vain as we somehow managed to not used the hook) and got a total of 6 prawns back.

The end result was a couple plates of very delicious Maggi Mee with fresh water prawns. Yums!

So do you have what it takes to join Maggi Mee, My Way?

I had a very early KFC dinner yesterday and got myself pretty hungry while skyping with Mell later at night. And since I had finished the big can of Hello Panda biscuits Eiling gave me a couple weeks earlier, it was time to have some instant noodle.

The amazing spider-man instant noodle
the Amazing Spider-Man instant noodle, with Mell on skype

It wasn’t just any instant noodle, but the Amazing Spider-Man instant noodle Cheesie bought me all the way from Universal Studio in Japan!

When it comes to instant noodles, I guess you got to give it to the Japanese. This little cup of noodle comes with corn, spring onion, salted vegetable, pork (yes pork!), and little spidey faces that are probably made of fish paste.

The amazing spider-man instant noodle
spidey faces, and pieces of pork too

3 mintues of boiling water later, it was all ready. It was a little salty (perhaps I didn’t put enough water) but otherwise rather tasty. The bits of pork really gave the noodle that extra kick that is often lacking in instant noodle.

Thanks Cheesie! Now I think I should go to Isetan to look at their non-halal instant noodle section. ๐Ÿ˜€

Instant noodle has become something so intrenched in the Malaysian way of life that you can even order them at mamak stalls. I susepct that we might be the only country with enough lazy people unwilling to “cook” their own Indomie to make it a business preparing them at restaurants.

As one of the Gen-X boys partly responsible for this whole joke (my theory below), I myself has certainly developed a somewhat unhealthy fondness over instant noodles. I’ve tried quite a big variety of instant noodles from local, Japan, Korea, and the States, but this is one of the first Taiwanese offering I’ve ever had, the instant “Yi Du Zhan” Beef Noodle from Wei Li(ไธ€ๅบฆ่ตž็‰›่‚‰้ข๏ผŒ ็ปดๅŠ›), and boy it was the best!

Instant Taiwanese Beef Noodle
the content

To call this a cup noodle would be a gross understatement, the bowl is pretty big and the content probably weigh 3x a standard indomie package. In the package there are 4 packets of seasonings and ingredients in addition to the noodle itself. two different seasoning: one oil based, another of the paste type with sliced; dried spring onion, pea, and vege; and the all important beef with gravy.

Instant Taiwanese Beef Noodle
the preperation for the beef noodle

The preperation instruction is slightly different from your standard cup noodle, and for the benefit of you noobs who can’t read English but might find yourself be lucky enough to come across such treasure one of these days, here are the steps:

  • open the cover half-way and remove all the 4 accompanying packets
  • empty the content of all seasonings except the beef.
  • pour boiling water into the bowl to indicated level, then place beef packet on top of the bowl
  • remove the cover 3 minutes later and add in the now warm beef with gravy
  • enjoy your fruit of labour while contemplating if you should prepare the next bowl

This beef noodle, though instant it might be, is one of the best I’ve ever had, better than most freshly prepared offerings, and almost up to par with my all time favorite, the Vietnamese pho that is freshly prepared.

Instant Taiwanese Beef Noodle
the ready-to-eat beef noodle, finished!

Anyone know where I might be able to buy this stuff or other instant Taiwanese beef noodle here in Malaysia? Or if you are going to Taiwan, get me a big box!

KY’s Gen-X instant noodle theory:
The generation X represents the first wave of massive migration to the cities where the newly sprung up private colleges were located. As college students mostly have tight budgets and lack of transportation, instant noodle became a natural alternative to “real” food. Over the years, many of the same people graduated and went on to the working society. Many still retains the fondness of instant noodle, but are now in slightly better financial situation while becoming even lazier. Thus the birth of prepared instant noodle in the country.

Of course, this is also accelerated by the creativity of certain mamak stall owners who perfected the “telur mata kerbau” that goes so well with the Indomie.