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Every once in a while, it’s good to get your hands greasy and enjoy a sumptuous, thick stack of mostly not-so-healthy stack of the quintessential American dish – the burger. With a obscene ratio of carb, protein, fat, and trace amount of vege, the burger is a simple dish that I can certainly get behind with from time to time (but maybe not daily).

Burgertory, Subang Jaya SS15
Burgertory, Subang Jaya SS15

Today, let’s look at one of the earliest burger joints that sprung up during the initial burger fad back in 2013 and manage to survive to this day when many from such period has faltered – Burgertory in Subang Jaya

The shop is located on first floor in SS15, you actually have to spend a bit of effort walking upstairs, which kinda make for a good justification for the calorie you’ll be consuming there, I think?

The interior is something that looks pretty fancy half a decade ago, but we’re here for the food, right?

Menu can be found on the wall (see thumbnail below) and consists of options for pork, beef, chicken, and even vege patties. If you want to be creative, there’s also opportunity to customize your own burger by adding more onion, egg, cheese, etc.

The Pig & Cow, Bacon Madness
The Pig & Cow, Bacon Madness

We tried two burgers here. Pig & Cow (RM 23) came with cheddar cheese, onion, streaky bacon & lettuce, while Bacon Madness (RM 22) is made up of smoked cheese, crispy onion, candy bacon bits, and candy bacon.

We also had it as a set with truffle chips & drinks (+ RM 9), and fries with drinks (+ RM 7.5). The drinks are on free unlimited refill.

look at those onion & bacon!
look at those onion & bacon!

The burgers were.. very good! The buns were so greasy you’d need a stack of tissue paper to wipe your hands off after, but the patties were good (thought pork was perhaps a bit better over beef in this case), and the bacon candy was excellent, crispy, thick, and sweet, reminds me of a cross between “normal” bacon and bak kua. And with those crispy onion? Heaven!

As for the truffle chips, it was a disappointment, there’s a hint of truffle oil perhaps but it’s also like saying you can see a hint of Chow Yun Fatt in me cos we’re both Asian.. The normal fries tho was excellent and you should choose it over those truffle chips every time.

I’ll go back to Burgertory again, alternatively Spades just a stone’s throw away is also worth visiting for sure.

Burgertory menu

burgertory map, ss15

8, Jalan SS 15/4d, Ss 15,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.076765, 101.588086
Tel: 03-7498 1811

Every once in a while, we would make a rather long journey from PJ all the way to downtown Pudu for dinner. The destination is almost always the old school outdoor open air food court at Jalan Sayur.

There you find many stalls that are famous for what they serve (char kuih kak being my favorite, mixed pork porridge is awesome too). Today, we look at Sei Ngan Zai fried chicken (四眼仔胜利炸鸡)

Sei Ngan Zai fried chicken stall at Jalan Sayur
Sei Ngan Zai fried chicken stall at Jalan Sayur

The stall is located at the end of Jalan Sayur that is closest to Jalan Pudu, and almost always with a line of customers waiting to get their freshly fried chicken.

A piece of chicken cost RM 2.80, chicken wings at RM 2.30, and a 1/4 chicken (thigh & drumstick) is priced at RM 4.50. They also offer fries at RM 1.80, and for those with a sense of adventure to the wild side – bishop’s nose (aka chicken ass).

we had fries, chicken wings, and thigh
we had fries, chicken wings, and thigh

Their fried chicken is well marinated and you almost always have it straight out of the fryer, steamy hot, tender, and definitely very delicious. The fries are passable though not exactly special. I’m not a fan of bishop’s nose (tried it years before and found it a tad too oily) but words are that this place serves one of the bests in town.

If you head down to Jalan Sayur, be sure to grab a few pieces of fried chicken from sei ngan zai, they serve as pretty awesome side dishes to go with whatever else that you decide to be your main show of the night.

map to Jalan Sayur hawker center

Sei Ngan Zai Fried Chicken
Jalan Sayur,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Pudu,
Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.135208, 101.713051
Hoursdinner & supper