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The last time I did a movie review on this blog was almost two years ago. Every once in a while there is a film that’s good enough I thought I’d blog about it, but inevitably always change my mind. In the world of Twitter, facebook, and all it’s instant short feedback capability, movie reviews sorta took a back seat in this blog.

That is, until a movie like Inception comes along.

Inception, movie poster

Ever since I first heard about Inception, the mere knowledge that is is directed by Christopher Nolan and lead by Leonardo DiCaprio. I know it is something that shouldn’t be missed. While I expected a good film, the movie delivered way more than what I had expected.

If you’re familiar with Nolan’s work, I can only summarize Inception as having the twists of Memento, the drama of Prestige, and the spectacle of The Dark Knight.

While I could never pen down the intricacy and complexity of the movie on this blog, for those who does not want to have the slightest spoiler, you should stop reading now, and immediately make sure you get the tickets to the next screening.

Don’t miss it!

Ken Watanabe and Marion Cotillard in Inception

In essence, Inception is an original sci-fi film with a heist theme, but I’m doing injustice to the multi layered plot and all it’s intricacies here.

DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb, the Extractor, a man who specializes in subconscious security, invading dreams and stealing ideas in corporate espionage. In his team there’s Gordon-Levitt as the Point Man, who researches the target. Ellen Page was recruited as the Architect to create the scenes in the dream. Then there’s also a Forger, and a Chemist.

Inception building bending

Ken Watanabe plays Saito, the client who hired Cobb, but instead of stealing ideas, Cobb is asked to plant a new idea in the target – Robert Fischer (by Cillian Murphy). The difficult part is of course, ideas has to be original, and when it is not, you always remember the origin.

It is with this premise that the movie develops its multi layered plot that demands and ultimately rewards 100% concentration to every details and development in the entire film. The last hour or so of the movie is nothing like I’ve ever seen before, the climax that never ends. (reminds me of pigs’ orgasm)

While the visual effects (with computer graphics only when absolutely required) are spectacular, it was never blowing things up for the sake of blowing things up. Everything shown is necessary and every aspect of the film adds up to make a viewing experience unlike anything else.

The excellent cast and sound track definitely carried out the story beautifully. Leonardo DiCaprio did not need to carry the weight of the movie, but delivered an excellent performance yet again, Ellen Page and Michael Caine sorta did their usual roles, and Marion Cotillard must have left one of the strongest impressions while not having that much screen time.

Gordon-Levitt in Inception

Just when you think the movie industry is void of creative ideas with studios seemingly only keep investing on sequels, prequels, and reboots, Inception is definitely a very strong reminder that all is not lost.

I hate to sound like a fanboy, but Christopher Nolan really did outdone himself in this one. I haven’t yet manage to find a weak point in this movie, and will definitely watch it again. Right now it’s a 10/10 for me.

p/s: Got the screening tickets from Nuffnang, thank you Robb!