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We recently moved to our new house in Shah Alam, a place we put in a lot of effort into making it the way we want – with a bigger kitchen & living area, a loft for Haze to do her painting, and even a small pool and koi pond with wooden decking by the small strip of land on the side.

zen moment
zen moment with rubber ducky

The move actually contributes to a bit of a change to our lifestyle. From eating out almost every meal, we now find ourselves cooking and preparing food at home quite a fair bit more. This is due to both the location being slightly further away from our usual food hunting ground, the availability of better cooking space, and most importantly, a much nicer place to chill and enjoy eating in.

pour in hot water, stir, and you've got a cup of classic
pour in hot water, stir, and you’ve got a cup of classic

Which brings us to one of the essentials in every home – coffee, and particularly instant coffee that I can literally just prepare in a minute. And when it comes to instant coffee, OLDTOWN White Coffee is a name most everyone in the country recognizes.

Originated from the historic town of Ipoh, OLDTOWN is one of the earliest brands of white coffee I came across. The coffee is roasted with a careful blend of Arabica, Robusta and Liberica beans to ensure every cup is full-bodied, smooth, and creamy, getting as close as possible to those you will get from the good old fashion coffee shops in the olden day Ipoh.

In fact, the OLDTOWN white coffee you get to a is a still being crafted with the same tried and true recipe since it was first introduced. After all, why stray away from what is already proven?

five flavors of OLDTOWN white coffee, what's your flavor?
five flavors of OLDTOWN white coffee, what’s your flavor?

The OLDTOWN White Coffee product available in Malaysia includes:

  • OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 In 1 Classic
  • OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 In 1 Hazelnut
  • OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 In 1 Natural Cane Sugar
  • OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 In 1 Less Sugar
  • OLDTOWN White Coffee 2 In 1 Coffee & Creamer

The classic is the best seller, and it is easy to see why. The classic is smooth, flavorful, and tastes pretty much like those you have at the outlet, relaxing on the deck with a cup of steaming classic is a bliss. For those who likes it with less sugar or only creamer, as well as cane sugar, there’re such options too, and if you like your coffee a bit more “modern”, the hazelnut variant should not disappoint.

I am happy that OLDTOWN is able to bring the local heritage and packaged it with such convenience, would have been nice if we had this when I was studying overseas over a decade ago. The mat salleh type of brewed coffee that is sometimes sourish was never really my type of taste, having these available then would have made home felt closer, the impact would have been even more if you consider how less connected the world was back then.

Here’s a typical schedule of mine, in fact, it is my calendar for the month of March 2014. I have it in Outlook and sync the whole thing onto my phone so that I can sort of keep track on what I have to do next.

KY work schedule

What does it look like to you? A high school time table isn’t it? Taking a slightly closer look, I can see that out of 31 days, I have 6 which were empty, with only one of them fell on a work week.

The month includes plenty of meetings, a 3 day training, some futsal sessions, badminton, a few food review, other events, and hasn’t include time I spend on maintaining this website.

Analysing this colourful graphic further reveals that rest days are usually on the weekends where I get more shut-eye moments.

Which means that by about Wednesday, and especially at around after lunch time, I usually get this feeling that many might feel – CRAZY SLEEPINESS.

All of these brings us to the topic of the day – coffee!

When the Sandman calls, you want to have quick fixes, and nothing is quicker than a cup of good, aromatic coffee that you can prepare in an instant.

white coffee with almond biscuit

One of my weapon of choice for these moments is the instant OLDTOWN White Coffee that comes in quite a few different flavours such as hazelnut, classic, with cane sugar, with creamer, and even milk tea (not exactly coffee I know..)

I’m now going through my hazelnut flavour 3-in-1 and loving the taste of it. Will be trying out other flavours soon enough.

In the mean time, Sandman be gone and lets get back to work!