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There comes a time where things grow bigger than the environment they are in. For example, an over ambitious employee in a small company or a baby Siberian Huskies in a Chiwawa’s dog house. When that happens, the overgrown individuals should move on to bigger and better places. In this case, my big fat Japanese Kois are now getting too big to live happily in the humble little koi pond we built some three years ago, and I think it is time to let them go and start all over again.

Hence, I am putting an advertisement on to sell them to someone who has a bigger pond that can host them for the remaining 30 odd years they’re expected to live. My entry is here.

Koi for sale

Why on 88db and not other sites? Well, the ad placement is free, and the best part is, from now till 29th of October, there are prices to be won for the most creative ad entries! A 4 days 3 nights tour to Bali with a Philips DVD player for the best entry, and 10 PSP for weekly winners too! More details can be found here.

So instead of a very plain and boring entry, I came up with a Haiku for my entry, since it’s all Japanese, you know… Please tell me it’s awesome, and lets pray I win at least a PSP! (which I can make good use with all the time I spend in the LRT)

Here it goes:
four huge Japanese kois
around 20 inches each
kohakus, showa, also tancho
swimming in the pond

but with size restriction
they’ve outgrown the pond
looking for new home
to grow into jumbos

pictures worth lotsa words
taken a year ago
now bigger and rounder
come see for yourself

striking colors, beautiful shapes
these fish are gems
to let go at
eleven thousand triple eight

p/s: Please tell me it’s awesome, or better still, buy my kois! Thank you very much. 😀

Thanks to the invite by Sultan Muzaffar, I got the invite to watch Cinta the movie, a local production. Since FA and Suan wrote some lengthy reviews on this movie, I’m gonna try something else, here goes haiku.

Cinta (movie)

Cinta, the movie
first Malay flick
I watched in cinema
it was a premier

five stories in one
many angles of affections
with ups and downs
an emotional roller coaster

some actings were great
some were a bit KAYUish
but overall
it was not bad at all

some shots were awesome
like postcards and pictures
but some sound and lightings
were not too impressive

I did not yawn
nor got bored
it was a flick
very much worth seeing

the movie opens
on 30th November
catch it on cinema
you will be surprised

side note:
One of the producers actually recognized yours truly and said something like “I recognize some of you but you don’t know who I am. I can see Suanie, Fireangel, and KY” before showing the movie. It was a bit awkward but I’ll take it as a vote of confidence. Thanks Tengku!

Also, Ally Iskandar is an awesome emcee. Hire him on your wedding or something.

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