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In the spirit of cuti-cuti Malaysia, Suan organized another trip to Chamang Waterfall (N03 30.56′ E101 51.47′) near Bentong (plus the Elephant Sanctuary and Deer Park) just a little over a week ago on Labor Day. Nine of us noobs participated in this awesome trip, the participants were Suan, Sammy, Dree, Tock, ST, Kim, Rachel, Kerol, and of course, yours truly. For the other reports, check the posts here, here, here, and here.

Chamang Waterfall at Pahang
1. Look ma, it wasn’t me!
2. last camwhoring session before driving
3. Suanie’s car leading the way

We had a pretty decent dimsum breakfast meal near my house and then started our journey towards Pahang. Our first destination, the Chamang Waterfalls. We arrived in less than 2 hours of driving. Unlike the Chiling Falls we went whereby a 1.5 hour trekking is needed, at Chamang Falls, the car park is situated right beside the river. It took only a few minutes to walk to our “camp site” near the main fall.

Chamang Waterfall at Pahang
1. Kim with really long arms
2. setting up our pad by the waterfall
3. my zen moment
4. ze noobs minus tock the cameraman

We had loads of fun there, the weather was hot but the water was super cold. We eventually found a way to swim and climb up to a somewhat dry platform just below the main fall (see my zen moment photo) and hanged out there for a bit.

Chamang Waterfall at Pahang
1. crossing the lucky suspension bridge
2. what do you want me to do, suan?
3. who said you can’t swim and smoke?

Dree, the dude who can swim and smoke, even bought a portable stove and made coffee! Cold water, warm coffee, great view, even better company, it was awesome.

Elephant sanctuary at Pahang
1. the two baby elephants
2. the super exaggerated Rachel
3. hello giant baby!
4. Sammy was a bit shy with the elephants

We had to leave the waterfall by around noon as we hoped to get to the Elephant Sanctuary in time to register for the free elephant rides (valid only for some 100 people daily). Though we did arrive there before 1pm, the list was all full as the sanctuary was packed with visitors on this Labor day.

Elephant sanctuary at Pahang
1. tock tock setting up the camera
2. ze group, look at how tock was hugging the pillar
3. haaaaaaaaaa! my superpower!

We played with the two baby elephants a bit. They were very playful and still had trouble controlling their trunks and it was very cute. The sanctuary is also a home for many adult elephants, but they are placed on a fenced up area. We hang around the place for a bit, took a few silly pictures, had some ice creams and cold drinks under the hot sun, then proceed to yet another destination – the Deer Park.

Deer Park at Pahang
1. Kerol & Suan looking as Sammy feeds the deer
2. Kim posing with the ostrich
3. don’t they look alike? ST & the hedgehog
4. Suan again so interested in Dree and the sugar glider

The entrance fee for Deer Park was RM 5 per person, and it was totally worth it. The place is more like a petting zoo than a mere sanctuary for deers. We fed the deers with sweet potato, the ostriches with some leaves, had our hands on the spiky (but not sharp) hedgehog, and the very shy (and shivering) sugar glider. Of course, there’s the sun bear with extremely small wiener! It was a very fun place.

Deer Park at Pahang
1. ze small wiener!
2. Dree feeding the big sun bear

We actually headed to the Chamang Falls again after that and had a second session of sun, water, and swim. By the time we got back at PJ it was already dinner time. We had garlic fish and some other dishes at Lucky Loke nearby my house and called it a day after that. It was an excellent trip, we should do this more often!