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While most of us love to travel to exotic places and faraway land, those are nice and dandy, but also cost a lot of time and money. But if you look a options closer to home, there are actually a lot of hidden gems all within a couple hours’ drive from Klang Vally that makes for great day trips.

A couple months ago, we went to one of such places for a bit of eco-tourism at Perting Falls (also known as Lata Hammers), near Bentong. It was organized by Suan with Yen (who took us to Chilling Fall back in 2007) as our guide.

we started our journey, walking past rubber estate
we started our journey, walking past rubber estate

Take the Bukit Tinggi exit on Karak Highway and get on Route 68, the old road to Bentong. Follow that scenic route for about 16 km and try not to hit any of the many bicyclists typically found on this beautiful swerving road in the morning.

You will pass a hot spring right before the turning to Perting Valley training resort, take this exit and drive about 2.5-3 km inwards, or as much as your car can take. The road condition isn’t great, a 4×4 would be most awesome.

along the way we had to pass Sungai Perting Pandak
along the way we had to pass Sungai Perting Pandak

Since we drove normal sedans and did not want end up buying new wheels, we parked conservatively at about 2 km or so before the actual trek begins. The trail itself is almost 3 km, and reasonably easy to trek bar some overgrowth that might scratch your legs just a bit.

after 5km of trekking, the final steep descent to the waterfall
after 5km of trekking, the final steep descent to the waterfall

In total we trekked just over 5 km each way, which takes about 1.5 to 2 hours if you do it leisurely. The jungle trail itself should take only an hour if you manage to drive closer. While there are a few steeper areas, the walk isn’t a particularly challenging one, Ahfa’s retired mom had no problem keeping up, in fact, she was better than half of the youngsters. (ok maybe not youngsters anymore if you’re over 30.)

Check out the embedded endomondo trail at the bottom after the map.

Jamie had a zen moment
Jaime had a zen moment

Perting Fall has a beautiful pond with chilling cold water. A few of us took a swim in it, it was fantastic. The closer you swim towards the waterfall, the more it pushes you back, kinda like swimming on treadmill.

Like most waterfalls, there are sometimes whirlpools which present a danger. Always exercise caution and not do anything stupid. It is also advisable to bring along a small box of first aid kit with you.

Yen had a "penunu bunsen" and made tea, we tapao some nasi lemak too
Yen had a small gas stove and made tea, we tapao some nasi lemak too

Due to the distance one has to trek, this waterfall isn’t particularly crowded. Other than our group, there were perhaps maybe around 10 other people, including a few who camped overnight.

Our well prepared guide also brought along a small gas stove and made us some 3 in 1 coffee & milo, together with some nasi lemak we packed earlier in the morning, we refueled.

map to Perting Fall

We started our journey back at around 1:30 pm after spending 2-3 hours at the waterfall. Another 1 hour 40 minutes and plenty of sweat later, we got back to the parking lot and made our way back to KL, but not before having an awesome late lunch at Bukit Tinggi (it’ll be on another post).

Eco-tourism spots is aplenty in Malaysia, and something that we should treasure and enjoy. Check out if you’re interested in trying out something like this, there are easier trails and more accessible waterfalls too.

Travelling can be cheap and fun while being healthy all at the same time!

Today, lets talk about moving your body.

In this post, I will once and for all show that you too can eat (almost) all you want and live a life without being overweight. Something that I practice almost religiously these days.

I have to admit, I did not used to be like this. While my late dad was a very active person who swam & run on an almost daily basis, I was your average slob who would change the TV channel with my feet just to not move away from the couch (the remote broke).

my current weight
my current weight – 59.8 KG, at 5’5

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized this wasn’t the right way to live, I wanted to be active and stay healthy, so I found a few sports I love doing, and have been staying active pretty much since.

Here are a few tips for you to get started on an active life style:

badminton shoes

1. Find the activity you enjoy

While my late dad enjoyed jogging and swimming, they weren’t my favorite sports. After a bit of searching, I settled on futsal, badminton, and mountain biking. Futsal and badminton were fun cos they are group activities, and I found mountain biking more enjoyable than jogging due to the faster pace (see more things in the process) and that it is usually less hot with the wind blowing in your face.

2. Find activities you can do despite the weather

With mountain biking and jogging, you are at the mercy of the weather, but since futsal and badminton are indoor activities, there isn’t any such problem. You want to have at least one activity that can be done all year long. It can be gym, futsal, basketball, badminton, or even running on treadmill.

You don’t want a couple weeks of bad weather for you to lose your momentum.

KY futsal thursday

3. Participate in team sports or find partner(s)

Individual sports offer flexibilities on schedules, but at the same time it also allows the less determined individuals to easily skip the routine. With team sports, you not only foster extra friendship with people you play with, but there is a certain expectation to be there and at least make the number every week. This in turn indirectly forces you to work out, brilliant isn’t it?

A partner to go to the gym or jog together works wonder too.

endomondo screen shot

4. Use an application to track your progress

If you are a smart phone user, there are a number of sports tracking applications available for your usage, and most of them are free too. These applications helps track your progress via manual entry and even utilizing the phone’s GPS to track your biking/running trail. I use Endomondo on my phone and keeps track of every workout I do.

Since mid of June (when I started using Endomondo) till mid December, I’ve registered 77 workouts and spent some 35,000 calories. That’s equivalent to some 64 burgers consumed. 😀

 5. Make it your New Year resolution

With 2012 just around the corner, make a new year resolution that counts and stick to it. Your body will thank you.

Good luck and stay fit (or start changing that A between F & T to an I).

P/S: Do tune into 1 Sihat Malaysia to get more health tips on eating habits and healthy living. The program is hosted by Fahrin Ahmad and features stories from the local celebrities. Head to for more, this post is brought to you by Ministry of Health.