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I was feeling slightly stoned on Wednesday evening, popped a couple 500mg paracetemol and I thought I was going to be alright. Went to work yesterday but lasted only half a day before taking off. Slept at home for a bit before heading to clinic.


I had high fever (over 38c) and the doctor suspected that I might have dengue (I had it some 12 years ago and it wasn’t fun). Got a blood test and this cocktail of drugs to help ease the inflamed throat, coughing, and fever.

Anyway, apart from this physical virus infection in REAL LIFE ™, I’ve also been tagged a few times on the 25 random facts thingy on facebook. I might as well do it here.

I slept with only minor interruption since yesterday afternoon. It’s almost 11am now and I’m feeling better, blood test result came out and luckily the platelet count is normal, no dengue. I’m hoping a bit more sleep and this whole thing will be over.

Anyway, apart from this REAL LIFE ™ viral infection, I’ve also been tagged a few times on the 25 random facts virus on facebook, so here goes:

  1. I’m not afraid of dentists and the chair of horror
  2. I was the president of aquarium society back in high school, I doubt there’s any other high school having an aquarium society with some 300 members!
  3. I can do the cycling motion with my fingers, most people can’t 😀
  4. This blog is slightly over 4 year old
  5. I’m involved in too many different types of sports
  6. I have a car and a bike but they’re both not in operation
  7. I once over slept on the LRT and missed my station
  8. I missed my stations a few times when I wasn’t sleeping
  9. I usually read on the train
  10. I used to have a really tragic slightly too long type of hairstyle
  11. I know too many random trivia, 4th largest country in the world, top 3 biggest islands, etc etc.
  12. I don’t watch more than a few hours of TV per week
  13. I eat indiscriminately, but not a whole lot at a seating
  14. I am not very fond of buffets
  15. I especially dislike buffet weddings
  16. I am currently very hungry
  17. Somehow the cough medicine hasn’t knock me off yet
  18. I have an advanced scuba license
  19. I want to go scuba diving again, it’s been almost 3 years since the last trip
  20. I almost bungee jumped some 10 years ago but there was an accident and the whole event was canceled. I want to do it!
  21. My favorite meat is pork, but I haven’t had bak kut teh for weeks now! Really tragic!
  22. I have yet to go to Cameron Highlands but there’s a trip scheduled really soon
  23. I’ve stepped on every state in Malaysia except Kelantan and Labuan
  24. I am going on a holiday in 2 weeks time, very excited!
  25. I just might celebrate this year’s Valentine’s day *wink*