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Ouch, my elbow!

September 24, 2012 30 Comments

After more than 1350 blog posts, I can finally claim that this is the first written by using just one hand. My awesome skills typing with all 10 fingers now temporarily suspended.

look at the deformity on the first pic
look at the deformity on the first pic

While playing futsal with my buddies on Saturday, I fell awkwardly on my elbow trying to chase a ball that somehow eventually went under my feet. A dull but loud “thunk” followed by cracking sound not very different from extending your knuckles, and then the intense pain…

It was like having a brick placed on my elbow, with a big dude sitting on top of it.

A look at my elbow confirmed that something was… well, a bit wrong.

my elbow completely dislocated
my elbow completely dislocated

The guys sent me to Assunta and I immediately called Haze to come over. After some paperwork, I had an xray done, and the doctors put me under general anesthetic to reduce the elbow back to original location, just like LEGO I guess. This was all done after about 3 hours time as the doctor (Dr Chong from Assunta) was in surgery earlier, luckily the pain subsided after the procedure.

I spent the night in the hospital for observation and was discharged after another xray the following day to make sure everything is alright.

The wallet damage

  • total medical fees – RM 2,829.05 (room was 209.88)
  • insurance (Prudential) – RM 2,466.05
  • self pay – RM 363.00

So now my left hand is on a sling and immobilized with a splint. I’m supposed to be on MC for 2 weeks, we’ll see!

Freak accident happens I guess, it’s the second time this year for me after the MCL injury in February.