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Remember a little while ago I wrote a little bit about Sharp air conditioning and highlighted their Plasmacluster Ion technology? Well, today we’re going to look at one of Sharp’s most popular and trusted products – their Air Purifier with the same Plasmacluster technology.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to see how well the FP-E50E Air Purifier works in our environment.

Sharp Air Purifier with Plasmacluster in the box
Haze at work, next to a Sharp Air Purifier with Plasmacluster in the box

See, I have a somewhat allergy prone fiancee and three cats at home, throw in Malaysia’s less than ideal air quality during hazy season and the occasional chemical from Haze’s painting work (yes, her name is Haze, not a deliberate pun), and you have a recipe for a lot of sneezing and coughing in the work room.

HEPA filter and deodorizing filter
HEPA filter and deodorizing filter

This is where Sharp Air Purifier comes in handy.

The FP-E50E model comes with both a HEPA filter and a deodorizing filter. The HEPA, or high efficiency particulate air filter, is able to remove at least 99.97% of 0.3 µm particles, while the deodorizing filter works as the name suggests, removing unpleasant odors in the room the machine is operating in.

Then of course, there’s the all important Plasmacluster, which is Sharp’s disinfecting technology for suppressing the effects of airborne viruses, and breaking down and removing airborne mold. This technology is so good that you can find it in quite a variety of products these days, including cars, refrigerator, air conditioning, dryer, and more. In fact, there’s been over 50 million Plasmacluster unit sold to date.

These three technology works in unison to give you a much better air quality to live in.

Cendawan checking out the Sharp Air Purifier
Cendawan checking out the Sharp Air Purifier FP-E50E

One question that comes to mind for most people when purchasing an air purifier is the frequency in having to exchange the filters. According ot the user manual, the filters life is up to 5 years.

Whenever the filter indication sign turns orange (720 hours in medium fan speed), simply use a vacuum cleaner to gently clean the filter, and reset the indicator light, it is really rather low maintenance if you ask me.

Fan Speed, Haze Mode, Lock, Plasmacluster On/Off, Reset, Off Timer, and On/Off button
Fan Speed, Haze Mode, Lock, Plasmacluster On/Off, Reset, Off Timer, and On/Off button

One feature that I really like about this model is the Haze mode. Activating the button makes the machine release high-density Plasmacluster ions and discharges strong air flow for 60 minutes, then alternate between low and high level for 20 minutes each, removing the harmful effects of haze effectively.

I also find it quite useful when the artist at home does any sort of paint spraying job at home.

The Sharp FP-E50E Air Purifier with Plasmacluster looking good at our home office
The Sharp FP-E50E Air Purifier with Plasmacluster looking good at our home office

Other functions of the air purifier include an off timer, child lock, as well as a dust and odor indicator. I think maybe it’s about time to upgrade my smaller Sharp air purifier that I have in the room to something like this one.

For more information, do check out, and to learn more about Sharp’s Plasmacluster technology, head to

Additionally, there’s also a cuter website with Doraemon and all to learn about the product at

If you are one of the few readers who are familiar with this blog, it wouldn’t be wrong if you think that I have a particular liking for some really unhealthy food. The fact that there’s a lard tag and another intestine tag is a subtle evidence.

restaurant B & Best, with extra lard!
Restaurant B & Best fish noodle, with extra lard!

Lard is such yummy thing, aren’t they? Look at the bowl of kueh teow with red grouper, sambal, and an extra serving of lard, that was what I had just a few days ago at Restaurant B & Best, PJ SS 4.

ss3 pork noodle
pork noodle with intestine, liver, and of course, extra lard

And if fish noodle with lard is bad enough, what about a bowl of yummy pork noodle with pork, innards, and even more lard? Two of my favorite pork noodle places – Keat Fatt at PJ SS3, and Hong Cha at OUG both offers pretty much unlimited lard for the taking.

Human physiology is such a contradiction that more often than not, the things that are good for the taste buds are exactly the things you aren’t supposed to have (in excessive quantity I guess). If I had to argue against evolution, that would be my main and probably only argument. 😀

Life is of course, precious and everything, and when you have love ones who wants you to stay around for much longer than all this kinda lifestyle necessarily permits, self preservation must take a slightly higher priority.

All these lard (and plenty of other unhealthy stuff I eat) has a high correlation to increase in heart disease, high blood pressure, and a lot of other undesired health problems.

Hence I don’t eat pork noodle with extra lard every single day. I do put in a day of futsal every week and walk close to 4-5 KM on weekdays since I usually take the LRT instead of driving to work.

That is of course, not all we one can do. With the escalating medical costs, it is also important to have yourself covered just in case anything happens – be it a serious illness or accidents. That is where insurance comes into play.

Prudential Insurance

Medical insurance is something that everyone should look into, and it is even more important to start young. Premium is lower when you are younger and medically fit. As for myself, I opted for a combination of medical with investment plan from Prudential, the best of both worlds in my opinion.

My case is slightly unique, the company I work for allows employee to choose our own insurance and then make a claim of the premium. This allows me to choose my own medical plan. For those who are covered under group policies from their employers, many would agree that a second personal plan is probably a good safety net that is helpful when moving away from the current job.

Take a look at what Prudential has to offer, there’s a variety of plans that suits everyone.

Do you have yourself covered?