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Once in a while when I feel like I have to indulge myself with some awesome snacks, I’ll go to the 3rd floor of Isetan KLCC where they sell a variety of not-exactly-cheap, but very good imported snacks.

Snacks that I’ve tried from there includes the irresistible Keebler’s chocolate chip cookies and the oddly named Hello Panda biscuits. But today, lets talk about the delicious European snack – MiniSnack!

MiniSnack from Isetan
crunchy and creamy, slurps

I’m not exactly sure where this snack comes from, the name MiniSnack isn’t exactly very meaningful. However, the Sfoglia ripiena blah blah blah description seems to be Italian. Why do I care anyway, so long as this stuff tastes good, right?

MiniSnack from Isetan
hazelnut flavor, best

This thing costs almost RM8 per packet, and contains “6 puff pastry rolls filled with hazelnut cream” or cream flavor. Biting down this snack is pure heaven, the roll is crunchy and pretty light, while the fillings is creamy and heavy, tasted almost like melted chocolate with strong hazelnut flavor. The skin actually has a similar texture with Him Heang tambun biscuit.

RM 8 for 6 of these isn’t exactly cheap, considering I could finish the whole pack in one sitting, but the flavor is just so great. Last I had one these was quite a while ago, I think I’ll have to go to Isetan tomorrow!