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Just a few days ago I wrote about Mat Rock nasi ayam kunyit being one of the “old school” type of food trucks around KL area, well, here’s one event where you can now check out some of the “hipster food trucks” offering a menu usually geared towards a more international flavor – at the Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia.

food trucks are going to be at the LPGA Malaysia this year (photo credit: Sime Darby Malaysia LPGA)
food trucks are going to be at the LPGA Malaysia this year
(photo credit: Sime Darby Malaysia LPGA) 

The LPGA will be held at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC) from 8-11 October, 2015.

In addition to world class golf actions, the KL Food Truck Festival is also going to be part of the festivities. There will be six different food trucks at the location:

  • Cowboys – Southern American cuisine
  • Burger Giler Power – burger
  • Thyme Out – Tex-Mex
  • Ken’s Food Truck – Western/European cuisine
  • Ninja Trucks – pizza
  • Wheeloaf – sandwich, panini

Wheeloaf, one of the participating food trucks at LGPA
Wheeloaf, one of the participating food trucks at LGPA

With food price capped at RM 10, these food truck offers not only an interesting array of choices, but they’re rather affordable too. You can try all of them without having to hunt individual trucks at their various locations. Personally I’ve had a taste of wheeloaf’s panini and thought it was actually very good.

Malaysia LPGA food truck bazaar
Malaysia LPGA food trucks (photo credit: Sime Darby Malaysia LPGA)

In addition to the food trucks, you can also feast on Executive Chef Arnold Kwok’s extensive F&B selection at the Courtyard and around the Festival at KLGCC especially if you prefer to have a more relaxing sit-down meal.

DJ Patricia K
DJ Patricia K 

On the entertainment front, DJ and television host, Patricia K will be at Sime Darby LPGA to spin her numbers. In all it should be a few days of good food, music, and freebies.

Michelle Wie (photo credit: Getty Images)
Michelle Wie (photo credit: Getty Images)

And lest we forget, there’s also the golf. The likes of Lydia Ko and Michelle Wie are going to be head to head on the green. There’s a huge screen adjacent to the 18th hole complete with live commentary and onsite emcee.

If you’re a fan of golf, or even just a fan of food, this event should be on your calendar. Single day ticket is at RM 30 each, and 10-11th October weekend pass is priced at RM 50. For every ticket purchased, you will get a free food voucher. For more information please head to


Heineken has been a long-term sponsor for premier sporting events – the UEFA Champions League, Heineken Cup, the leading international rugby competition, and the US Open, one of the most important tennis majors.

Heineken CIMB Classic 2013

Adding to that list of impressive events is this year’s CIMB Classic 2013 that is going on at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club (KLGCC) from 24-27 October this year, pitting the no.1 international premier beer with the most prestigious golfing event in Asia.

If you aren’t one who is already a fan of golf, check out the following video that might teach you a thing or two on how to play a round of golf:

The Heineken Championship is designed as a platform for local amateurs to showcase their talent and finesse on the course, forming an avenue to cultivate their talent to compete at a global standard among the icons in the world of golf at the CIMB classic.

There will be a Heineken public hospitality marquee at the CIMB Classic located above the food village where enthusiasts can have a taste of Heineken’s The Green Experience. Fans will enjoy a grandstand view of the event while enjoying a glass of cold refreshing Heineken.

Furthermore, guests can also get behind the bar and learn to pour their perfect pint of ice cold Heineken or try their hands at various games while witnessing the action on screen.

Find out more about Heineken’s exciting calendar of events at our Facebook page ( or Twitter (

One of the most often asked questions I get is “How the hell are you being still skinny when you are having all these food all the time!?” with a sometimes not overly friendly tone. Well, I live a reasonably active lifestyle.

To stay reasonably healthy and not let the excess calories pile up around the midsection, I exercise regularly. In addition to my regular badminton, futsal, and ping pong regime on a weekly basis, I have recently trying to pick up golf with my housemate and best buddy Horng at the driving range.

KY and Horng hitting golf at driving range
Horng and I whacking some balls

As it turns out, golfing is a lot harder than it seems. This is my 4th session at the driving range and has changed the way I swing the club as many times from pointers given by others and our observations of other experienced players. Still I get less than half the balls flying properly.

Last night we went to the driving range at Sunway again, and when Amanda called up for a yumcha session we asked her to join us instead. The good thing about this place is that food and drinks are available, and the whole session is actually no different from going out at mamak, except you get to exercise in between drinks and snacks. Killing two birds with a golf ball, pretty nifty.

check out the video with me and Amanda miss hitting the ball

The first time I went to the driving range I ended up with sore back, thighs, and arm. Who says golf isn’t proper exercise? I think I’m gonna do this on a regular basis, and hopefully we’d improve enough to go to the course in a few month’s time.


vPost Nuffnang Christmas Party

I’m also heading to Singapore for the vPost-Nuffnang Christmas Party with a bunch of Nuffnang gang and bloggers. My second visit to Singapore this month! See you there if you’re attending it too!