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Congratulations to Nico Rosberg, who was recently crowned as the 2016 Formula One champion, a title well earned after battling with teammates and closest rival Lewis Hamilton for so many years.

KY & Nico Rosberg, 2013
KY & Nico Rosberg, 2013

Nico also promptly announced his retirement, which came as a complete surprise to most everyone, but ultimately it was a decision that few can make, to go out on the top and to put his family first an foremost in his mind. The first father & son champion.

I was very lucky to be part of an event back in 2013 where Nico & Lewis raced in a small strip of road at Putrajaya on a couple Mercedes A250 cars. When a seat opened, I jumped in and had a time of my life with Nico as our driver racing with Hamilton. I’ll forever cherish that special moment being in a car driven by an eventual Formula One champion.

Nico in a Mercedes A250
Nico in a Mercedes A250

The photos and video were kept as a draft that was never published of this blog due to various reasons, but I thought it’s the perfect time to do so. After all, this is my place on the internet where I keep significant memories.

This is the Sepang International Circuit. Since 1999 it has been hosting the second leg of Formula 1 racing event, and always it is one of the more exciting venue on the calendar.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the Malaysian weather at this time around the year is a bit erratic. Thunderstorm and heavy shower can seemingly come out of nowhere especially during late afternoon, all of which makes for very exciting strategy and condition in racing. Skills, thrills, and plenty of drama.

Sepang F1 Circuit

The question is, wouldn’t you want to be there?

My pretty big and constantly growing bucket list includes attending an F1 and MotoGP event. I managed to cross MotoGP off the list last year (what an exciting race!), and this year I want to make it to F1!

So what if I told you, you can win a pair of Grand Stand tickets to this year’s Formula 1 Petronas Grand Prix? #morpheus

The answer lies on the Gillette Creative Foam Race-Off contest that is happening now at Lazada Malaysia.

Simply follow these instructions to give yourself a chance to win:

  • Purchase any Gillette products on from 13-19th March
  • All purchases for Gillette items will enjoy FREE shipping nationwide
  • Using Gillette’s shaving foam, design / craft a form or picture on any surface. Be creative!
  • Send your entry to with your purchase order number
  • Closing date for contest is 12 noon, 19th March 2013

(terms and conditions)

For more information, check out Lazada Malaysia’s facebook page.

The awesome photo above is my entry to the competition, I did it before realizing that you can actually use the shaving cream to craft something on any surface, but since I looked pretty sweet there I decide to use it instead. What do you think? hehehe

In any case, I want to be part of the Formula 1 event, I can’t wait.

Submit your contest entry ASAP and best of luck to you!

And for the record, while it’s easy to support Red Bull Racing and I do like Sebastian Vettel, I’m there to root for Kimi Raikkonen and the Team Lotus. After all Lotus Elise is also in my bucket list. Mercedes AMG Petronas is also gets my support, because Petronas!

Go Lotus! Go Petronas! Go Malaysia!