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Sometimes last month, one of the readers of this blog, Lilian, sent me a “be a member for one day” coupon to Shangri-La hotel for the second time in as many years (Thank you Lilian!) Since I have dined in their Japanese restaurant Zipangu before, I decided to head to their acclaimed French restaurant, Lafite

Showcase lunch at Lafite, Shangri-La
Lafite at Shangri-La, KL

The membership benefit works a little differently at Lafite, 50% discount is provided for lunch, while only 20% for dinner (for 2 person). I figured dinner would be too much of a drag for the wallet and decided to try their showcase lunch instead.

The very sweet Grazie decided to join me for lunch since both of us work not far from the hotel, and Lafite is closed for lunch on weekends.

mini loaf, appertizers, seared tuna, salmon
mini loafs, salmon sandwich, seared tuna, beef

The whole lunch process is a little different here. To start with, there’s the familiar mini loafs with butter, then some 10 different appetizers and teasers from the showcase (ala buffet style), a main course we get to pick from 6-7 choices, and finally a predetermined dessert as the conclusion.

Grazie and I must have tried at least half a dozen appetizers, I find the beef and seared tuna to be particularly good, and the salmon sandwich pretty special in a slightly odd way. The mini loafs were really good as well, but due to limited stomach space I only had one of those.

duck confit, citrus scallop
main course: duck confit & citrus scallop

I ordered Duck Confit (duck thigh) and the lady went for the Citrus Scallop. The duck is served with pomme puree with mushroom ragout and some green beans. While I normally think duck breast tastes better, the duck confit was surprisingly good. Very savory and tasty.

The Citrus Scallop was very good as well. Seared scallops with orzo, lemon, and tomato olive reduction. The sweet seafood taste of scallop mixes well with tangy citrus reduction, unique, light, and delicious.

dessert with Grazie
Grazie and Damon’s dessert sampler

To conclude our lunch, Damon’s Dessert Sampler is served. The server politely told us that chef recommended dessert to be consumed from right to left.

The first item was a sort of sorbet that is very, very sour. The sort of sourness that makes a 3 year old goes all wrinkly. As it turned out, it was a perfect way to wash our taste buds anew for the next item, a creamy hot chocolate. Then came a little piece of sweetish pastry, strawberry with cream, and finally a soft candy. It was all presented very nicely with the taste that matches.

Map to Shangri-la Hotel, KL
Shangri-La Hotel is just a short walk from KLCC

Full price for the showcase lunch is RM 68++ per person. With the 50% discount, lunch for two came to less than RM 100, a pretty good deal for the food, the ambiance, and of course, the company (your mileage might vary).

Shangri-la Hotel
Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.152139, 101.709419
Tel: 03-2032 2388