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Remember all those tours of factories, estates, or farms when we were in school? I’d always enjoyed those little trips when I was young, but never thought that they will be equally as fun when I’m 1/3 way into the described time it takes for an egg to turn black and super tasty.

High5 bread factory museum
High5 bread factory museum

The “lawatan sambil belajar” session to the biggest bread factory in the whole of South East Asia turned out to be so much fun! Together with a few other blog owners and members of media, I was invited by Malaysia’s very own High 5 to a tour of their bread museum, factory, and a baking session with Chef Ismail!

We started off by visiting the very interesting the Bread Town Museum that reminds me of those amusement park exhibits more than typical boring museums, and of course, we entered by saying the magic word to open the door – “High 5!”

Corny? yah.
Fun factor? max!

High 5 bread museum in Shah Alam
High 5 bread museum in Shah Alam

From the museum and the multimedia presentation, we learn about the history of bread making from the Egyptians to Iron Age to the Vikings era to modern time, and even a bit of speculations into the future.

There’s also some uber interesting toasters on display too. I wouldn’t mind one of those! Reminds me of latte art, except these would be High 5 bread art instead.

High 5 bread factory floor
High 5 bread factory floor

The museum corridor led us over the High 5 factory floor.

The place is huge, and surprisingly manned with not very many staffs. Our guide explained that the factory is highly automated with a reason – to minimize human contact for better hygiene and to maintain consistent quality control too.

Dato Jackson Tan, KY & Chef Ismail, "cicah
Dato Jackson Tan, KY & Chef Ismail, “cicah” with coffe

After the tour, we proceed to another hall and was given a short speech by the Group Managing Director of Silver Bird Group Bhd – Dato Jackson Tan. I don’t have the transcript nor I think you’re  interested in reading them, but one thing he mentioned was the “Jom Rasa & Menang” contest that you should check out. Prize = Ipad!

With loud music and great fan fair, celebrity chef, Chef Ismail was introduced. The good chef got everyone’s mood up by forcing us to have an extended aerobic dance carrying two loafs of High 5 bread. It was hilarious and amazingly, fun at the same time. Kim couldn’t stop laughing from ear to ear, nor I.

Huai Bin, KY, Kimberly in a team!
Huai Bin, KY, Kimberly in a team!

We were then being separated to group of threes. Naturally, Huai Bin, Kim, and I got into the group, we felt invincible!

Before the baking demo got started, we were treated to a “cicah” with coffee session. A piece of High 5 bread dipped into hot coffee, the prototypical Malaysian way of enjoying the soft fresh bread. Ahh.. yums. Writing this reminds me that I should stock some of the bread at my office!

mini pizza with High 5
mini pizza with High 5

Right after that, Chef Ismail demonstrated, and we followed, the art of making mini pizza, with High 5!

The ingredients are simple:

  • mozzarella
  • sausage
  • onion (cut in wedges)
  • diced capsicum
  • chopped parsley

and for the sauce, use plum tomatoes, diced onion, garlic, parsley, thyme, oregano, tomato paste, blackpepper mix with olive oil and salt & sugar according to taste.

Cook those in a frying pan, then apply the sauce to a slice of High 5 bread, then add the other ingredients on top of it with the cheese latest. Bake, and done!

Tastes surprisingly good, I was amazed.

home made sardin curry puff
home made sardin curry puff

Next up – home made sardin curry puff, or indeed, any type of curry puff you want to make.

  • canned sardine
  • mayonnaise
  • High 5 bread
  • large onion, chopped
  • salt/sugar/lime to taste

Simply roll the bread flat, put the ingredients at center, and then join the edges of bread with flour paste. Deep fried (or bake if you’re health conscious all), and you’re done!

I kinda over stuffed mine, but I think it still came out tasting pretty yums!

High 5 bread tuna canapes
High 5 bread tuna canapés

Our 3rd and last creation was the simplest – High 5 bread tuna canapés.

  • High 5 bread
  • tuna mayonnaise
  • cherry tomatoes
  • spring onions
  • butter & mayo

Toast the bread, sliced/cut in nice agreeable shapes, spread butter and mayo, place tuna and onion/tomato, and viola, done! Little piece of open sandwich perfect for any cocktail party.

bloggers and members of media with High 5
bloggers and members of media with High 5

Before we leave, Brad and Zoe, the two High 5 mascots came out for a bit of photo op. The organizer gave each of us a big goodie bag with plenty of High 5 products too. It was all a very awesome experience made better with the excellent hospitality by High 5.

When’s another rombongan lawatan sambil belajar?

Don’t forget that if you want to stand a chance to win an iPad, join the “Jom Rasa & Menang” contest! Check it out now, the mechanic’s simple

  1. Buy any High5 bread
  2. Fill up entry form and attach barcode label
  3. Post your completed entry forms or submit them at designated outlets

For more information head to the contest site with the link above. Good luck guys! Now I’m gonna have myself a slice of Silverbird cake to celebrate 😀

Last weekend we went for a really super awesome trip up to Belum Rainforest Resort. For the uninitiated, the resort sits on Pulau Banting, an island formed from the creation of lake Temengor in Gerik, Northern Perak.

The trip was a showcase of modern Diesel technology with the combination of BMW’s Efficient Dynamics and the Dynamic Diesel from Petronas. Here are the 10 things I learn from the unforgettable 2-day trip.

1. Diesel cars are super efficient
efficient diesel

Lost in the big woohaa last September when the government made the switch from RON 92 to RON 95 petrol (with price adjustment, of course), was that the country also adopted the Euro 2M standard for Diesel fuel. Euro 2M Diesel has less than 50ppm sulphur, and are much cleaner for the environment.

With the new standard we can now take advantage of modern Diesel cars, such as the BMW 320d and BMW 520d that we used for this trip. None of the diesel powered 3 and 5 series we drove required a refuel for the entire trip, some 800 km in total. This is fuel efficiency I’ve never imagined, almost twice lower than my Toyota MR2.

2. Police escort is the awesomsauce
bmw drive police escort

It was my first time driving with police escort, felt like a real VIP. From KLCC to Mutiara Damansara, we were bullying our way through traffic, breezed through red lights and intersections. The cops were really pro and exhibited some awesome “standing on the bike and yell at drivers” as well as “cornering and pointing at cars” mad skills.

The escort service even managed to split the traffic jam at TTDI, everyone was looking at us with envy, it was priceless 😀

3. Ivan Khong has 3 arms and 4 eyes
ivan kong of bmw

Our lead car driver, Mr. Ivan Kong, must have at least 2 more eyes and an extra arm. This certified BMW instructor, who is also a former rally car driver was able to:

  • lead a convoy of 6 pairs of noob drivers
  • operate 2 walkie talkies
  • report all incoming traffic in details (eg: a green Suzuki Vitara coming, he’s wearing a songkok, don’t overtake now)
  • communicate with the support & sweeper car
  • looked at our every moves (eg: car 4 and 5, stop playing with each other)
  • and drive in excess of 120-180km on trunk roads

When I grow up, I want to drive like him. Thank you Mr. Ivan Kong for leading us on this amazing journey

4. Indulgence at Ipoh serves good food (mostly)
food at Indulgence, Ipoh

We stopped by Ipoh for lunch on the way from KL to Belum and back, on both occasions we went to Indulgence Restaurant, one of the classiest eatery you could find in this city.  The place is quite posh, and food was served in big plates with pretty garnish.

I had the cod on the first day, and lamb loin on the next. The cod was good, and the lamb loin was really one of the best lamb I’ve ever tasted. However, Gareth and Suan’s chicken on the first day was a let down, and so was Kim’s salmon on the second day. The scallop was a bit overcooked too, but the tiger prawn and the pohpiah appetizer were brilliant.

Indulgence is at 14, Jln Raja Dihilir, 30350, Ipoh. Tel: 05-255 7051

5. the beemers’ handling is phenomenal
bmw convoy

Not that anyone should try this, but we were doing in excess of 130 km/h around the bend on the road to Gerik, both the 3 and 5 series were fitted with Sports package and handled real well. The traction control came on a few times when we “tickle the throttle” a little too much, but it felt safe and it was exhilarating.

The photo of speedometer above, was taken by me when my partner in crime Cheesie was driving. Can I have a beemer please pretty please?

6. Belum Rainforest Resort is nice
belum rainforest resort

Situated on the island of Pulau Banting overlooking Temengor lake, Belum Raiforest Resort is nice, the room were big and nicely decorated. Bed’s a bit hard but I guess that’s just up to your personal preference. It’s a perfect blend of nature and comfort. The staff were helpful and friendly too. I would love to go back there again.

7. Bamboo rafting is a tiring affair
bamboo rafting at belum rainforest resort

The first thing we did on the next day was bamboo rafting. Now bamboo rafting is not very different from rowing a dragon boat, which was something I did during my high school days (we won 2nd place twice on state level, tqvm), but bamboo rafting with a hangover was quite a bit different.

Luckily lake Temengor’s water wasn’t too cold that particular morning. We had loads of fun and got sober up for the long drive back to KL ahead of us.

8. Aaron is a very good photographer
aaron - photographer for bmw drive

The photographer commissioned by BMW on this event, Aaron, was really professional and efficient. He worked tirelessly to get us all these awesome shots for two days, and we got all the photos in a tidy little 4 GB thumb drive at the 2nd last leg of the drive.

I managed to take a photo of him while he was taking that particular photo of me in car number 5. 😀

9. People at BMW held the best events I’ve attended
BMW Drive 2009

The level of luxury and attention to details throughout the entire event was nothing I’ve ever experienced. From the first day when our bags were tagged till we reluctantly bid goodbye on the second evening, nothing was left out, we had zero complain even if we try.

There was good food, awesome driving experience, good companionship, and even a few surprises thrown in (after dinner there were gifts left in all our rooms – external hdd and solar charger). It was amazing, I want to really thank BMW and Petronas for inviting us, especially Sashi who first contacted me.

10. Jenga is still the best party game there is
jenga at Belum Rainforest Resort

We had one of the best times at Belum Rainforest Resort, Gareth, Kim, Huai Bin, Robb, Michael, Sashi, Nadia, and I decided to play Jenga, the best party game. The person who causes the wooden tower to fall finishes a glass of drinks. Robb, as you can clearly see, didn’t do particularly well on that night and threw sick all over the balcony. Kim wasn’t in the picture cos she too, was completely knocked out after 2 glasses of champagne.

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Breakfast @ Mandarin Oriental and a police escort

Xpax Advert:

At Belum Rainforest Resort, Celcom/Xpax’s network service was still working very fine despite it being a rather remote location. A certain telco, however, did not provide data service at that area, but those of us who are with Celcom/Xpax still managed to continue updating our tweets. As a reminder, you have until the end of December to enjoy Xpax’s double bonus (up to 16%) when you reload, check it out here.

During the HOMEDEC weekend at KLCC Convention Center, I had the privilege of attending a workshop hosted by Nippon Paint with a bunch of usual suspects. I went with the “not another boring event!” mentality, but came out with a host of knowledge about colors and living spaces I didn’t have a clue about, it was a very pleasant surprise to say the very least.

Nippon Paint workshop at HOMEDEC
attending the very informative presentation – Redmummy, HB, CityGirl

The workshop started out with a presentation by Ms. Gladys Goh of Nippon Paint, in an almost classroom like environment, we learned about colors.

Color to evoke emotions, one of the things I never thought about, for example:

  • Yellow – Happy
  • Purple – Romantic
  • Light Green – Refreshing
  • Light Blue – Soothing and Calm
  • Maroon – Passionate
  • Red – Energize

So for example, it is appropriate to paint a study room light blue, but you wouldn’t want it to be all romantic and purple. Make sense, no?

colors galore with Nippon Paint
colors galore, with small tubes for painting decals too

Next we also learn about color schemes. Again, this is something that I’ve never really given any thoughts.

  • Monochromatic – the simplest and least imaginative, a single color in combination with different hues that gives a cozy, relaxing, and sooth ambiance. Easy to not go wrong.
  • Adjacent/Analogous – picking a few colors within 90 degree of the color wheels (colors that are close to each other.)
  • Complementary – using colors that are opposite to each other in the spectrum, like blue and orange to create contrast of cool & warmth.
  • Triadic – this is probably the most daring one, choosing 3 different colors that forms a triangle on the wheel, for example, green, yellow, and maroon. This can create a vibrant theme but if you’re not careful, the living room might turn out to look like a kindergarten.

my masterpiece, created with Nippon Paint
look at my creation, hohoho

Other than the roles of colors and color schemes, there were other useful tips in painting. Some of these are just common sense that we often overlooked.

For example, always paint the ceiling, follow by walls, then windows and doors before proceeding to floor (yes, some people do paint their floor).

Other good habits in painting smart is to ensure that you always paint the difficult area first. Paint the edges, corners, and high spots before proceeding to the main area. Keep strokes continuously and do it in the same direction (up-down or left right), and always paint two coats or more.

huai bin, ringo, at Nippon Paint
Huai Bin, Cheesie, Ms. Wong Meng Lee, and Redmummy‘s husband’s creations

After the lecture we were each given our canvas to experiment on some wall arts.

Now some of you might say that wallpaper and stickers are and easier solution. To a certain extend, they are, but with our climate, wallpaper is usually not a very long term solution, same goes with stickers.

For those with a braver soul looking for a more permanent solution, using real paint for wall art is the way to go. We use a variety of different colors and the tools provided (brush, masking tapes, foams) and created our own wall art.

cindy, cheesie, redmummy
KY, Cindy, Cheesie, BeautifulNara, Redmummy

With some masking tapes I did some square thingy on my canvas and also experimented with drawing a tree free hand. I think the results are alright, a little more care and thought with it I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with something better. Huai Bin’s wall art was probably one of the weirdest, while Cheesie of course, stamped her canvas with pieces of cheese (then added a really fat rat).

Next up would be my living room make over with a fresh coat of paint and some wall art. I’ve actually found a designer to aid me in the wall art department since I basically accepted the fact that my designing career won’t really go anywhere.

Stay tuned!

I don’t know why I agreed to do this, I mean, prior to getting all the details I vaguely remember it could be something very relaxing, a few of us hanging out at Tangs and be chilling and blogging. So I agreed.

Then the details came in. We’d be blogging inside a DISPLAY WINDOW at Tangs Pavilion from 10am to 10pm this Friday and Saturday (that’s starting tomorrow!), with only toilet breaks every 3 hours. I think even meals are going to be served to us in the display, emmm emm.

More details at the Live Manniquin Blogathon 2009 facebook page.

bloggers at Tangs

As the event is a collaboration between Intel, Tangs, and Lenovo, we’ll be wearing cool outfits (got stylist ok!) from Tangs and working with Lenovo machines that are powered by Intel processors.

Technology meets fashion, the first time I’m associated with something that’s got to do with fashion, it is.. strange. Having dated someone who contributed to TiC doesn’t count, I guess.

Anyway! The four contestants – Cheesie, Huai Bin, Wern Shen, and myself are vying on the top prize that is a Lenovo Ultra Slim laptop. 60% of our points will be from number of posts/tweets/photos/comments, but another 40% from your votes in person!

So come over and vote for meeeeee!

Gosh I hope the aircondinging works…

This event was the result of a sponsorship campaign between Intel, Lenovo and TANGS Pavilion

When I was going to college, my only mean of transportation was my old trusted Honda EX5, and I would ride to everywhere (even from KL to Penang, but that’s another story). Most journeys are boring and monotonous, but the one stretch of road I always remember is from KL to Subang via Federal Highway, next to the GAB factory. It was the sweet smell coming out of the factory, yums!

So when I received an invitation to a blogger’s meet by Heineken at GAB’s a few weeks ago, it was almost like a “yes I’ve been wanting to do this for along time” moment.

The Tavern at GAB, why was Desmond checking out Mell’s food ?

It was actually the last event Mell I attended before she left for Melbourne, and Huai Bin was nice enough to give us a lift since my car was still in the workshop getting a much needed paint job. Thanks pal!

The three of us were greeted by the good people from GAB, and immediately we were served a glass of chilled Heineken to start the evening. This is as fresh as you can get when it comes to beer.

a well stocked buffet line

We started to attack the buffet line as the other guys starting come arrive. The number of dishes prepared was well adequate and a few dishes were actually quite tasty. The lamb was succulent, and Mell particularly loved the grilled sweet potato that went so well with the cold beer.

KY & Mell, Simon, ST, Audrey, Tim, Kenny, HB, Cindy, Tock

The other usual suspects slowly arrived at the scene. Timothy and Audrey, Gareth, Robb, Carol, Kenny, Cindy, Tock, Cynthia, Simon, and a couple other Nuffies too.

We were just chilling, have a beer each and did a lot of catch ups. I mean, we usually meet over events and parties where it is mostly too loud to talk, so a change of scenery to the quiet and exclusive bar set up at the Tavern was actually very nice.

Cindy, Audrey, and Robb in beer pouring competition, Robb failed

The gang were then challenged to play bartender for a round and see if we can pour a perfect pint. I got to say, this thing looks simple enough but I ended up with about 65% beer and 35% foam, fail.

Cindy, who hailed from the kampung in Johor did the best among us (I wonder why!) and got an almost perfect pint. Audrey, despite being slightly vertically challenged, did a whole lot better than the over confident Robb. Lesson learned, never judge a beer lady by their looks.

Win a trip to Krabi! (shhh, that’s the tropical beach)

Jasmine and Evonne then introduced us to Heineken Star Final 2009.

The Star Final 2009 is a 3 day trip to Krabi, all expenses paid, to watch the UEFA Champions League final on giant screen by the beach while gulping down Heineken with people from all over the world. I am very please to say that Suan, Horng, and I have already won our tickets at previous Heineken event.

how do you like my raft?

But of course, you have a chance to join us too by playing the game on the Star Final site, and you can do it from now until 30th April.

Basically the idea is like this: create a raft (customizable to pwetty colors!) and sail to from South Africa to Thailand. The virtual trip takes 5 days, and by the end of it the one with most points gets to win 2 tickets to Star Final 2009. You can play as many times every 5 days until the end of next month. So first if you don’t succeed, try again!

the fleet I’m in has 2 rafts so far

There are certain things in the game you can do to pick up more points. Like joining a bigger fleet, answering football related questions correctly as fast as you can (only 3 questions each time though!), or by inviting more friends and subscribing to Heineken newsletter.

I must say that the game is very well designed, the graphics are top notch and it is actually pretty fun and interactive. You can see people from other part of the world, message each other (appears as a bottle floating next to your raft), view fleet, and of course, your own raft. Everything is also customizable, very neat.

I’m still playing for fun even though I’ve already won the tickets. 😀

LapSap (Blink and XU), DJ Goldfish, Bumblebeez,

Other than the that, Heineken will also be having a string of events led by the main showdown – “A Night in Rome” at Hap Seng Star Mercedes-Benz Auto Haus on Jalan Sultan Ismail on the 25th of April with LapSap and The Bumblebeez spinning.

There will be giant projectors, mock Roman architecture and Champions League paraphernalia, fashion shows, performances and all that jazz too. It should be pretty awesome! See you there!