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In the last few years, coffee culture in Malaysia experience quite a significant growth.

As I recalled, even just five years ago when I had to go to Le Passione Cafe at Hartamas for a cup of decent (and non-starbucks, non-coffeebeans) coffee. But now, we have plenty, and it’s great!

Cosans Coffee at Subang Jaya SS15
Cosans Coffee at Subang Jaya SS15

One of the many home brewed cafe chains that sprung up in recent years is Cosans Coffee, and my brother’s friend happened to be one of the persons behind it, which is why you’re reading this today.

I met my brother and a few others at the branch of Cosans Coffee at Subang Jaya a few weeks ago. The cafe is situated at a corner lot with tasteful design that took cues from English architecture, and a chilly air conditioning fitting for hot drinks. I remember when I studied at this part of the world over 1.5 decades ago, the most glamorous shops weren’t a quarter as neat as this one.

love the latte, with my brother Win Sern
love the latte, with my brother Win Sern who’s a medical doctor

Cosans apparently take pride in their process of making coffee (you can find out more details in their website), but what I do know is that their latte tastes as good as anywhere I’ve tried. The milk silky smooth, and the coffee positively strong and aromatic. That’s all I ask for in a cup of coffee, and I like their version here.

In addition to latte, they serve a full range of espresso based drinks, including macchiato, espresso, flat white, cappuccino,  mocha, and so forth. Prices of these drinks RM 7 to RM 14. Oh, they have affogato too.

sandwiches at Cosans, they pack a punch
sandwiches at Cosans, they pack a punch

Additionally, what sets Cosans apart from many other cafes is the sandwiches and salad they serve. The sandwiches are priced at RM 18-20 but they are absolutely loaded. I tried the blackcurrant smoked duck and would not hesitate to order again, the New Zealand beef steak sandwich too is something to reckon with. Two sandwiches here is probably enough for 3 person with average appetite.

Salad starts from RM 10 to RM 15, and there’s a selection of cakes to go with your caffeine. I haven’t tried these so to be honest, I wouldn’t be able to comment.

So if you’re around Subang looking for a place to chill out and possibly have a meal with some good coffee, Cosans is worth stopping by.

Cosans Coffee
30, Jalan SS 15/4,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.075284, 101.5875
03-5612 9600


with Transitions lens on a cloudy day
with Transitions lens on a cloudy day, while walking back from LRT station after work

A note to those who may wonder why Transitions lenses, including this pair of Transitions® Signature™ lenses in this picture has a tint when it is cloudy, this is due to the fact that UV light penetrate clouds, and hence activating the lenses. This way I’m still protected against the harmful rays even on a cloudy day.

First and foremost, here are the few key points you need to know about Harith Iskandar’s Laugh Malaysia:

  • 8:30 pm, 29th Oct 2014
  • Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil
  • Harith Iskandar, Jason Leong, Papa CJ
  • biggest stand-up comedy event in Malaysia
  • tickets at RM 258, RM 158, RM 118, RM 78, and RM 38
  • RedTix Hotline: 03-8775 4666 or

Jason Leong, KY, Jason C, and Harith Iskandar
Jason Leong, KY, Jason C, and Harith Iskandar

Truth be told, Malaysia as a nation has been going through quite a rough patch recently. The MH370 and MH17 tragedies, impending GST implementation, UPSR leaks, Klang Valley water disruptions, and even the weather hasn’t been giving us anything to cheer about.

So, as Harith said, the only thing to combat all these disparity and tragedy that has befallen the country, we need to bring the nation together to stand united and resilient, through the best way he knows – via true Malaysian-styled comedy and humor!

Harith Iskandar and Jason Leong giving us a run down of Laugh Malaysia
Harith Iskandar and Jason Leong giving us a run down of Laugh Malaysia

A number of us were lucky enough to be invited to the media day hosted by VersaComm Sdn Bhd, the official PR team of Laugh Malaysia, led by Mei Chieng held at Espressolab at Kota Damansara with Harith Iskandar and Jason Leong. We got to meet them personally and talk about a little the event, a little about themselves, and a lot about absolutely everything.

Harith mentioned how he abandoned his career in advertising after obtaining a degree in journalism to pursuit a career in comedy and somehow became known as the godfather of stand-up comedy in Malaysia, while Jason Leong, a certified doctor who works in a hospital is currently trying to do the same, having a passion in stand-up comedy over the more serious career in medicine.

Joining the duo would be an international act – special guest Papa CJ, one of India’s most influential comedians.

a joyous media event attended by bloggers
a joyous media event attended by bloggers

I took the opportunity to ask Harith on the theme of the show and how much of it will be new material vs some of his classic favorites. According to the man, it’ll be over 90% complete new with a bit of some classic “best of” plus interactive visuals and live music. The theme would be from a mixture of daily observations about what make Malaysia, well, truly Malaysia, a typical Harith Iskandar style that we’ve grown to love.

As for Jason Leong, I’ve actually attended one of his first performances a few years ago in Zouk’s comedy night, and to be frank, he wasn’t terribly good then and I thought he overused the fact that he’s a medical doctor. However, I saw him a few months ago again and boy did the good doctor improve! He’s now a legit and properly awesome stand-up comedian that I would pay to watch.

Papa CJ has toured 4 different continents and even worked with of Russel Peters in Amsterdam, we can certainly expect a great show from him.

the media event was hosted at Espressolab
the media event was hosted at Espressolab

The corporate supports for Laugh Malaysia include CelcomFirst, Sime Darby Foundation, Seremban 2, MTT Priority and Pemandu, a percentage of profits from ticket sales will also be channeled to OrphanCARE, a charitable NGO that strives to place abandoned children in homes with loving family. Harith and wife Dr. Jezamine are abassadors of OrphanCARE.

So mark your calendar down, this 29th Oct, 2014 we’ll have the largest stand up comedy show in the country and it’s gonna be glorious!

I love coffee, and every time I went to Harvery Norman or Best Denki, I’d stopped by the coffee machine section and check out those beautiful espresso machines that I thought I’d like to own some day.

Only two problems prevented me from having one of them machines – I’d not drink enough coffee to keep the bean/powders fresh, frothing milk is a hassle unless you go with those very expensive fully automated system, and cleaning up is a huge hassle if you only make a cup of coffee.

The alternative to espresso machines would be capsule based system. Initially I wasn’t exactly a fan of them, the systems that I came across only makes black coffee, and you’ll still need a separate milk frother if you want to make latte or cappuccino.

Then I was introduced to Nescafe Dolce Gusto.

Barista trainer Leong, owner of espresso lab
Barista trainer Leong, owner of EspressoLab (publika) & Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Lets face it, Nescafe isn’t exactly known for premium coffee, and dont’ get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing. Many of us grew up with Nescafe as the de-facto instant coffee powder and 3-in-1 coffee solutions. Their products usually appeal to mass market, well balanced between price point and quality.

the little mighty machine
the little mighty machine, by KRUPS

This also gives them an edge with this capsule system – you’ll know that the capsules won’t be overly expensive (RM 28 per box of 16 capsules, makes 8 or 16 cups), and they will be available at more outlets (even the ESH electrical shop at SS2 sells the capsules)

 There are currently 12 different flavors to choose from, and yes, they make cappuccino, latte machiato, green tea latte and a few other milk coffee drinks by using 2 capsules per drink – first with the milk capsule, then the coffee/tea, ingenious.

I volunteered to compare making latte with the traditional vs Dolce Gusto machines
I volunteered to compare making latte with the traditional vs Dolce Gusto machines

As for the machines, they are priced from RM 399, very affordable for something that makes 15 bar of pressure (crucial to make proper espresso). The one in the video I made is the RM 599 automatic version, a gift by Nescafe and is now sitting in my kitchen, permanently plugged into the wall now =D

Another thing I love about this system other than easy of operation is the cleaning part. All you need to do is rinse of the cup and capsule holder when you’re done. That takes about 5 seconds, can’t beat it.

we had a bit of food & coffee (and tea) pairing, latte art, and a whole loads of fun
we had a bit of food & coffee (and tea) pairing, latte art, and a whole loads of fun

As for the of these drinks? Well they are excellent, not exactly the same as premium coffee places, but it’s very close. The coffee powder’s 100% Arabica, and they somehow managed to get the milk pretty good despite it being from a capsule instead of fresh. I’m very impressed.

For more, check out

When I first went to Melbourne a few months ago, I noticed that the local coffee scene is very different than Malaysia, and very vibrant.

Every other corner is a cafe, mostly locally owned and operated with some international chains like Max Brenners. Restaurants and breakfast places like too usually serves excellent coffee (MART 130 is an absolute must visit). It is a land where Starbucks aren’t doing well at all with their, as some agrees, watered down coffee.

Note: this place has moved

Le Passione Cafe at Plaza Damas
breakfast set (blergh), flat white (awesome)

After getting spoiled with good coffee from down under, Mellissa then decided that we should hunt for the best coffee in KL, and her housemate Jun Wei happened to know just the place we need to go. Le Passione Cafe at Hartamas Shopping Center.

Other than 2 cups of flat whites (they are similar to latte, but served in ceramic cups), we also ordered a breakfast set and a baked potato during that particular late afternoon snacking session.

Flat White at Cafe Le Passione
coffee with proper coffee art. KY & Mellissa

The coffees were excellent, smooth, creamy, and very flavorful. They’re worth every sen of the RM 7.95 Le Passione Cafe charges (with 10% service). A piece of biscotti and a shot of cold water accompany the coffee too.

The food however, were rather disappointing. The eggs were nice, but turkey ham and those canned mushroom were pretty miserable, baked potato wasn’t anything to shout about either.

For really good coffee around town, go to Le Passione Cafe, but eat at your own risk.

Le Passione Cafe
K9, Plaza Ground FLoor,
Hartamas Shopping Centre,
Sri Hartamas, KL

3.163548, 101.656076
Tel: 012-882 0717