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It’s been a while since yours truely posted some wholesome healthy dishes that you too can make at home. Here is the latest invention of the KY herbal soup that I am quite sure, no ordinary chef will serve at any decent restarants, enter the KY’s herbal glass noodle soup.

Herbal Glass Noodle Soup
glass noodle, herbal soup, chicken, shrimps, yumm..

So here are the ingredients:

  • a pack of herbal soup.. er.. herbs
  • a piece of chicken breast
  • some pork ribs
  • some shrimps
  • two portion of glass noodle
  • some garlic
  • half a chinese cabbage

Herbal Glass Noodle Soup

Simple enough isn’t it? Now here are the steps:

  • First pre-boil the ribs seperated in a small pot
  • Remove the ribs from small pot and put it in a bigger pot, boil this with the herbs
  • Let the herbal soup simmer in a low fire for at least an hour
  • Boil the shrimps and chicken breast (cut into pieces) with some garlic in a seperate pot
  • At the same time, add some Chinese cabbage to the herbal soup, add some salt accoreding to taste
  • After the shirmps and chicken are about cooked (only takes a couple minutes), add in glass noodle
  • Cook for another couple minutes, then remove the water and empty the good stuff into serving bowls
  • Finally, add herbal soup with vege and ribs into the bowl that already has glass noodle, chicken, and shrimps

Herbal Glass Noodle Soup
are you hungry?

This is just about as wholesome a meal one can get in a dish. Seafood, poultry, meat, vegetable, all in the rejuvenating herbal soup. I had some red chilies in soya sauce on the side too. It’s all pretty simple to make, impress your girl friend, or mother in law, or something..

By the way, the ingredients were not really chosen by design, though they ended up mixing well and being absolutely delicious. Cheers!