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In the middle of last year, I embarked on a little project to the KY eats section by spending quite a bit of time geo-tagging (almost) all the food entries for the GPS savvy readers.

Since then, google map has evolved to be a pretty useful mapping tool for Malaysia, complete with updated road names and navigational ability (right click on the maps and choose Directions from here, or Directions to here). You can also tag locations and create your very own custom maps so long as you have a google account. It is all pretty neat.

This got me an idea to make the food review locations a little bit more visual, so if you know where you want to eat, you can browse all the reviews I’ve done that are closest to the area.

In the past few days, I spent quite a bit of time creating custom google maps just for this purpose. So ladies and gentlemen, here goes!

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The links to the maps are found on the top banner as well as the right sidebar under PAGES of this blog.

I now have maps for KL, PJ & Selangor, as well as Penang. More shall come soon, and these maps are constantly updated whenever an entry is added to this blog. I think I will also differentiate the type of food with different icons in the future to (default icons are limited).

You can drag, zoom (click the +/- sign on top left or double click on map), and clicking on individual icon shows a picture and a direct link of the food entries I blogged here. Try it out!

Here is the map of KL:

View Larger Map

What do you think? 😀