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Having had my new Transitions Signature lens glasses for a couple months now, I really began to appreciate the new technology more that went into these prescription glasses more and more, and I am happy that it works as well as they claimed to be. Considering that the previous version I used was already very good, the improvement is still very noticeable.

I want to take  you through the lenses and talk a little bit on how they work.

Transitions lens with great clarity indoor
Transitions lens with great clarity for working in front of computer

For those who aren’t familiar with Transitions, my previous article Smart Lenses Just got Smarter – Transition® Signature talked a little about how they work in a more general and some of the benefits brought by these glasses.

In this post, I want to dwell into them a little bit more with real life examples from my own.

Transitions with Chromea7 technology
Transitions with Chromea7 technology

The most important technology behind Transitions Signature lenses is Chromea7.

This is a patented formulation consisting unique dyes that are integrated to the surface of every Transitions Signature lens. The dyes are made up of trillions of molecules that smoothly re calibrate as the light condition changes. From dark to light and back at just the right tint so that the optimal amount of light reaches your eyes.

Yes, this is the twenty first century, we have stuff like these!

great clarity of the lenses indoor
great clarity of the lenses indoor

So, when you are indoor away from sunlight, such as the example above in KLCC Suria Mall, the glasses are completely clear and act like any non-tinted prescription glasses.

Conveniently, this also works when you’re in front of the computer even though technically there are lights shining at you, but because the activation of the tint is by UV lights, it does not get tinted when you’re working. This of course, applies only for working indoor.

more reactive to indirect light
more reactive to indirect light

Chromea7 technology was designed to be more reactive to indirect light. Which means that light that bounces off building, cars, and other surfaces is also sensed by the lenses and react accordingly.

This property is especially important if you find yourself in cityscape such as KL where you might not be in direct sunlight among the tall buildings, cars, buses and so forth, where reflections that results in indirect sunlight are prevalent.

indoor by the window with some indirect sunlight
indoor by the window with some indirect sunlight

In the example above by the window in a cloudy day, you can see that the lens has a slight tint. This is not very pronounced as some of the UV light is blocked off by the window, but at the same time it shows the re-activeness of Transitions lenses away from direct sunlight.

more responsive in hotter climate
more responsive in hotter climate

Photocrhomic lenses, as with most technology that relates to chemical or physical reactions, usually gets influenced by temperature.

While traditional photochromic lenses don’t get as dark in hotter climate because of the way heat interacts with the molecules, Chromea7 technology was formulated to be more independent of temperature and be able to get darker even in hotter climates.

the change of tint is almost instantaneous, outdoor at KLCC park
the change of tint is almost instantaneous, outdoor at KLCC park

This property bode very well with our Malaysian climate. As the example above shows. Being outdoor at KLCC park in a pretty warm late afternoon, the glasses changed almost instantaneously to a comfortable tint.

Looking up to this beautiful building doesn’t come with the associated squinting or having to cover part of your forehead with your palm as a makeshift “roof” anymore.

just the right shade, just the right color
just the right shade, just the right color

With the experience gathered by Transitions over the years, they were able to formulate the dye in such a way that the lens provide an even color at all levels of tint, giving the right shade and the right color every time.
under the shade, evening by the pond
under the shade, evening by the pond

This is a slightly harder property to show in pictures, but for the past couple months owning this pair of glasses. I must say that I’m very satisfied with the way it works. It gives great clarity and the tint, while not as dark as sunglasses, provides very sufficient protection against both direct and indirect sunlight and glare when I’m outdoor.

Moving the glasses to my little chef that’s by the same pond but at a brighter area, you can see that the colour of the lens switched to a slightly darker tint. This showcases the “right shade, right colour” property of the lens.

the different shades of my Transitions Signature glasses
the different shades of my Transitions Signature glasses – indoor in the office, indoor in mall,
by the windows in the building, and outdoor

Transitions Signature lens can be paired with a wide variety of frames, head to to find out where you can get them.

Every single member of my family wear glasses, my mom and late dad usually wears them for reading, my younger brother is a full time wearer due to short sightedness, and my sister recently had her lasik. I am the lone ranger who can sort of get by without wearing glasses, or so I thought.

Truth is, I always thought I had rather good vision. It wasn’t until when I went to Sepang for a drag race (as spectator, of course) that I found out I actually had problem viewing the timing display a 1/4 mile away while my buddy Kenneth could read it perfectly without any trouble. That’s when he suggested to me that I might suffer from astigmatism and that I should have my eyes checked.

Optical 88 at Suria KLCC, and my choice of frame
Optical 88 at Suria KLCC, and my choice of frame

The first pair of glasses I made was about 4 years ago, right after treating an eye injury I suffered while playing futsal, and it wasn’t until then that my astigmatism was confirmed by professionals.

I started wearing the glasses mostly while driving at night, it was like from normal movie to IMAX high definition, with the improvement even more pronounced when it rains. With astigmatism, glare is usually my biggest enemy.

time to check my eye sight, seems like it's similar to before
time to check my eye sight, seems like it’s similar to before

A couple weeks ago, I went for another eye test (perhaps once in 4 years is a bit slacking it) to get another pair of glasses, this time arranged by Transitions Optical to test drive their adaptive lenses.

The operators at Optical 88, KLCC were very helpful and professional in explaining and conducting the eye test to find out my condition. It was a two step process, starting with a computerized eye check that tells an approximate reading, followed by another detailed and more manual process in which lenses are swapped around in order to find out my exact power (not to be confused with super power.)

activation mid-light, it was just after rain
activation mid-light, it was just after rain

My readings came out to be P, -100, 75 for right eye, and -025, -075, 105 for left eyes (SPH, CYL, AXIS). The lady explained to me that I have mild to moderate astigmatism in both eyes, and a very mild case of short sightedness in my left eye.

I didn’t have the detailed reading from 4 years ago but I believe there weren’t any short sightedness then.

Three days later, I collected my second pair of prescription glasses in my life – this time with adaptive lenses from Transitions Optical.

Transitions vs normal lens, with my brother at Legoland
Transitions® lens vs normal lens, with my brother at Legoland

For those who aren’t familiar with Transitions lenses, it is basically a very clever technology. The lenses uses a patented photochromic technology that enables rapid activation (darkening of the lens) when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet lights. When UV light is absent, the lens quickly fade back to clear. Other than UV light, temperature also play a part in affecting the reaction time of these lenses as well.

In short, it’s even better than just having a pair of glasses for when you’re indoor, and another pair of sunnies when you’re out, for with Transitions lenses the darkening isn’t just an ON/OFF thing but varying shades in between too. However, it’s good to note that Transitions® lenses do not turn as dark as sunglasses especially in our climate.

adaptive lens is the way to go for motorcycling, can't take off the glasses at will
adaptive lens is the way to go for motorcycling, can’t take off the glasses at will

Back to driving, I find using my new pair of glasses a much more convenient and safer affair.

One of my friends on facebook mentioned his incidence of driving in a tunnel that appeared way too dark, and was about to curse when he realized he was actually still wearing his sunnies. This might sound funny, but is actually also a safety concern. With Transitions lenses, there is no such problem.

outdoor vs indoor, from dark to clear

I tried using sun glasses while riding my bikes before, but with the full face helmet there isn’t a way to take it off when going through tunnels or when it gets too dark. Again, no such problem with my new glasses. It’ll go completely clear and back to dark rather quickly in changing conditions.

Do note that if you use visors with UV protection, the lack of UV inside the helmet will not trigger the darkening of the lenses. My visor happened to be the clear type without UV protection so it worked very well for me.

great view right? not when you're driving, especially with astigmatism
great view right? not when you’re driving, especially with astigmatism

Transitions lenses also blocks 100% of UVA & UBV rays, and designed to work with most prescriptions and frames. They come in either brown or gray, and are safe for any age, including children.

Check this out when it’s time for your next pair of glasses, it’s time to take a serious look into adaptive lenses. If you head to Optical 88 at KLCC, Sunway Pyramid, or Mid Valley, quote “KY” to get yourself a pair of Transitions Adaptive Lenses and walk yourself home with Transitions exclusive travel wallet and name card holder (worth RM59.90) while stock lasts.

Furthermore, to make things more interesting, here’s a little something:

  • Leave a comment to this question: “What do you love about Transitions Lenses and how do they fit perfectly in your daily life?”
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  • Contest ends by 31st August, 2013
  • The prize is non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash.

Good luck!

For more information, check out and their facebook page