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A week or so ago I was invited to the launch of Weissbrau’s new menu at Pavilion KL, the German restaurant that is partly owned by a friend whom we used to play badminton with in like, 2006.

Five years later he runs this German restaurant that serves a variety of beer and pork, while the rest of us.. well..

Weissbrau at Pavilion KL
Good food, awesome beer, and one lousy band

The launch of new menu was a pretty rowdy affair, there were the usual suspects – Reta, Elfie, Gareth and Kim, Michael, Cumi & Ciki, BangsarBabe, and more. Heck, there were even some Russian models.. who were probably just there for some free noms & booze,  but did contribute to the overall almost-European ambiance.

it's all about the beer!
it’s all about the beer – Carlsberg, Erdinger, Leffe

There were plenty of good beer to go around, there’s Erdinger, Leffe, Franziskaner, Hoegaarden, and more. For those who prefer local stuff perhaps due to budgetary constraints, there do have Carlsberg and Tuborg too.

plenty of good German food to go around
plenty of good German food to go around

And yes, food. We were served buffet style so the presentation here isn’t exactly the best. There were the usual suspects – classic Frankfurter, meatloaf, pork burger, and even pork neck. The salads were pretty awesome too.

The new menu can be found on their facebook page, including prices.

fun time is what we had!
fun time is what we had!

The kitchen is headed by a Swiss German chef, and has been pretty good on my previous few visits there.

As for this launch, we had a great time, and could have been better if the band was any good. They call themselves Mad Sally, a word play of sort since the members are all whites, or almost white, I think.

In any case, they play pretty good music, but both the vocalists can’t sing for nuts. It was only on the 3rd hour onwards that we started to enjoy the music, when there were enough alcohol in our system to render a much greater tolerance in acoustic quality.

But hey, it was still an awesome party!